Fishy Fish

Well, this tank of fish has some fishy stuff going on.

A few weeks before, I bought a bag of three tetras. By now, some experienced aquarists will probably be shouting:” If you want to keep tetras alive and healthy, you need at least five of them!” And yeah yeah, your right, they do need to live in a group, but I bought these to ensure that the ones I had at home could have enough numbers to be happy. Hmm, guess what? the shop charged me forty dollars for three. Turns out that they were a “new” breed of tetras, and were more immune to many diseases.

After I put the new fish into their tanks, my tetras started to die in very weird ways. I would wake up in the morning with dead fish everywhere. Plus they had white spots all over them. Welp, ich.

I think I talked about ich in another blog, where I said that some of my fish died of ich. So that was happening again…except on a bigger scale. How big a scale? Well, basically the whole tank got wiped out because of this disease. ( OK, maybe not the whole tank. Some of these deaths are probably contributed to bad tank mates. )

I ran a troubleshooting sheet and listed causes. One was that the new fish had a disease and gave it to these fish, they just died or they got killed by bigger more aggressive fish. Well, they couldn’t have been killed by aggressive fish, because they weren’t bitten or mangled in any way. They were intact. They obviously couldn’t have died from natural causes, or they wouldn’t have had white spots all over them.

Freaking great.

This is the THIRD TIME I had to deal with ick outbreaks in my aquarium. And the seller said it was a new breed of tetras that were IMMUNE TO THESE DISEASES! I’m quite sure lots of professional and experienced aquarists have successfully overcome ich. However…I am not an expert in aquarium care and I don’t have any fish medications ( these are real ) lying around. I have a problem.

I added some salt into my aquarium, hoping that the salt would kill the parasite. I also quarantined the most affected fish. Oh, and by the way, the salt was TABLE SALT with iodine, which kills fish kinda. ( I am going to get a lot of hate comments on this aren’t I?)

So…a few days have passed and the tetra population has now been reduced to 2. After this, cane the journey where I went to buy more fish with my friend. And I now keep 12 tetras in the tank. Will they survive?


A week later I’m down to 4. Adding the sole survivor of the great ich epidemic, ( man, to my fish this must have been like the plague ) that brings it up to five. I have a big problem

I did a water change and cut the aquarium plants. Good idea dad! Now the aquarium looks much better!

Tomorrow, I’m probably going to Mong Kok to buy fish with my friend again, because I need tetras and ramshorn snails to feed my pufferfish…Which might not turn out well.

I went online to research in on ramshorn snails, and everyone said that they’re great for pets and feed. I’ll be farming them for fresh food for pufferfish. ( The pufferfish need basically all the fishy luxuries a fish can have to just survive, ok?) The internet said that breeding ramshorn snails are very easy since that’s what they do all the time. But there’s just one little problem in this great plan of snail farming ( this sounds stupid when I say it out loud ).

These snails can lay 500 eggs in a few weeks. I’ve even heard that people have so many snails that they take a few out of their tanks every day to either feed to the fish or smash them with the great hammer of doom. I obviously need to buy very little of them, 6, three males and three females, and they’ll probably be having grandchildren in a month or two. If I but these snails, you’ll be eating live snails quiet often puffies!

I also need to mention some worrying news: my pufferfish seem to have traces of ich. There are tiny white spots on their tales. I think they got it from the wood I moved into their tank after the great ich epidemic. They don’t seem to be showing symptoms though, and if it really is freshwater ich, it’ll be demolished by the fact that I will be raising salinity in the puffer tank. If the salinity gets too high, the ich will all just shrivel up and die. So, we’ll see. Right now, they’re fine. I kinda think that they recognise me. Every time I sit down, they swim up to the surface.

Geez, longest blog ever in history. I love talking about fish. They’re very fascinating, and I think personally that they’re great as pets…and that all my tetras are jinxed.

P.S: I should write a history blog on the brief and worrying history of my aquarium hobby that came from a dwarf gourami in a bowl to four green spotted puffers living in a freaking saltwater tank.


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