Daily Debrief

  1. What did you know more about yourself today

I realised that I am great at making plans and helping my teammates, but I’m not so good at thinking out ideas or reasons.

2. What surprised you during today’s work and brainstorm?

What surprised me most was that our group had a lot of great ideas and work very well with each other. We also talk a lot and share our ideas with each other. So, we really work well with each other. ( most teams don’t work out like that.)

3. Who do you think is a good teammate?

I think that Michael is a good teammate. He is very focused and very creative, he likes to share his ideas with everyone else. Plus, he’s a friendly person.

4. What did you like about today?

My favourite part of today was when we shared our ideas. That was really fun. It was cool to hear what ideas everyone came up with, and also fun to tell everyone what potential solutions you came up with yourself. So that was my favourite part of today.

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