Space Museum

Today my parents and I went to the Space Museum.

The space museum had 2 halls and one theatre. The hall on the first floor was about planets and stars. There, we were introduced to all the planets and their temperatures, orbits and gravity. The smart thing was that to show gravity, they used weights to compare how much one kilogram on Earth would weigh on each planet.

The hall on the second floor was all about space exploration. So, of course, it had space suits in them. And it was really astonishing how big the glove of the suit was, plus it had to be: heat resistant, cold resistant, friction resistant, and whatever you need to survive in a big cold vacuum.

Then I went to the theatre in the museum to watch Amazon Adventures. Personally, I’ve been to the Amazon, and I really liked it. So I was looking forward to this film. And it was pretty good. It was about the English explorer Henry Bates. ( I had to look up his name when I was writing because I forgot it ) He went to the Amazon and helped prove evolution and why animals mimic each other. It was really cool and I admire this person. He actually stayed in the Amazon for 12 years. I stayed for 4 days and I was already sick of it. Plus, he had malaria and yellow fever. WHAT?!! He also had a little pet monkey that he feeds. Wait, isn’t that illegal? Maybe it wasn’t in 1848. Overall, it was a good movie, and I liked it. It gave a lot of flashbacks.

The museum was a fun place and I would recommend you going there, it will be really fun and educational. I’m sure you will have a great time.



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