Today for my ASA, I did fencing.

This class would be the last class of fencing until the Christmas break. And it would be one big match. Unfortunately, nearly everyone in the saber group didn’t come. Only one other classmate came, so it would be a deathmatch for him and me.

I had a strategy. When we battled, I didn’t move. I just stood there waiting for him to attack me. If he doesn’t, I’ll just keep waiting until he gets fed up and attacks. After that, I will figure out at what distance can he hit me, and at what distance can I hit him.

When we were practicing, I tested when I could hit him and when he can hit me. It turns out that I could hit him first if we charged at each other, so I was pretty sure that if I attack quickly at standstill, I’ll get a point.

And my plan worked. When my opponent came into my effective attack range, I would attack. It gave me a score of 10:4! Great!

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