Pico Kids

Today is day three of the Pico Kids summer camp, and quite a lot happened.

  1. Max and I were unable to go forward with our ideas because of physics. 😢
  2. We then joined the urban space group, which we found had a very creative idea on how to utilize urban space. Our plan was to use rooftops and open unused urban space to make greenhouses, which can help with air pollution and can grow vegetables for people without access to fresh food.
  3. We were given 30 minutes to make a prototype of our design. There was cardboard so we were able to make a simple model, but we wanted to make some details on the inside, so we decided to make wooden shelves as well. The prototype was pretty simple, but it was able to show what our design would be able to do.

Overall, I think we’ve had a productive day, and I think we will be able to show our prototype and explain what it does!

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