We’re back to Friday again which means it’s time to write another reflection! This week went surprisingly really fast, meaning it was a really fun week! Well… As I always do, let’s go through every day of the week except for Saturday and Sunday. Ok, so firstly on Monday, I had Chinese for my seventh class at school. We got our Chinese home learning grid which had a lot of complicated stuff on it. Moving on, Tuesday! On Tuesday, I had time to do report writing and as I was doing my report writing, I found out that I was forgetting to write about the economic miracle of Chosun ( What Korea used to be called before they were separated into two different countries. Then on Wednesday, my class had Math. I did Mathletics and Khan Academy. On Thursday, I had Art. Art was really fun because we got to think of a design for a new invention using only two things: A shelf and a water sprinkler. My group came up with a water sprinkler that sprinkles paint. But before we got to choose our official group invention design, we all got to work individually and come up with something that combines a shelf and a water sprinkler. I came up with a sprinkler that sprinkles stationary instead of water. That was only my first design. My second sprinkler design was a sprinkler that has a button that you could choose as a party theme. On Friday, we had to share our home learning with 3 different people and I had to share with Veronica, Carlos, and Kayla. So that was my week!

Reflection- Grade 6 Camp

I am finally back from camp! Camp was fun but really challenging at the same time. My group had 11 people who were, me, Coco, Paegan, Morning, Elizabeth, Lauren, Jayden, Brendon, Patrick, Dick ( one of our counsellors name) and Sing ( one of our counsellors name). And my group’s name was Scott and 불타오르네 (burning). Well, the truth is our original name was Scott and we had to say yo when our camp counsellors  said Scott. But because we were allowed to change our group’s name, we changed it into 불타오르네 which means burning. The reason why we wanted to change our name into 불타오르네 is because me, Paegan and Coco all liked BTS (which is a South Korean K-pop band) and BTS sang a song called 불타오르네 and also because our teammates agreed on the name. Our group decided that when our counsellors said 불타오르네 we should reply back with fire! But we had to change the name again because our counsellors couldn’t say the name right. On the first day, we played some games in front of out base, and moved into our dorms. After we have moved into our dorms, we had to change into our swimming clothes so we could do a preview of what we will be doing the thing that we will be doing the next day. The next day which was Wednesday, we went kayaking and I was on the front seat at the first time, but when me and my partner Morning were coming back, I sat on the back. The next day was our last night, and we had a fire place, it was so fun but we all thought it would be even more fun with marshmallows, and as soon as we were going to say that, our teacher Sandy Laoshi, took out marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers which meant… We were going to have s’mores! So we all had to get branches and squeeze in marshmallows and put them over the fire so they could melt a bit. Mine burnt but I still had to eat it because the camp counsellors told me to. So I put it on a graham cracker and chocolate on top and took a bite out of it and it was amazing! Then, we had to sleep in a tent which was really fun too. After sleeping, we woke up to the day we were going to leave camp! On that day, we ate breakfast, and went for a secret challenge. Later on, we found out that the secret challenge was to go through a really dark tunnel for about 1~2 minutes long.

After all camp was really fun, and I would LOVE to go again!


This week Thursday, we determined the disadvantages, advantages, ways to make a good/ magazine/ infographics/ whiteboard animation and mistakes to avoid while making a magazine/ infographics/ whiteboard animation. My first article type was magazine articles. For the advantages of magazines I wrote that it is easier to read than actual books, They are more detailed because of the pictures and diagrams and lastly, I wrote that they have infographics and diagrams. For disadvantages, I wrote that they could have inappropriate words or pictures, they might not be reliable and that they could be full of opinions and not facts. I think I can use this learning in the future by using this information when I am writing an essay or a magazine. I could reflect this with 3 key concepts. The 3 key concepts are form, causation, and connection. Firstly, I could reflect with form because the format relates with form. Secondly, causation relates to one of the questions which is: ” What are 2~3 things to avoid when you want to make an effective magazine?” This relates to causation because when I am writing the answers down I think about why I have to avoid this. Lastly, I think that connection also would help me reflect because doing this is already trying to find the connection between things. My experiences helped me understand a pattern by having enough experiences to understand a pattern.

