Typhoon thoughts

Typhoons are terrifying and hilarious.

Terrifying because it can rip up trees and destroy your roof, hilarious because sometimes you would see a tree drifting around in the wind.

Apparently there is a huge cyclone coming this way, and it’s now already level 3 warning. And the wind is howling already. So I thought why not just talk about typhoons.

Last year there were a few days where school was suspended because of how strong the typhoon was. And it didn’t really affect our lives because nobody cares and we all assumed nothing bad will happen…which is weird. Before I got here, I saw typhoons as huge monsters that destroy everything. But once I moved to HK, it kind of just turned into a light rain

Did you know that the center of a cyclone is a patch of clear sky? Like the play zone in Fortnite. ” Ahh, we’re in the storm! ” So basically if the storm is moving, you would be pounded by rain, then suddenly the sky clears, and you think that the storm is over…only to be immediately┬ápummeled by rain again.

Cyclones also give me a dose of silliness, like when you see randon things float by your window: bags, leaves, shards, maybe even trees. It’s just not something you see everyday.

So cyclones. If you’re not too close to the storm eye, you’ll probably be fine. Just don’t go out.


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