Daily debrief

  1. What’s the least realistic part of your plan?

I think that the least realistic point in our plan is our price per unit. Our presumed manufacturing cost per unit was 152 USD. But our sales price was 400 USD. I think that this price is a bit too high. I think that a price like 300 USD or 250 USD could be better and attract more customers.

2. What do you think the judges will be most impressed by?

I think that the judges will be most impressed by our small, simple and light design for our VR headset. Most other VR headsets are pretty hard to use and heavy, but our design for the VR headset is very simple and light, showing the VR effect by downloading an app on your phone and clipping it into the headset. You also don’t need to buy the headphones with the headset. You can use your own iPhone earbuds. I think that the design will impress the judges most

3. How will you personally ensure your team has a successful pitch?

I can give them ideas on our presentation, and help with practising the presentation. I can also help make a PPT to guide the pitch, which shows the work we have done on this contraption and how it can benefit people, how it will be marketed and how expensive it will be.

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