Axolotl Care Sheet Made By Some Kid Who Owns One

Ok, this is a care sheet made by me and contains basic info about axolotls and my axolotl’s current state.

So axolotls are a type of weird fully aquatic salamander that lives in Mexico City. Here is an axolotl ————>     

Anyways, due to pollution and loss of habitat, there are estimated to be less than 200 in the wild. ( nay humans ). Thankfully, captive axolotls in labs, farms and conservation centers amount up to over 20,000 and are still breeding, so they won’t go extinct yet. ( yay humans )

Anyways, if you are considering to buy one or just got one, here are some stuff you should know about. The axolotl should be in a minimum of 10 gallons. But 20 is better considering the amount of poop they are capable of producing. next, you will need a filter that is strong but does not produce a lot of flow since axolotls hate rushing water.

If your axolotl has a broken leg or ripped fin, that’s fine. it’s able to regenerate their limbs, fins, bones, and even its brain. They are even capable of surviving to have their heads reattached to another body.

You also will need a weird thing called food. why is it weird, because of the fact they only eat meaty foods and pellets.

Now for my axolotl. I got him/her [( he uses male pronouns ) wait is it pronouns?] 3 days ago. he currently resides ina small 20-gallon tank with a light filter. He also lives with 7 platys. He also has extremely short gills, but as he is very young, they should develop with age. He also immediately started eating pellets, which is extremely good because pellets give the best nutrition. about the platys. I feel like white clout minnows would have better suited it, but these were cheap and easy to purchase.

That concludes this blog. Now go forth and do your own research cuz I can’t guarantee you my info is correct. bye.


p.s: all photos are labeled for reuse and have no copyright holder. ( article 13 plz ill be gud )

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