Biking Trip

Today in scout we went on a BIKING TRIP!!!

In the previous week, we have already been separated into three groups of different difficulty. Group 1 was relatively easy and relaxing. Group 2 was a bit more challenging than group one, but not too hard. Group 3 was the most challenging, and it also had the longest route.

When we arrived at the gathering point, we each chose a bike that fitted us the best. But we still needed to adjust the seat height ourselves. Once we got the bikes ready, we split into the groups. I was in group three. And our group started first.

We rode on a separate bicycle trail first. It was a well-paved road, so there was no trouble in controlling. But the issue was to try to catch up with my friends. They all cycle super fast, and even when I’m on gear seven, which is about the highest gear you can get on my bike. I paddled as hard as I could and I could barely keep up! Need practice!

We rode for about an hour until we stopped. when we looked around, one of our teammates was gone. It turned out that his gears were broken and he was stuck on the lowest gear. So he has to pedal really hard to just keep up. So the scouts decided to let him ride first, so he has more space and can ride at a pace he is comfortable with.

We completed the challenge. Everyone was tired, but we were happy! But we all agreed that next time we should ride slower, so we won’t be so tired and everyone could keep up.


Today in my coding class, we programmed a Pac man game.

OK. It’s not actually a perfect Pac man game with the maze and ghosts, but it’s the best simulation we have ever made. First, we needed to figure out the controls. Up, down, left and right. We needed the Pac man to move left when we pressed the left button. So we made a command that made the Pac man move minus ten along the x-axis when the left button was pressed. After we had this sorted out, the right button was obvious. Just reverse it!

Next, we needed to program the up and down buttons. But this time, the Pac man will be moving along the y-axis. So now we need to change the x-axis to y. When the Pac man goes up, it’s y plus ten. Down is y minus ten.

Since it isn’t very comfortable controlling the Pac man with one hand, we needed to separate them from the left and right buttons. So we used a horizontal arrangement to position the up and down buttons at the opposite side of the screen.

We tested out our app. it worked pretty well! The only problem was that due to lack of commands everyone’s Pac man could not glide. Every time we press a button, it only moves a bit. But other than that, It was pretty good! I hope that we can do something more complicated next time!







How Video Games Relate to Art

Today in Art class, we talked about how video games evolved and how they influence art.

First, our teacher showed us a PPT about how games have evolved from table games to computer games, and what the earliest gaming devices looked like. