Innovation Fair G7

In the innovation fair we had a week to create a project that helps to fix everyday problems. The 1st idea that we came up with is a bookstand that helps to pull your book to the bed but it was in a way already created so we had to go with a new idea. Then one of my group members came up with the idea to create an umbrella that filters rainwater. This is the idea we created our project based off of. We started off working on a paper trying to create our proposal. When we were writing it was a bit hard but then we were at a good pace. Starting off with prototype 1 we created a tube as a handle then created the top which then broke due to durability issues. When we were working on prototype 2 we fixed the issues and created a really good product. This was finally showcased in the exhibition where we had to talk about our project.

There are many strengths like being able to combine them to make sure there is less flaws in the product. It also helps to understand the other subject better and how it relates. Another strength is you learn more about how it is useful in real life and when it is a good time to use the subject. There are also some weaknesses when it comes to using more than 1 subject. You have to learn how to incorporate it inside your project and how it will be able to be used.

Prototype 1 to Prototype 2

English- The Outsiders Unit

Conceptual – What creates a sense of belonging?

Belonging is very important in the outsiders novel. The characters in the novel all feel together as they are in a gang. This is what helps them to feel close. When someone in the gang is injured or at risk at dying they help them to feel as good as they can  be. The main thing that the creates a sense of belonging is a way how people are together and care for each other. Without this people can feel sad and not feel happy.

3-D Printing 4th Design Project Cycle

Design Process

Stage 1

The goal of this project is to create a cube with writing on it. This will seem pleasing if created right. I will try to research apps and websites that will be useful in creating the cube.

Image result for 3d printing cubes

I like the design because it is simple and the fill density was a good amount. I wish a different colour was used so it would be easier to see. What if they did it again and used blue instead of white.

Image result for simple 3d printing designs

I like the design by the amount of detail and how it was created very smoothly. I wish the roof of the house can be the same colour as the rest of the house. What if they put different colour pieces of paper on it.

Stage 2

For the 3d printing i will use 50% fill  and the cube tool to make a cube. This kind of how it will look like except there will be writing over it. it will be 1-2 letters.

Stage 3


Step 1: Ask to use 3-d printer after school (3:00pm)

Step 2: Get the sd card to put into the computer

Step 3: Upload the fie

Step 4: Do the printing by monitoring it

Stage 4:


P.E Capoeira Reflection


Background: For Criteria B Assessment the student must explain the effectiveness of the plan to improve by identifying which parts of the plan were well designed ( which changes worked ) and which ones were not ( which changes did not work).

Action: Watch the video of your final performance. Refer to the Criterion C Rubric to:

Link to Video:


  1. Explain which parts of the plan were well designed. Which parts of your plan were you most happy/proud of and why?

I was happy with the part of the plan which includes the creative portion. This is very important as that needed the most improvement. This helped us to perform a better creative portion which is very important towards the rubric. I was also happy with our first step because before we were way more sloppy. The way we showed our moves before were rough. We needed to take it slower to understand the problems better and focus instead of wasting time. During the performance we were able to be at a better pace. This sometimes was in sync with the music.

2. Explain which parts of the plan were not well designed. Which parts of your plan were you not happy with and why?

I was not happy with the part about the timing. I thought we would have enough time to start getting our movement with the beat. The creative and the compulsory portion needed way too much work that we couldn’t come around to it. We were pretty behind when there was only 2 classes left to perform our Capoeira. This really affected our performance as especially in the creative portion we messed up the last two moves which was very bad.

3. Explain how you would change the plan to improve it. If you were to do it again, what would you change in your plan and why?

I would change the plan by also organize when I will do the certain tasks so I don’t have to deal with the timing problem. I would not include the timing part because it will take lots of effort and time to get the rhythm. I would also change the first step to be the compulsory part. This is because our cadeiras were not that good. It is important to do well in this which we did not do.


La Vie Scolaire

What I learned-

Factual- How can I express my needs in a classroom setting? How can I use french in situations related to school?

I learned school subjects, time, places, adjectives related to verbs, reviewed verbs, reviewed connecting verbs

I can use french when I am in a foreign school where one of the main languages is french. I can use it to talk to people in french. This will allow me to talk with a more variety of people in school. This can also help me in future schools

Conceptual- The organization of our school and our curriculum is influenced by the socio-economic and the cultural background of our community

I don’t think the parents need to influence the school as it is very international. Most people in the school is higher class so they won’t have much influence. It allows different types of students to do good in the school. The curriculum is also good because it grade 12 there is two diplomas of which you can graduate with.

Debatable-What’s the perfect school system

The perfect school system is one where the curriculum is very good so students can go to colllege or universiy at a very high level. It is also a neat and tidy school with a nice and friendly community. This will have a very positive influence.





