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In the previous unit of U.O.I, I researched and learnt a lot about the rain gauge and the inventor of the rain gauge, Jang Yeong Sil. Since I learnt a lot about the rain gauge I will tell you some stuff about it. The first thing you should know about the rain gauge is probably what it was made for. The rain gauge was made for especially farmers because they couldn’t know about how much rain would come in a certain place. Which meant that their plant couldn’t grow very successfully. The rain gauge is still used now because we still need it, sometimes it could be used for different reasons than growing crops more successfully. The rain gauge before and the rain gauge now looks extremely different and has a lot of differences. For example, the rain gauge before had a long cylinder on the top and a large stone rectangular cube but the one now is just a small transparent cylinder.


File:Jang Yeong-sil Science Garden-Rain Gauges 13-11789 Busan, South Korea 03.JPG


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  1. Wow, Chelsea! Thank you for your information. It is interesting! I really liked how you explained how the rain gauge was improved and more. Now, can I give you some suggestions? I think it will make your blog even better when you put some images of the rain gauge so they could actually see how it looks like because I am pretty sure that you can understand better if you have an image and know how the rain gauge looks like. Thank you for your information(again)
    From your BFF (Ashlyn)

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