Humanities: we continued with our documentaries. I went up to the library and borrowed a book ( Hong Kong by Lonely Planet, FYI ) to see if I could find any information. I’m still looking through the book to see if there is any information on ocean park which I will be writing a summary for.

Mandarin: We had dictation. I did fairly well, but I don’t know my results yet. We also did a question game about our Chinese reading book. we had used Kahoot! to play the game. It was not the first time that I have used Kahoot, and it was fun!

English: We were introduced to a chart. It looks like 4 circles in-circling each other. This chart could be used to dissect quotes and dig out their meanings, along with their implications and is there are any euphemisms. ( What’s a euphemism? Well it’s something that sounds good, but means the exact opposite ) It was a very useful chart and I will be using it very soon.

Science: We read an exert from an article on building and shapes’ strengths in building. After reading the short exert, we were tasked with making a small digital poster to show the information we have learned from the exert. We started to make the poster and will continue with the poster next class.



P.E: We made some hummus and healthy food! We came up to the hive and made some hummus before lunch as part of our health and wellness unit. The lesson was to eat real, healthy food.

Math: We had our assessment on decimals and fractions. It was pretty easy. The last question was kind of tricky. It was: If 20/11 was calculated, what would be the sum of the first 2011 digits of the answer? I didn’t really understand the question at first, but it was actually pretty easy. I calculated that the answer to the question was 1.81818… the 2011 digit would be 1. So I subtracted 1 from 2011 to 2010, then divided 2010 by 2. 2010/2=1005. 1005 multiplied by eight is 8040. 1005plus 1 is 1006 is 1006. 1006+8040=9046. that is my answer!

French: We basically reviewed our voice recordings and sent them over to Ms. Boyle if we hadn’t yet. Ralph had already given it to Ms. Boyle, but we haven’t gotten any feedback yet.

P.A: We talked about naturalistic and non-naturalistic drama. Naturalistic drama is realistic, and non-naturalistic drama is more of a symbolistic drama, using symbols to represent real-life feelings and reactions.

Design: We talked about planning. The example that our teacher gave us was a simple chart: First, we write down the steps of our logo creating. Next, we write down about how much time we would use on each problem. Finally, we would write down the work’s due date so we could adjust our plan according to the time limit. Cool.


English: We finished our PEE paragraph writing and read through chapter 5 in The Giver. The PEE paragraph was ok, and the Giver reading was fun.

Mandarin: We read through the story about a princess who wants the moon. We also continued with our new presentations. I already finished mine, and it was great!…except I was short of the time limit. Frick.

Humanities: We completed a review sheet for our video. The sheet includes some questions like: how could you have done better in your video project and what do you think you did well. I could have been more relaxed in my video. I feel like if I had been a little more relaxed, I would have been able to preform a bit better. I think that I described my culture very well and I used items to better explain my video.

Science: We didn’t really have science, because we were taking school pictures, but we did reflect on our newspaper structures, what are some of it’s advantages and disadvantages. My tower was strutted with a fastened tripod, but it was very light. So I would probably lose the contest of the fan-typhoon. ( your tower must survive the wind from a fan. The tower needs to be at least 50 cm high and must stand up to the wind…or you die. )


French: We did our recording. We recorded it at the forum for best results. The product of our script and recording was a one and a half minutes long voice recording. It consisted of everything we’ve learned so far: ranging from first introductions to good-byes, questions and answers and little phrases.

Math: I worked on my math review sheet. You probably already know that we’re having an assessment about decimals and fractions, and our teachers gave us this review packet. Think of it as a mini test. it covers everything the test will have. It was really helpful.

Design: Worked on illustrator. I drew a person’s face with nothing but the curved tool. It actually looks great! Very impressed by myself! We’re going to be doing our logos soon, so I’m pretty prepared! I’m actually pretty exited about it. It’s going to be fun and I already have an idea of what to do.

P.E: Made a plan. Not an actual plan, but some ways that I could make myself be healthier. Some things were: Sleeping better and eating better. Sleeping better could help me focus better and be more happy. Eating better can make me more healthy and happy. Very Important!


Golf is the best sport.

For some reason, I like sports that don’t require any particular fighting, or rather, a sport without compitetion. That is why I think that golf is the best sport. It’s not violent, if you get what I mean. Of course there’s competition in golf, but it’s a kind where I’m comfortable with. Anyway,  had golf practice and it was good.

I tried out for Seasac…again, but I don’t know the outcomes yet. I did practice a lot today. Started with a sand and worked up to the 6th iron.  Competed with my classmates with sand to see who could hit a ball into the 50 yards basket. Ken did…twice. HOW

For the 7 iron and 6 iron,  tried to hit balls out as far as I could. The record I reached was 125 yards, shortest was less than one yard.  Brushed the ball and it rolled about 5 centimeters and stopped. Golf isn’t that easy! ( Stop laughing! )

7 iron was easy. All I needed to do was to hold the club as straight as possible and swing, and I would have hit a ball at least 70 yards. 6 iron was harder. Not only was it heavier, but also longer.  Needed to stand back and then swing the club flatly across from right to left. And my average for this was 9 5 yards. BOOOO.

Conclusion: Golf is great.




P.E: We took a test ( celebration of learning ). It was about health and wellness and the goal of the test was to see how much we know about health and wellness. Some questions included were: how can diet help with health and how can you sleep better?

Math: We each did different practice on decimals. I finished my math sheet and also started my review sheet ( we’re going to have an assessment ). the math sheet was easy, and the review sheet was a mashup of everything we’ve learned, along with a few harder questions. These will be similar to the ones we will be having in the test.

