Things I think are scary

Today I’m going to talk about some things I think are scary.

  1. there are 100 billion planets in the universe. Think about it! It creeps me out to think that we’re a tiny speck in the universe and everywhere there are unexplored planets that might have anything on them.
  2. There might still be live Tasmanian Wolves. They were confirmed extinct in 1982, but there have been many people claiming to have seen this animal. If these sightings are real, then the Tasmanian Wolf might not be extinct after all. If the Tasmanian Wolf ever gets rediscovered and confirmed alive, and they capture one of them in a zoo, I’ll be first in line.
  3. Oceans cover 70% of the planet. They’re HUGE, and I definitely am not a fan of water. What’s even scarier is how deep some oceans are. The Marianas Trench is 10 kilometres deep. I once read in a book that if you open a portal at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, the pressure there will be enough to suck an aircraft carrier in, bend it in half, then suck it in as well.
  4. 80 % of our oceans is uncharted territory. We only mapped the surface of our oceans. Most of what’s underneath the surface is unknown. This just comes back to my point of how big oceans really are. According to some sources, we only discovered 10% of oceanic creatures. If that is true, then who knows what can be living in the oceans now?
  5. Scientists never figured out what is the blip or where the WOW signal came from. If the blip was from a living creature, it would easily be bigger than the blue whale. The blip was a signal received from outer space and lasted only a second. No one knows what it is. Geez, space is HUGE!
  6. Incan mummies. I mean, they’re cool and all, but when I see one, all my mind is saying is  AHHHHHHHHHHH!! My parents might think this is weird. “Hey, don’t you like Egyptian mummies?” Yes, but the Egyptians bury their mummies in sarcophaguses put them in tombs. There’s nothing scary or wierd about that. But the Incas put them in bundles full of offerings, dig a hole and leave the mummies there. and often the mummies are in a strange position, as though screaming. Ugh! That last part just creeps me out.
  7. Moths (except for white-lined sphinx moths.). I’m kind of weird. I like beetles, ants, caterpillars, and generally what other people hate. But somehow moths give me nightmares. I am not joking. When I was in Iquitos I saw a moth fluttering around the light above our room, and I had recurring nightmares about that. I can talk for ages talking about why I hate moths (e.g some of them don’t have mouths), but just this picture can send me running out of my room. (aaaaaaaa::gasp::aaaaaaa)

So, do these creep you out? Yes? No? Or do you think I’m weird. But just let me know what you think about it and I’ll be happy! (Ahh I will have nightmares about this picture.)

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