A brief history of my aquarium!

Aaaand Here’s the history of my tank.

  1. First fish. I’m taking home two random fish. Two random fish that I know nothing of. They are actually dwarf gourami, and they will grow up to become archenemies.
  2. The attempted suicide. one of the gouramis tried to jump out of the tank and smacked onto the floor. It survived because it can breathe air from an organ called a labyrinth organ.
  3. First big tank, neon tetras arrive and first planted tank. The new great tank is here! It’s quite big and is now hosting one gourami and the new neon tetras. The second gourami is lonely and in another tank.
  4. Wierd black fish comes. Plecos are now existing in the tank! they are not doing anything and just lying around.
  5. The death of dwarf gourami and pleco. These fish just died of ich, my soon to be enemy for a long long time. ( jk a few months. )
  6. The coming of big white fish. A pearl gourami now exists in the tank! It is chasing the gourami. I have a problem.
  7. The day I leave for Peru with no one to take care of the tank.
  8. Cannibalism. Dwarf gourami 2 and pleco have been eaten as food. I should have let some shrimp loose in the tank.
  9. The great age of death. 5 of my neon tetras died of old age. R.I.P tetras. I will remember you and all of the fish who died.
  10. The era of nothingness. In this period, nothing much happened. The fish tank was in peace!
  11. The breaking of the peace. Malawian cichlids are now living in one tank. Soon they are separated and are living in different tanks. They are trying to kill all the fish.
  12. The great ich epidemic. The infamous ich epidemic that killed 11 neon tetras. The sole survivor is now living in a separate quarantine tank. However, none other fish died. Queer.
  13. Death of Malawian cichlid. this guy got bitten to death by a really angry pearl gourami and another Malawian cichlid who had enough of fin-nipping from this guy. R.I.P cichlid.
  14. The coming of four very weird fish. Today I bought four green spotted puffers! Best fish ever! They are the best.
  15. The second ich epidemic. Ich is now back in town and killing tetras! Now 4 tetras remain. Put in the sole survivor of the first epidemic. looking good.
  16. Present everything is great. I need new tetras, but with a water change and a clean tank, they should be fine!

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