French: We prepared for our video. Ralph and I talked about what to say and in what order to say it. We listed down our dialogue on google docs so we would be clear about what to do on Monday. We should be Ok.

Design: The teacher needed to find out if we knew what was illustrator and if we knew how to use it. I kind of did know and drew an Illuminati with a cartoon person. The teacher had requested that we use at least three layers, use the shaper tool and line tool. I used all three and used a tablet to draw a lame cartoon, so…passed!

Drama: We talked about the atmosphere of a play. Basically it’s how a piece of art makes you feel when you look at it. We used a piece of music to give an example of what it feels like. Then we used actions to represent what we were feeling. And that is dance drama!

Reflection on The Giver ( PEE paragraph writing )

Yes, this is a reflection specifically on the giver, and I just wanted to talk little about The Giver and how this relates to our question: How does the community control its citizens? ( PEE question )

In what ways does the community in the giver control it’s citizens?

Right now, Jonas is faced with the upcoming ceremony of twelve. We don’t really know what happens there except the elevens get assigned their jobs. but we do know that the ceremony of twelve is very very important and getting the right jobs is very important and getting the wrong job can make your life horrible. For example: Being a night nurturer means you can’t have a family unit, and being assigned as a birthmother will bring you shame and there is very little honor in that profession. The community uses assigned jobs to limited choice and to instill order.

Furthermore, in the Giver, the speaker is used to publicly shame people, as shown in the book. ” Objects are not to be removed from the recreation center and snacks are to be eaten, not hoarded. ” This had been specifically directed at Jonas after he took an apple from the recreation center one day. This shows that the community uses punishment, especially public shaming to keep citizens under control.

So the community uses strict rules and assignments to control its citizens and make things in the community more orderly and predictable, but this also results in less choice for the citizens because they have to follow the guided ” path ” shown by the community. And from this, we can answer the question. Yes, the community does control it’s citizens and does so by giving them assigned jobs, strict rules, and public shaming when a rule is broken.


P.E: Hiking! We went hiking on Lam Long Shan. We did this as a part of our health and wellness unit. We used this hike to learn more about different levels of exercise. The levels are light, medium and intense. Light level activity is like a stroll, medium exercise is about a jog, and intense exercise would be sprinting for a fair distance.

French: We’re starting a new project! We will be making a video about a natural conversation in French, utilizing all the sentences and phrases we have learned in French. My partner is Ralph, and I think we already have a good plan of what our scene will be. It will be about two people meeting at a public meeting spot and gradually knowing each other.

Math: We did the work that was given to us last class. I did the level 2 worksheet, which was about utilizing the division of decimals in real life to calculate speed, length and the amount of a certain object.

Drama: We revisited our performances. UHHHHH. We did our performances last class, and this class we ran through it together. We watched every single act together as a big group and then had some small comments from the teacher. Then we needed to make a new google doc and write down some good things and some bad things from our performances. Then we would get together to discuss our performances with our groupmates. After that, we would watch our rough draft video and compare the two. ( Want to see our rough draft? Not showing it because it sucks) . From this we would be able to learn from our mistakes…and we need to hand this in so better focus yeesh.


Reflection of the day

Day 4

English: We read the giver and talked about the PEE paragraph. PEE stands for Point, Evidence and Explain. Use these three to explain a certain topic very simply. You can use 1 or 2 sentences to explain each stage of PEE and you can clearly explain a topic! Great, eh?

Mandarin: We talked about the little prince. And we talked about how different events in the Little Prince contradict to each-other, and this shows how grown-ups takes everything so seriously.

Humanities: We did more research! You thought that the field trip would be enough, well no. We need more background for ou topics to be able to have a full understanding of our topics. E.g impacts, economy, history…

Science: We did the finishing touches to our lab reports. This included: revisiting different stages like testing and rethinking if the steps were accurate and if there was anything that we could have done better if we were to do this again. This can help us learn from our mistakes throughout our experiment.


Lots and lots of french

je-I                                                                            nous-we

tu-you                                                                      vous- a VERY FORMAL you

il-he                                                                          ils-they ( masculin )

elle-she                                                                    elles-they ( feminin )


on-Informal we ( to your freinds and stuff. )


In class questions on france:

  1. Paris est en France
  2. Strasbourg est une ville en France
  3. La Richelle est un port de France
  4. Lille est un village à la montagne
  5. M.Lebrown il habite dans un apartment.

French “Articles”

You ( masculin)—ton    un

————-a, an

You ( feminin )—ta       une

You ( plural ) —tes      des ————— some


Hers ———-sa





je ne sais pas—I don’t know           Je ne comprends pas———I do not understand

Masculine: un

Femenin: une

Quelle est ta nat nationalite?

Je suis chinois/chinoise

Je suis canadien/canadienne————As you can see id the word ends with en, in it’s feminin form, you add a “ne” at the end.

Je suis australien/australienne              Je suis américain/americaine

Je suis anglais/anglaise .                   Je suis français/française

et maman——-elle est .                          et papa—–il est

Quelle langues parles tu?

le français    l’e cantonais .   le mandarin     le mandarin .     l’ espaniol

Quelle est la nationalite de tes parents?——–Answer with ill sont and elle sont.

aussi—also .    très bien—great .   génial—cool .   ah bon—good ah .   vraiment—really

Quelle langue est-que tu ( esq-que tu: meaning is do you do/speak. Very common, must remember this. ) parles chez toi?—–What language do you speak at home?

Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire? What do you like to do?

J’aim jouer an golf ( golf is said go-LF