Buying Pet Fish

Today I went to buy pet fish.

There are a few reasons I went to buy fish. 1. I love to fish and they’re fascinating. 2. It’s fun. I get to see a lot of different kinds of fish.

But this time, my parents helped me do a summary of how much money I would probably use. Then I was given 200 HKD and we set off to Mong Kok.

In Mong Kok, there is a street filled with aquarium shops and fish sellers. As well as fish tanks of various sizes. I had a list of things I wanted to buy: 1 fish tank, neon tetras for grouping, some fish that I like with a reasonable price, and maybe a goldfish ( that didn’t happen.)

So first I just walked up and down the street, looking for fish I liked. When I saw a bag of African Cichlids, I made up my mind, and that I would buy them. They cost my 38 Hong Kong dollars, but I think they were worth it.

Next, I needed to buy a suiting fish tank for them. When I was walking along the road, I saw a small aquarium that was light, easy to carry and fit the fish very well. It was also 70 dollars, compared to my larger fish tank’s 80 dollars. I also bought live plants for the new aquarium. this cost 20 dollars. Really cheap. I had thought it would cost 30-40 dollars. I guess I was wrong.

Now for tetras. I found the closest thing to a neon tetra. I’m not sure what tetra it was, but I think it was a neon blood belly tetra. The shop said it was 15 dollars for one tetra. FYI, one bag of neon tetras containing 13 fish cost 20 dollars. Wow. This fish is as precious as a whole bag of fish. I got 3 for 40 dollars. Yay! A discount on tiny fish!

my parents were pretty shocked. 3 fish are as expensive as 26 fish that are basically the same species? WHAT?! I thought it was a weird price too, but I didn’t really want to argue with the shopkeeper. My parents did ask her why were these fish SO EXPENSIVE?!

Her explanation was that this was a different kind of fish and it was more expensive. Fair enough.

So overall, I managed my money very effectively. I still have 32 dollars leftover, which I could use on other things. Like maybe buying that black moor goldfish I saw in one of the shops. something that didn’t go well was that one of the fish died shortly after it arrived in the new aquarium due to fin damage and bite wounds it had received during transportation to the fish store. RIP fishie.

It was a fun day, and I really had a great time.

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