Chemistry Unit Reflection

From this unit, I have I learnt the classification of matter, physical properties of matter, seperation techniques and how the oil spills are cleaned up. Knowing the seperation techniques and linking them to different physical properties can help us understand how real life issues are solved, we can also apply them to different situations. I also learnt more in depth on oil spills, as I did not really focus on this topic before, I now understand that you can use seperation techniques and also use the physical properties to come up with ways to clean the oil spill. We also watched several documenteries and short videos on seperation techniques and physical properties so as doing different experiments to strengthen our knowledge on whatever it is we are using and helping us visually understand better (experiencing it in real life).

After this unit ended, I am more aware of real life problems that are going on currently. Not only do I have knowledge about this, I will apply what I have learnt to daily life to sustain my understanding for what I do and the effect to this world.


Nicole Lau

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