Room Escape

So I just came back from room escape and it was COMPLICATED!!!

I went with my friends to play because we met each other at the theatre. I asked if I could come to hang out at his house, and he said:”Hey we’re going to a room escape. Want to come?” Obviously, I did. who wouldn’t want to go play with friends?

So we got to the room escape. We were told that we could ask for 5 hints and play for 45 minutes. After this brief introduction, we started the game. The objective was to leave the room. First, we needed to open the hint box, which required a code. This was easy. all we had to do was find 5 police badges that are marked with the numbers required in the code. Problem is, we need to try every single combination till bee get this box open UHHHH!

By a stroke of good luck, the first one we tried worked! Yes!

The box had a programmed lock opener. But it has to be plugged somewhere. We searched the whole room without progress. So we used a hint and asked just exactly are we supposed to do. The director said that we’re now supposed to open the window to the security office, and the plug is supposed to be plugged into the box underneath the window. Yes! A lead!

We plugged the lock opener into the box, and now we needed to open the lock…with a PASSWORD!

Now we needed to find a new passcode in the room. We discovered that paintings all had symbols on them and different dates. We traced the paintings from early to late, then using that order, we typed the symbols on the paintings in order, and the code worked! We could now open the window of the security room! Now we needed to open the door to the security room. So I reached through the window to unlock the door. Yay!

Now, we could proceed to the next part. So now we needed to…wait, what do we need to do?

So right now, we have a keyboard that makes a beeping sound when you press the keys. Hmmm, is this another CODE GAME?😡The people who made this sure loves codes.

We also found a fake newspaper clipping. One word in the news clipping was written in a strange font. ( remember this ) Now we didn’t have a clue as to what to do, and we needed to ask for another hint. The director told us to turn the newspaper around. Hmmm, looks like a line of numbers! Nice!

We typed the “code” in, and…nothing happens. We asked again” hey we did what you said, nothing happened.” Answer:” Did you turn it upside down then look at the weird word?”

You literally just told us to turn it AROUND!!! ( maybe he meant upside down, but we turned the page around. )

OKAY! Now the word, ( stolen ), read u 6 1 0 7 s. Yes! A code. We finally unlocked the drawer. There were 2 things. One was a hexagon, the other was a bust of Mozart. But there was one more surprise for us.

Haha! The alarm went off! Times up!

On the way out, I asked the staff if we were close to escaping. He said a lot, but what he said is basically this: Nope. There’s still like three more tests you have to go through LOL.”

Well then, so that was the most complicated activity that I have ever attended. but it was fun., and I would definitely recommend you trying it out when you have some spare time.


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