What activity in this math unit helped me learn a new math concept?

In this unit, transformation golf helped me learn a new math concept like reflecting, translating and rotating. In the activity, you can command how will the shape move and if you click a button, the shape moves by what I said. It helped me by showing the move of the shape because it made me understand how the shape moves when I rotate, translate and rotate. It was hard to think in my mind how the shape moves and the activity helped me thinking how will the shape move.

Other activity that helped me was Tetris. Tetris is a game that I can practice rotation. While I am playing Tetris, I have to keep think what will the shape looks like when I rotate. Also, there is limited time to think which makes the game harder and think more.

What did I learned in math with Ms. Chan?

I learned many things in math, first thing that I learned was “investigating patterns. I learned what are the different ways I can represent a pattern, how do patterns help us make predictions. Second unit was number sense & Numeration, how can I represent parts of a number, why can estimation be useful and when is a fraction better than a decimal. The next unit was the time when we had to make our own patterns based on the knowledge that we have from the first unit. The last unit that I did before 2018 in math was algebra which was my favourite. I learned how to represent a relationship symbolically, what does it mean to solve an equation, and I solved equations with ‘X’ or ‘n’ (variable).