Pico Kids 2

Today is the second day of the Pico Kids summer camp.

Today we were given 5 topics: Water Pollution, Air Pollution, Urban Space, Household, and Solar. I chose Air Pollution as my interesting topic. And I worked with my friend Max.

In air pollution, our final goal was to make a prototype or model that could solve the bad air quality in many places in the world. Both of us agreed that most of the air pollution was due to carbon emissions caused by vehicles. I had an idea of a self-charging car that recharges itself, and Max had an idea of a fan which sucks in air, filters it and separates oxygen from CO2, then puts it into the atmosphere again.

In the end, our teachers told us that each group has to choose one idea from all of them, so we combined our ideas into one. My self-charging car will have a miniature jet on the bottom, which will speed up the air and filter it, eventually using it to turn a turbine and propelling the car.

We had a very productive day. We came up with a very innovative idea, and we’re just waiting to get started on our prototype. Tomorrow we will go to Maker Bay and make our prototype. I’m pretty excited!

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