Smart Goal Unit 2 Chinese

我觉得困难是将文本分成小部分和总结文章。我都要常常反思词语。 [...]

Chemistry Unit Reflection

From this unit, I have I learnt the classification of matter, physical properties of matter, seperation techniques and how the oil spills ar [...]

Math summative

What did the culminating ornament project teach you about measuring space of irregular shapes / estimation? This project taught me to find d [...]

Instrumental Recordings

  Instrumental Recordings Bb scale + 3rds F scale Eb chromatic scale Arirang (Line 100)   Bb Major Scale and 3rds  Performance Sk [...]

Criteria C Humanities (Revolution and innovation) reflection

We did a presentation on the sewing machine. My group (Vanya and I ) did pretty well presenting, because we were prepared and had lots of in [...]

Design reflection

Right now, we are working on Criteria C, and trying different logos to make the perfect logo. Since I am done with Criteria A and Criteria B [...]

八年级中文学习目标SMART Goal

今年我想进步更多在写字的方面,因为我觉得我写字和文章不是那么好。 我觉得我有进步,因为我学了和 [...]
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