Today we presented our prototype to our parents and teachers, as well as special guests.

We started the day by perfecting our prototype, as well as glueing on the ceiling piece to our prototype. Now we had our prototype put together and ready. We then spent some time preparing our PPT.

On the third day of the summer camp, we went to Maker Bay. There, a member of maker bay gave us a short speech about how to make a forceful speech. In which he said storytelling was an important part. We decided to use storytelling to impact the audience, so we wrote about an example of how life in one of Hong Kong’s subdivided flats feels like. And using this to explain what our prototype wanted to achieve.

We presented in the LLAC lobby. We presented our design, about how we hoped that this design will help people living in Hong Kong relieve their stress and help them take their minds off work. Other groups also presented, and it was fun to learn what the other groups did too.

So FYI, this is the last day of the Pico Kids project. Tomorrow, I won’t be going to Pico Kids anymore. It has really been a great experience to work with different people from different countries. We had a really good time together, and we made friends with each other. It really has been a great time.

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