Buying Fish ( I love fish!)

So today I went to Mong Kok with my friend Joseph to buy fish.

A little history on my fish. Last time I bought a batch of three neon tetras. Turns out that they had a disease called ich. ARGH! Soon, literally, all of the fish got the disease and died. R.I.P Neon Tetras. Well, none but two tetras are left and I had to quarantine them because other fish are trying to murder them, and they might contain the disease.

So today I went to Mong Kok to buy fish with Joseph, who hasn’t kept fish in a long time and wants some pufferfish after visiting my apartment and seeing my pufferfish. ( Yes! I have some freshwater pufferfish! )

So when we arrived, most of the shops were open. Yay! We searched for true freshwater puffers ( puffers that only stay in freshwater, green spotted puffers aren’t true freshwater puffers. When they grow up, they like brackish water.) and I wanted to get some more neon tetras for the tank.

We needed to buy a tank for Joseph, as well as aquarium plants and marine salt for me. ( to keep pufferfish alive and healthy ) Now we were walking around, trying to find an amazon pufferfish. Turns out this fish is rare and no one sells it here. Dang!

Well, we changed our minds that we would both buy some neon tetras. Joseph would buy young tetras and I would buy grown-up ones for the fish tank. We found some tetras that were the right size for Joseph. There were 10 in total, and the bag of tetras cost 10 dollars. I bought a bag of 10 tetras as well, but this one cost 20 dollars. Probably they were adult.

We also bought plants for Joseph’s tank. The shopkeeper recommended moss balls that floated with some leafy weeds. We bought one each for the batch of tetras. The last thing was the fish tank and the salt. We went to a store full of fish tanks that were well made and cheap. Joseph chose to buy a small 15 by 15 by 15 fish tank for his fish. It fitted perfectly. I inquired where to buy marine salt and the shopkeeper gave me a HUGE box full of processed salt. It was huge! 4 times bigger than Joseph’s fish tank. But it only cost 58 dollars. Cheap considering it’s a big box of salt.

We returned home and started to set up Joseph’s tank. We ran into some problems. Joseph didn’t have dechlorinated water, and my water was halfway into the dechlorination process. We poured some of the leftover water from yesterday into his tank and the fish were fine. However, the cichlid in the big tank was trying to attack the tetras, even through the glass. man, this guy is big trouble.

In the end Joseph’s tank was up and running, but a few of his fish died. R.I.P tetras. We only knew you for a few hours. I’m still trying to figure out where to put the cichlid, and the only places it can go are the other cichlids or the puffer tank. I need to figure it out. 😓

It was a fun day overall. Hopefully, Joseph’s fish got used to the new tank, and I get to move the tetras in to their tank!

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