Weekly Reflection

On Monday, we had Chinese and it was really fun because we learned new things. On Tuesday we didn’t have Chinese but we had a dance lesson and we learned how to carry our friends so they could do a dance in the air. On Wednesday we had to perform arts, at performing arts. On Thursday we started out economic research. And lastly, on Friday we had buddies!


     This week’s reflection will simply be two stars and one wish. Before I start, I wanted to describe my week in detail. On Monday, we started our new unit, which is where we are in place and time. On Tuesday, we had our third dance class instead of PE because we started to do dance instead of PE. On Wednesday, we had Chinese. On Thursday, we had art. On Friday ( which is today) we will have a Halloween party.

So in conclusion, my one wish is to have a better week by organizing my week a little better. My two stars are that I have improved my organizing skills in writing and also to read more than last week.

2018 Goals

       Hi, I’m back from the one-week long midterm break! After the midterm break, we had to make 3 of our own goals. To start with, I wanted to become more open-minded. The reason why was because I always found it really uncomfortable to share my ideas in front of others. The second reason is that I don’t raise my hand up in class a lot which is because of reason one. I have four steps to become open-minded. The first step is to start listening to Mr. Brodie’s questions better. The second step is to think about the question and analyze it with some ideas for the possible answers. When I think that the answer is good enough, I will share my ideas with 1~2 people and ask them if it makes any sense. Lastly, I will share my answer to the whole class and see what they think of it. 

       My second goal is to become a better listener. The reason why is because to achieve my first goal ( being open-minded) I also have to be a good listener. My steps to becoming a better listener are to first tell my friends to stop side chatting with me. Secondly, I will sit at a place where no one could distract me. My very last step is to then start focusing and listen to the question carefully. 

       My last goal is to inquire more so I could come up with more questions to research and discover further about. My steps to reaching this goal is to think about the question then think of relatable questions after thinking of relatable ideas of it.

In conclusion, all these goals relate to my first goal which is to become a more open-minded person. Meaning the first step to achieve all these goals is to become a better listener (2nd goal) and also become a better inquirer ( 3rd goal) because that would help me automatically achieve my first goal! So, I would like to end this conclusion by saying that I will work hard to achieve all these goals and keep on achieving even more goals. 


Weekly Reflection

This week’s reflection format will be a little bit different…   The reason why is because I will be giving two stars and one wish that I have for this week from school! Well… My first star was about Science class with two of the upper school students. Science was really fun and interesting for me and my group members because we made cheese solids. We made the cheese solids by adding one type of acid, milk and food coloring. The second star that I thought that went well was math. Math was really fun this week and we also did the math MAP test this week. The math MAP test was hard and challenging which made my brain work really hard. These two stars were interesting and fun to do but I do still have one wish that I thought I could have done better. That one wish is to communicate better with my groupmates at PA when we were playing the ukulele together. Two of my group mates wasn’t really concentrating which made it harder for us to concentrate and work well. This made me thought that if I communicated with those two group mates then we could have got better results.

Reflection For This Week

Monday- We had Chinese and it was actually really fun. We also had a little bit of Own It time which was hard for me because I couldn’t organize my time very well.

Tuesday- We had PE which was all about badminton. I think that I really improved on my smashes and my serve. 

Wednesday- We had another period of Chinese

thursday- We had, a science experiment

Friday-Own it again

This Weeks Reflection (August 27th~August 31st)

  • This Monday I had my first Chinese sub teacher for this term. The sub teacher didn’t exactly give us any homework which us all really happy. We also had Math on Tuesday, and we had math groups to work on a certain question. On Tuesday we had PE for second period. 
  • In PE we learned how to do badminton. This was actually really interesting for me since I have actually never done or learned how to do badminton before. I was really bad at badminton but I think I got better now. On Wednesday we had Performing Arts right after snack. 
  • In Performing Arts we started to learn how to play the ukulele. I have played the ukulele before in my old school and also from my tutor but I forgot everything because I haven’t done it for a very long time. On Thursday we had Visual Arts and we learned how to do lettering and calligraphy. We also did the ” You choose it” thing with Mr. Brodie and chose our schedule with chosen options from Mr. Brodie. I did the passions project and math for about 20 minutes and had lots of fun with it. Lastly, on Friday ( today) we did our second PE lesson of the week. In PE we did badminton again and I finally got to really get the hang of badminton and real-life inquiry about Mr.Brodie’s pictures. 
  • This was really fun because we got to find out and ask questions about the pictures.