Favourite fish

Do you like fish? I do. And that’s exactly why I have a bunch of fish at my home. And that’s why I made a list of all the fish I like

List of aquarium fish I like:

5. Mbuna cichlids, Lake Malawi

This fish is blue with White stripes down its sides. It also has a blue circle on its forehead that reflects light when shone upon. It also appears to have teeth and destroys plants. It’s pretty violent, and I quarantined it in a tank by itself, but it’s fascinating.

4.  Amazon Puffer, Amazon River

These fish live in the Amazon basin and are the few river puffers that can live in freshwater. These fish are pretty peaceful in contrast to its cousins who try to rip each other apart once it sees them. this fish is best kept with its own kind. What an oddball.

3. Neon Tetra,  Amazon River

These tiny fish are colourful and easy to care for. They live in both blackwater and clearwater. They eat algae, shrimp and fish. Well, I am keeping these fish and there freaking algae growing on the walls. Why aren’t you eating the algae tetras?

2.  Dwarf Gourami, Southeast Asia

This was the first kind of fish I kept in Hong Kong. They are red and have white stripes down the sides, with the tips of their fins ending in electric blue. They’re pretty aggressive and like to kill each other. They also are friends with neon tetras for some reason. They can get along very well.

1. Green Spot puffer, Southeast Asia

Finally my favourite kind of aquarium fish. Puffers are already oddballs in freshwater aquarium fish keeping, but these are just great. There green, with black spots over its body, so why is it called a green spot puffer? It’s a bit agressive, but is nice to keep. But it likes brakish water and is hard to care for.

There you have it. my list of favourite fish. I seem to like fish that are really aggressive, but they are all very unique and beautiful. They are definitely fun to keep and are a great addition to an apartment of house.

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