My Arty Mc Art Face Graffiti proposal

Group Members / Roles:

Aanya Pereira

Pragya Agarwal

Victoria Yong

Caitlyn Wong

Artistic Intention:

Our artistic intention is to simultaneously show the audience the beauty and the chaos of Hong Kong, mainly at night. We’d like to comment on the contrast of Hong Kong like how I stated above how busy it is but at the same time how beautiful it is. We will also focus on the nighttime of Hong Kong — the way it feels really beautiful and enchanting like how all your worries are going away. It’s the perfect mix of modern and traditional.

Source of Inspiration:

Our source of inspiration is street art. We’re going to use graffiti to represent our artwork. Our source of inspiration is graffiti artists such as Banksy and Lady Pink. Lady Pink’s artwork is very colourful, representing the night time of Hong Kong like how all the neon lights meet up and it also represents the beauty and haste of Hong Kong at the same time.


What art disciplines do you intend to use? Why?

We’re going to use art and music in our graffiti piece the artwork will help with the visual aids and the music will help create the feeling of Hong Kong like the haste and beauty.

What will your final art piece look like? (Show it with a sketch)

We will combine the others as well.

How will you create your final art piece? What materials do you need?

We will use different backgrounds like a canvas and that blue, red, white thing and we also might add cardboard. We’re also going to use spray paint for the main part which is the graffiti.

To display the Hong Kong element, I (Aanya) thought that it would be a good idea to make a newspaper collage of major Hong Kong events, apply a slight top coat on it and spray paint on top of that.

Misleading graphs!

This graph is misleading by making us think that the tax rates will increase by a lot, even though it is not true. They make the intervals on the y-axis start immediately on 34 instead of zero and make the numbers go up by a very small amount, to make it seem bigger.  The presenters want us to believe that our taxes will increase exponentially if Bush tax cuts expire.

It is important for us to recognize and understand misleading graphs so that we don’t take in wrong information and believe the false. Both the presenters of the data and the consumer(or audience) have to make sure it is represented fairly

Project Genesis Final Submission


(I used the app garage band for the first time, in order to construct this piece. Through this project, I learnt that making mashups are a lot harder than I thought it would be. Difficulties that I have found in making a mashup are finding a good transition point and making it not feel very sudden.)

Crit D:

I wanted to make a mashup consisting of four complementary songs. I aimed to use the apps, GarageBand, ClipGrab, RaveDj to construct this piece of music. I wanted to make a mash-up because I was inspired by the Riff Offs in Pitch Perfect franchise. I liked the movies and listened to the latest Riff Off. I really enjoyed everything in the song. I found the changes between songs really pleasant and I want to learn how to create that. I also enjoyed all the Pop Danthology songs on youtube. Their mashups are really long, but they still manage to make it sound good without losing the interest of listeners.  I will watch videos on how to make a mashup and use GarageBand as well as mashup videos for inspiration like; ex… This video talks about how to get different parts of songs to make a mashup. This will be my first time attempting to create a mashup and I am really interested to see the outcome. I expect myself to learn how transition songs and figure out how songs can fit together. 

Garage Band is the app I will be using to make this mashup of mine. This is where I will insert all the songs and cut sections in and out. Garage Band allows me to insert multiple tracks of different or multiple songs. I had never used garage band until now, but I decided to use it anyway. Majority of my class was using Garage Band and my teacher had videos that helped me and the class improve our audio on Garage Band. If I am to upload the songs I am going to mash together on to Garage Band, I have to download them. I am going to use an app named ClipGrab. This helps me convert the songs from online into my computer as an MP3 format. While I was trying to find videos on how to make mashups properly, I found this app/website called RaveDJ. RaveDJ is an app/ website that computer generates mashups from songs of your choice, I used RaveDJ to see which songs might sound well together.

I used Pop Danthology as my main inspiration because it was probably the very first thing that got me to enjoy mashups a few years ago. When I first listened to it. Pop Danthology also has many modern pop songs that I pick for my own mashup. I sometimes don’t remember many good songs and watching their videos can refresh my brain for good ideas.

Rave DJ is also part of my inspiration because I observed how the app/website made the transition

Other inspirational videos I looked at before making my mashup are  How to make a mashup          Pitch perfect all riff offs    Mash Up – Keeping the Same Beat!       Get your Strums in Time/Drum Track/Arrangement Track       Volume/Mixing/Panning Settings

When I first started to make my mashup, I had a goal for my final piece to be at least 2 minutes long, including at least 4 songs. I felt like I needed my mashup to be at least 2 minutes long because anything shorter than that amount of time would be too abrupt. Apart from my must needs, there were some qualities I desired, like making it a pop mashup and made of songs that are recent.

Big Ideas About Cells


There are some big concepts about the world and its’ science, two ideas about the world involve the cell theory and the characteristics of life. The cell theory has taught us that all living things are made up of cells, this also connects to the characteristics of life. 

8Science Chemistry Unit

Big Ideas about chemistry:

In this unit, I sound that density had a lot to do with their physical properties. Density helps us find out about viscosity and use methods that rely on density to separate substances. For example, the separation funnel that releases lower density substances within mixtures.

Calculating the volume of an irregular object is pretty hard, but we learnt in class that we could put the object in water and measure the volume of water that it takes up.

Chemical and physical properties can sometimes be confusing. We did a bunch of interesting new experiments to judge whether they were physical or chemical, sometimes the results seemed physical, sometimes they seemed chemical.

The Subject of Inquiry (SOI) _Algebra makes our world more efficient_

Algebra makes our world more efficient” I learned this through class when doing various types of algebraic equations and exercises. One thing that helped me to understand how it helps us manage tasks easily was the Central Park activity. In that activity, we used an algebraic equation to help regulate the size of each parking spot, no matter how wide the dividers were or how many vehicles were trying to park. Now I know that we apply algebra in construction so that we can calculate things without having to a long equation repeatedly. When we practiced index laws and found patterns in class, I realised that algebra also helped us find shortcuts and rules to make even shorter expressions to solve problems.