Reflection of week and Yay!

Hey, guess what? After 6 days of not-so-hard-as-you’d-expect work, it’s time for our group presentation! Yay! ::clap clap clap::

No one wanted to present. When the teacher announced that today was the big day, our first response was: AHHHHHHHHHH!😢We were all afraid of talking to a giant crowd of people about some project that we worked on for 6 days with minimal effort. Well, we did it anyway. We did the presentation as we had planned and HOHO! We got first place! Yay!

The presentation went like this: First, we presented to the judges. Our three groups gave our presentations in front of the judges one at a time. When it was our turn, basically everyone in the group was freaking out. Everyone was thinking: What if we mess up? What if say something wrong?

I think I freaked out even more. I was fidgeting in my seat before the first group had started, but once we started talking, we all calmed down and went through our parts very well, like it was no big deal. And soon the judges were asking you back to your seats.

And as I said at the start of the blog, our group won the contest and we got bitcoins. We were pretty surprised at this since we all thought that the presentation absolutely SUCKED, but turns out the judges thought it was good. So great!


Some good things that happened during this week ( optimism! Yay! ): We made good friends with each other, we came up with a great presentation and PPT, and everything worked out the way we wanted it to. Great!

Not so nice things in the week ( Boo. ): When we were working together, we had a lot of issues. Like for instance: A lot of our work was late, including the PPT that the judges said was excellent. Our group had a lot of issues calculating economics, like the cost of the unit, total cost and how much we should pay our workers.

So today was the last day of bizsmart, we had a pretty unique week, and I don’t think I’ll forget it. It has been a great experience for me.

P.S: No, I will not be a CTO when I grow up just because of this camp. I still rather be a Youtuber or an animator.

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