My experience in the amazon

I went to the Amazon this summer and it could be described as WHAAAAAA?!

So we arrived there via plane and drove for an hour to a dock on the Amazon river. Then, we boated for 2 hours to the lodge. Hmmm, I took the plane, the car and the boat in a matter of a few hours, crazy!

So we had lunch and immediately started on a boat to search for animals. “Hope it doesn’t rain1′ I said. Then it started to rain! Yay! So this resulted in us going through the rain to try to get a glimpse of some animals. We did see a bunch of sloths though.  There were four sloths that we saw just in one afternoon. How are they endangered?! They seem very numerous.

Day two! First thing I noticed: the weather looks clear,  that’s great! After breakfast, we went hiking in the forest. I remember when I started off, the only thing I thought about was to don’t freaking MEET ANY MOTHS! ( fun fact: you can give me a heart attack by holding a moth to my face. )

It was very exciting to walk through the jungle, we saw monkeys and frogs and a lot of other creatures, like…this one!

In the afternoon, we went fishing…with a stick and hook. Very simple stuff. Guess what? We get a fish every few minutes. Piranhas were actually easier to catch. ( we’re in the amazon OK? Piranhas are a thing there! ) They hang on to the hook no matter what. Oh, and hey, remember when I said that the weather was great? HAHA! RAINING!

At night, we went out to try to find a caiman. And our guide somehow caught one with his bare hands! OMG PRO SKILLS!!! The caiman was small, black on the back and yellow on the belly. Its skin was soft, unlike what I imagined. We set it free near the river.

Day three. Today we looked for pink river dolphins. To say the truth, this was my least favourite day of all. To me, it was enough to just see a dolphin. But we stayed for half the day, seeing more than 10 dolphins, but since I wasn’t interested after I saw one, I spent the rest of the day daydreaming.

On day four, we left the jungle. it was a pretty fun journey. The good thing is: I didn’t see any huge moths. The bad thing is: I didn’t see an anaconda. I’m not really afraid of snakes, and seeing one of these will be extremely exiting.




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