TOK: Getting to the TOK

16 Sep , 2018  

Starting with a first order (real life) claim from one of your DP classes, explain what second order (TOK) claims it suggests.


First Order Claim – To understand the factors for why Hong Kong housing is so expensive, the consultation of economic experts is required to understand.

Second Order Claims – Key Ideas in the Human Sciences can only be interpreted by people familiar with the topic.

-Different perceptions of a topic are vital to gaining a deeper of understanding of the topic.


First Order Claim – To create an app relating to elementary maths, the developer must go through the Design Process of Inquiring, Designing, Creating and Evaluating.

Second Order Claims- Innovation or creation of a new idea requires the creators to take all necessary steps to complete them.

-Any idea or innovation must go through a series of steps to ensure that it is completed to its full extent.


Articulate the questions that might be interesting/useful to explore in response to the TOK level claims.


-What are the criteria to decide whether a person is familiar with a topic?

-Would different perceptions just confuse the person or would they actually gain a deeper understanding?


-What would happen if the necessary steps were not taken?

-How can we measure if an idea or innovation has been completed to its full extent?

Explain how exploring the TOK question is relevant/useful to better understanding or dealing with the real-life claim.

The TOK questions that I have created ensure the validity of the TOK claims that I have created. There can also be different perceptions to a claim, and with the TOK questions, I have ensured that the TOK claim that I have created is valid. The TOK claims are much broader claims than the real-life claims which help make me understand the real-life claim much more. Since it focuses on a broader spectrum, it can help me understand concepts that pertain to the real-life claim and concepts that don’t relate to the real-life claim but relate to the TOK claim. Essentially, TOK questions ensure the validity of the TOK claims and the TOK claims help people understand a deeper meaning of life, which also helps people to understand the real-life claim that is presented also.



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