8Science Chemistry Unit

Big Ideas about chemistry:

In this unit, I sound that density had a lot to do with their physical properties. Density helps us find out about viscosity and use methods that rely on density to separate substances. For example, the separation funnel that releases lower density substances within mixtures.

Calculating the volume of an irregular object is pretty hard, but we learnt in class that we could put the object in water and measure the volume of water that it takes up.

Chemical and physical properties can sometimes be confusing. We did a bunch of interesting new experiments to judge whether they were physical or chemical, sometimes the results seemed physical, sometimes they seemed chemical.

The Subject of Inquiry (SOI) _Algebra makes our world more efficient_

Algebra makes our world more efficient” I learned this through class when doing various types of algebraic equations and exercises. One thing that helped me to understand how it helps us manage tasks easily was the Central Park activity. In that activity, we used an algebraic equation to help regulate the size of each parking spot, no matter how wide the dividers were or how many vehicles were trying to park. Now I know that we apply algebra in construction so that we can calculate things without having to a long equation repeatedly. When we practiced index laws and found patterns in class, I realised that algebra also helped us find shortcuts and rules to make even shorter expressions to solve problems.

Music Reflection

This is my first time using school instruments in a music class as I am a new student, it was a fun and new experience, i learned about plenty of new things about new instruments and also about notes. I got to learn about how some notes are translated onto different instruments and how they are played. I found decoding codes into notes that you can play very interesting, this was new and I have never seen these kind of things before. What i find the most interesting in these classes is that I got to learn how to play two NEW instruments, the bass guitar and the ukulele, these are both stringed instruments, it was very interesting playing them and seeing the difference between them and the instrument I usually play, the acoustic guitar. I found making the remix kind of hard and new, I enjoyed doing the project, i found it hard to figure out how i was going to change it and kept on forgetting my pitch in my remix, luckily i got it right at the end.

Science-Unit one-Credible Scientist

In this unit of credible science, we have learnt that more trials done in an experiment can improve the reliability of the results when you find the average. We have also learnt about how each variable connects to each other and that if one of them changes, all of them do. We discovered during our experiments that graphs, flow chat, graphs and such help us see patterns in our results.

If you were a scientist that was testing to see if a volcano would erupt again one day or if it was dormant, you would have to record a lot of data on matters about what is going on inside the volcano like the the temperature or activity.

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