Exhibition- Reflection

Hey readers! I’m back! And today, I’m gonna talk about all the things that happened during Exhibition and the PYPX night! Well, firstly I’m going to talk about the process and the “get ready” things we had to do before the big night. So I’m just gonna start off by telling you guys my exhibition topics which were Fragile Mindedness, Anxiety, and Unwanted Intrusive thought (which is a part of OCD). Obviously, we had to practice our opening dance, but we also had a LOT of research that we had to get done. I feel like this would be one reason why everyone was getting so much pressure from PYPX. Another good reason would be that a lot of people had other things to do than PYPX work. For example, I had a lot of homework from my Chinese tutor, so I had to catch up with that and PYPX. Honestly, I knew that a lot of people were also going through the same thing as me, so I decided to do something like “let it all out” time for my action. So basically for this action, what I did was I used the whiteboard between the grade 5 and grade 6 hallway and wrote down: “If you guys have any worries write them down with your name and grade on a post-it note so I could respond to you! If you don’t feel very comfortable writing your name or grade, write down a random number that represents you so I could use that number to write back to you. Also, please write your number down also on the whiteboard so other people can see the number that you wrote and not write the same number as you.”
After a few days, I got a lot of responses and most of them were about academic pressure from Chinese, and Academic pressure. But I also found out that a lot of the responses were also about their friendship problems.
This type of action was actually not used by anyone in the grade which made me really happy because it meant that my action was unique and different from everyone else’s. It also made me really proud of myself because I got to help others out and make them feel better by letting them know that they aren’t alone.

One thing I have really learned and gotten constantly reminded during this exhibition journey was that I should never give up no matter what. This is really important for me because I could use what I have learned to almost everything I do. I think that one difference that I have changed during this journey was when I really started to think about this topic (anxiety unwanted intrusive thoughts (it’s also one type of OCD) and fragile mindedness).

Now for the actual PYPX night, we started off with an AMAZING opening ceremony (which was quite messed up since we only got 3 days to practice) and then had to get changed back from our blue shirts and leggings to our school uniform. We had to change with everyone else so it was kind of… let’s just say that it was.. hmm… awkward. Like REALLY awkward. Anyways after we got changed, I went to LLAC (Leo Lee Arts Centre) from the LLAC theatre and shared my exhibition with different people which was really fun. Since my whole point was to raise awareness and let people be aware of my topic, my presentation went for quite a while. Ashlyn was also with me so that explains everything.

This night was amazing but I was also feeling really nervous too since I had to meet so many new people and explain everything I know over and over again. This was also one BIG problem for me since me and Ashlyn’s station system was to have one group of people in her station and another group in my station, and then we would exchange groups so they would know about Autism (Ashlyn’s topic) and my topic so they could do our kahoot quiz. And because of that, I was really scared I would tell one group something I haven’t told the other group. This actually happened and I think the reason why is because I maybe felt like I already told everything to them (since I already told the other group) so I thought it would be ok to just tell the other group what the other group didn’t know (?). I don’t know but at least this didn’t happen all the time! Well, I guess I’m still really proud of myself since I have done a lot of research and the fact that I was one of the first ones to become an expert! So yea. that’s really it. Byee guysss!

Reflection- February 8th 2019 ( International Women’s day)

Hey guys!
Today I’ll be writing a reflection about my week a little bit differently than how I usually write my reflections using the “slice of pie” template. The first slice of pie is to come up with a word that would describe my learning for this week. The next slice of pie talks about identifying a color or a shape to describe my learning for this week. And lastly, the last slice of pie talks about creating a symbol or picture that describes my learning for this week. OK so, If I had to write one word to describe my learning this week it would be learning because I gained so much more new knowledge. Also if I had to identify a color or shape to describe my learning it would be the color yellow, because yellow reminds me of a shining light bulb. Lastly, if I had to create a symbol or a picture that describes my learning for this week, it would be a glowing light bulb. The reason why is because last week, I didn’t know any good and trustable resources for my PYPX research. But this week I found 5 more resources for me to use!


Hi! I’m back!
Today I’m going to be writing about my week today with two stars and a wish.
My two stars would be:
Reading more than usual (I started and finished reading a book this week)

Organizing my time well, and using it efficiently

My wish would be to spend more time with my cohort group talking about the resources we have used to help our research.

Lastly, I feel like this week went fast because it was relaxed with nothing stressful.



Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today I’ll be writing a reflection about my week!
On Monday, we had Chinese.
On Tuesday, we had no Chinese.
On Wednesday we had PA.
On Thursday we got to see the upper schooler’s personal projects.
And lastly on Friday, we had PE

Slide Presentation- Chinese Unit Reflection

在我的WWPT的slide我有夯筑坑的经济活动, 历史, 和需要。

我学了黄竹坑的经济活动,历史, 和需要。



即使做这个的 presentation很难,我觉得毕竟不好但是不不好。

  • 我们生活里的经济活动
  • 交流的方式
  • 黄竹坑的经济活动计划

2. 我的Google slides

My Presentation Slide


My Grows and Glows on my ” Speak Like an Activist” Presentation

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to talk about my presentation and what I got for my grows and glows.

When I did my speak like an activist presentation, I was actually not that nervous as I thought. Except, I had a really small voice, and there was also a lot of background noise. Which is why my group couldn’t hear me very well on my presentation. And because of this one of my grows were to make my voice louder. My other grows were to use more persuasive words and sentences, make a more memorable conclusion and to have more logos and pathos on my presentation.

Overall I feel like next time I should speak a bit louder and also make a better conclusion


Math Reflection- Probability

Hi, guys Happy Valentine’s day! I’m back with another post today ( February 14th, 2019).

These past few days, my class has been working on probability during Math class. The first thing we learned about probability was how it works and how it works. We learned this by our class playing a game with Mr.Brodie. The game was just about picking cards and if we pick a certain card then we would win. But if we didn’t pick that certain card Mr. Brodie would win. After playing the game, we found out that Mr. Brodie won. We knew that he won, but we still wanted to know the possibility of us winning. Our possibility of winning was 25% which is very *depressing*.  I feel good about what I have learned because I think it would be good practice and I also think that this would be good information to know in the future. Then our class played games and learned about theoretical probability and experimental probability by playing the same game for 10 times. Some challenges while doing this task was when it was the first time I’ve tried to do theoretical probability and also when I didn’t really didn’t understand the difference of theoretical probability and experimental probability. Our class also learned about how something could be likely, certain, impossible, or uncertain from Mr. Brodie.

Bye guys! Happy Valentine’s day!



The work I’m proud of. I am also impacted by this because these were my mom and dad’s feedbacks for me! I learned what I have to keep on.  I can use this learning by using it to reflect on what I have to keep working on.

This week I learned that you should never give up even if it is hard to achieve your goals/dream. I learned this when Jordan came to kindly speak to us about how he took action to help the families and refugees in Syria. He told us that when he found out about what was really happening in Syria and how they were suffering from poverty and other major problems, he started donating money, food and used things but he didn’t feel like he was doing anything. So, he decided to go to Syria himself and see what was happening in refugee camps. When he arrived at the refugee camp, he started seeing that all they had was to sleep in tents and he didn’t think that they would be safe or warm enough, which is why he got a school from America to raise money and buy one caravan (also known as a box house). This caravan was given to a family that got injured from a shooting. In the future, I will be able to use this learning when I start to have a dream/goal that I really want to achieve. Next week, I will think more and reflect on what I have learned.



Young Americans- Reflection ( 14/1/19)

Hi guys! We just had our Young Americans performance on Friday! It was so much fun working with them for 2 days and a half! Well, I mean we kind of worked with them for 3 days because we started working with on Wednesday and ended on Friday night after the show. On the first day we did some singing, got sorted into groups (my group’s name was sushi but my group was the shi in sushi) we also learnt our opening dance along with some other songs that we had to perform on Friday. On the second day, we learnt some other dances and we also made our own songs. My group’s song was called “Bob” but it actually talked about Llamas and a moose trying to find hay. After that, we made individual dance moves for our group for the song “I Believe I can Fly”and also learnt the choreography for the chorus part of
“I Believe I can Fly”. AND! On that day! One of the Young Americans told me that I had a dancing solo! I got really excited and they asked me if I wanted to do freestyle or if they would make a dance for me. I dicided that if I did freestyle, I wouldn’t know what to do on stage. So I asked them to make a dance for me. Then they asked me what genre of music I like to dance to. I remembered that I used to do ballet last year so I told them that I used to ballet. Then they made this really nice dance for me, and I really appreciated it! On Friday we had the show, and it was absoloutly amazing! Before the show, we practiced over and over again, but I really felt like it was worth it. After practicing we had about 3 hours so we got to have free time and eat pizza as dinner! After all I really liked working with them, and I hope I get to meet them and work with them in the future too!