Mandarin: We talked about our Chinese reading book. We also did an activity where we needed to use pictures and words to describe what was going on in the story up till now. It was fun and embarrassing because after that you know just how much you suck at drawing.

English: I messed up with the writing. I’m not going into details, because I don’t want to talk about it, but let’s just say¬†I’m not happy about it and I feel like a big idiot. But…I can finish this no problem.

Science: we redid the experiment because our data was not complete. But this time with very different results. The mixture of 10 ml sodium bicarbonate in 20 ml of acid created 30 ml of CO2. 15 ml of sodium bicarbonate in 20 ml of acid created the same amount. But the one with 20 ml of sodium bicarbonate produced 80 ml of carbon dioxide. We put more CO2 into the atmosphere! Great.

Humanities: We finished/continued our video planner. I made a lot of progress and I’m basically done. I have my script planned out, all I need is testing and a few plushies ( Chinese dragons ). I am OK with the script, nothing too personal or weird, just explaining culture.

Great day today! And today IS FRIDAY! ( Confetti, celebration music ) Aaaaaand there is a huge typhoon coming.

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