So the hurricane reached HK today and recked a bunch of stuff.

My mom showed me a video of people from the 10th-floor filming outside, along with video footage of their lamp shaking because of the wind. It was scary. A few trees also got torn out in the garden because of the wind.

So the hurricane was bigger than last years, it also destroyed a bunch of more stuff. The wind blew huge waves which crashed onto the shore, raising waves as tall as 5 stories. The island off the coast was pounded with wave after wave, sometimes the island was covered completely, with only the beacon sticking out on top.

Although it was living hell outside, but there were still people outside looking at the waves. A lot of times a wave would fall on top of the people, but they still stood there to admire the view of the cyclones.

Fun little story: A mantis dropped by to hide from the wind and rain. It climbed through the crack in the window. I put it in a little jar, then it got loose in the house.

OK. So if you’re outside HK now ( dad you are I know ) you can probably see how it’s pretty terrifying here. And you’re lucky you’re not in a cyclone.

P.S: We don’t have school tomorrow because the school was worried about infrastructure and is doing a check. ( The ceiling leaks…a lot )

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