Reflection of Yangshuo Experience Week Trip

The experience week trip was pretty fun. The activities were in logical order which makes it better for the students. The activities were also very interesting and fun. Caving was cool with the rivers and the bats on the ceilings. Biking was fun because we got to bike on the main road and on muddy areas. Cooking helped me to learn how to make chinese foods like dumplings and noodles. We also had good meals. We had a western and chinese breakfast. There were many options. The lunch was okay. The dinner was good with its food. I enjoyed the free time part. It allowed me to explore Yangshuo with my friends some days. I also got to relax when I am tired. The time and the layout of the trip was pretty good except for the first couple of days. The time we had to wake up at was bit early. But it was still a good time to make it to breakfast. The instructors from the company made the experience so much better. They were very engaging and willing to help you out at any time. Even when it is hard. The debrief and the end of the day was decent. It help to understand the positives and negative and who we appreciate. The announcements were extremely helpful though.

Laser Cutting What I have learned so far


Laser cutting design is very fun but takes a lot of precision in every step. One mistake can ruin your whole project unless you fixed it. One of the more important things in creating designs to get laser printing is the design principles. This are very helpful to making your created project look more appealing compared to others. Typography and shape are some of them. These are helpful in showing text. Shape allows the design to look different overall with different positioning.

Colours are important when creating these projects. You have to choose the exact colour for the laser cutting to work. If you don’t then a not well made project will be the result. Learning all the features in illustrator is valuable as you will be able to use more tools. You can create more advanced projects based off of this. It also gives you an opportunity to create a better project. Out of all of these the most important things is to save your work. If you don’t save your work it will get deleted which means you lose progress towards completing it.

Getting images is a key part of making a good project. This can help explain what your project is about and what you are trying to say to the audience. Without images your project could be plain which is not as good. Another important tool is the layer tool. If you create many layers you will be able to work one step at a time without destroying everything. When you keep on learning new tools you can understand Illustrator better contributing to better and better projects. When created using all of these resources it will create a very nice looking project.








Ecology Grade 7 Reflection

Ecosystems are important for the world and us as humans. These species in ecosystems overall in a way work together to keep everything in place. Once one species is extinct, the whole ecosystem can get affected. Once climate or weather affects the ecosystem species will start to be endangered as they can’t adapt to it. I also learned about how biodiversity helps us in some way I didn’t know of. For example, biodiversity can help us with food so that we can survive. Humans on the other hand are supposed to be helping but instead damaging biodiversity. Cutting trees, using pesticides and more are all reasons why in lots of ecosystems around the world there is a decline in biodiversity.

I worked on many projects during this unit. One of them was a poster of an ecosystem. The ecosystem that I researched was the Daintree Rainforest. I went online and I looked for sources to get information out of. This is a popular tourist attraction for people who like nature. Thus, variety of sources with tons of insight. This is same for the presentation I did acid rain with someone. It was a fun project and you can learn a lot. Like from the formula to the impacts. The strategies I used to prepare for the quiz was to go on classroom. From there I went to a google doc with a biodiversity vocabulary sheet. I just kept on practicing from there till I got the hang of the words.

I communicated with the grade 4s by learning what they like and how to make our activities fun for them. We had many activities so as a group we decided to do 2 activities the same and 1 different depending on the group. We collaborated well with deciding roles and allowing people to do what is most effective to finish making our activities. We were effective in most ways by letting the grade 4s feel good and relaxed about kahoot. Then we did a presentation to teach them the answers from kahoot. Next, we either did a crossword puzzle activity and matching activity. We gave candies to the winners allowing for the children to be happy and try their best. The only main problem I had is it wasn’t as competitive as the other groups did for their activities. This caused for some students not to care as much. This unit was decent with its projects but can be better with experiments.

Music Criteria Di, Dii All The Small Things

Identify connections between art forms, art and context, or art and prior learning.
Recognise that the world contains inspiration or influence for art.
What was the inspiration for this song choice? *
I wanted to do a song piece that was somewhat old and on of the more popular songs at that time. I wanted to choose something that was not too hard but not too easy. I really enjoy the tone and pitch of the song. It is more energetic and exciting which I really enjoy about it. The main reason I chose this song because it was in the song book. When I found it in the song book I knew it was a reliable and very good song. I needed a pace that was not too fast which also made this song of my best options in the song book.
How did your music classes as well as your previous music session and assignment prepare you for this assignment? *
I felt very prepared in garageband and the task I had to complete. The only part where I didn’t feel too prepared with is using the digital instrument to make the piece sound better. It felt tough in some parts. The first music session I felt I was just learning the basics so I could play the more easier songs. It teached me a lot  in terms of what is needed to play the ukulele effectively. The second session it felt more in-depth with the ukulele and helped me play those harder songs. Overall, I learned a lot in my first session and somewhat of the second session which helped me to feel mostly prepared for this summative.