Humanities Unit 1 Reflection

During this unit about food, we learned how to look an issue or an event in different SEEP perspectives. For example, we worked on finding SEEP impact for several issues and also for the summative, we were supposed to connect the food issues from my diet to two SEEP impacts. I think this unit was important because, in our lives, we face a different kind of situations. In order to make the right choice, we have to look at the problem in different perspective. This unit was a good chance to get to know how to look at different perspectives. What I liked about this unit was that I was able to learn where my food actually comes from and also, I got to know my diet better.

What real world application can we use from Humanities unit 1? and how and when can these skills be useful?

Q:What real world application can we use from humanities unit 1?

A: I think we can use finding location using map and explain the location by the two ways we learned where am I on. We also can find and understand the meaning on map.

Q:How and When can these skills be useful?

A:These skills is important because we can use this skills while traveling for find the location of place where you want to go to., while meeting with friends by explaining location with relative location, while camping by looking the map near by camping place etc. Like this, I think real world application is very useful in many ways.