Shopping for supplies

Back to school supplies shopping. Not a fan

Disclaimer: I don’t like shopping. I think that shopping is boring and should be avoided. But this was about school, so it’s important, and no matter how much I dislike it, I need to do it. The school had a big list of what students will probably need in grade seven, and boy do we need a lot. When I first saw it, I thought that this would be the worst day ever. A whole day of walking around malls with a list looking for things to buy, UHHHHH.

Then I looked closer to the list and discovered that a lot of the things on the list we already had, like pencils and white out pens. So I only needed to buy the things I didn’t have.

Now the list was: binders with 2-inch spine and rings, 2 stacks of dividers, a scientific calculator, daily plan lined paper and hole cutters. Might sound like a lot, but the original list was way longer.

First, we went to the small school supplies shop next to our house. It was really small and didn’t have a lot of shelf space, so we thought that it wouldn’t have a lot of supplies we needed. But turns out, even though it wasn’t big, it had lots of variety. there were binders, lots of them, and pens and dividers and paper and everything you’ll need in school. We basically bought everything there. I really didn’t think that I had such easy access to so many supplies. The only things that we didn’t buy were the daily planner,( the ones there were too small,)the calculators, (There were calculators at the shop but they weren’t the kind we were looking for. ) and headphones

For the headphones that I could permanently keep at school, we went to a digital hardware mall in Wan Chai and bought new headphones. Now I could bring my old headphones to school and the new ones will be for home use!

Next, we went to Causeway Bay. Gotta go out pretty far for some supplies, eh? My parents told me that there was a school supply/bookstore called the Commercial Price Causeway Bay Book Center( long name!). We took the metro and boy is it big! It was tight-packed too. There were shelves tightly lined up, even school bags. the walls had shelves on them too. The store definitely used all the space it could find.

We looked around for a calculator and found a whole cupboard full of them. They were stacked together, with one facing out of the glass cupboard so you could see what kind of calculator it was. In this treasure trove of calculators, we quickly found the one we were looking for. it was cheap also. In fact, it was cheaper than online.

Then we looked for the daily planner. There were many planners, but most were off-date, showing only the months of 2019. We asked if we could see planners ranging from September of 2018 to December of 2019. there were a few, and we started to pick from these. one had the dates from September from 2018 to December 2019, but the spaces for each day were far too small. The next one was a weekly planner, so it wasn’t good for our purposes either. The last one was perfect. It had the right range of dates and the right size for each day. So naturally, we bought the last one.

Yay! we got all the supplies we needed. I’m prepped for grade seven!

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