P.E: We made some hummus and healthy food! We came up to the hive and made some hummus before lunch as part of our health and wellness unit. The lesson was to eat real, healthy food.

Math: We had our assessment on decimals and fractions. It was pretty easy. The last question was kind of tricky. It was: If 20/11 was calculated, what would be the sum of the first 2011 digits of the answer? I didn’t really understand the question at first, but it was actually pretty easy. I calculated that the answer to the question was 1.81818… the 2011 digit would be 1. So I subtracted 1 from 2011 to 2010, then divided¬†2010 by 2. 2010/2=1005. 1005 multiplied by eight is 8040. 1005plus 1 is 1006 is 1006. 1006+8040=9046. that is my answer!

French: We basically reviewed our voice recordings and sent them over to Ms. Boyle if we hadn’t yet. Ralph had already given it to Ms. Boyle, but we haven’t gotten any feedback yet.

P.A: We talked about naturalistic and non-naturalistic drama. Naturalistic drama is realistic, and non-naturalistic drama is more of a symbolistic drama, using symbols to represent real-life feelings and reactions.

Design: We talked about planning. The example that our teacher gave us was a simple chart: First, we write down the steps of our logo creating. Next, we write down about how much time we would use on each problem. Finally, we would write down the work’s due date so we could adjust our plan according to the time limit. Cool.

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