Today our group made a big working model made of light wooden panels and plastic for windows.

We started by using our cardboard model to roughly plan out what we wanted to make. Next, we took wood and measured it according to our design. Then, we needed to glue the piece together to make the flooring and struts that will support the roof and windows.

Next, we used plastic box lids to make see-through windows for the walls. Then came the challenging part. We needed to make the roof. We wanted it to be slanted so the rainwater that lands on it can flow into a collector at the end, which will then use this water to water the plants. Max found a plastic box lid that had a trench down the middle where the water could flow. We cut a hole in the box lid and used a bottle as a container. Here we had some little trouble because the drill bit for the drill was gone, so we thought of using the screwdriver bit to drive screws into the container’s bottom, making holes that would let the water be transported to the plants.

We really put a lot of thought into this prototype, and we hope that it will be ready in a very short time. Tomorrow, we have to make a presentation about our prototype. Good luck to us.

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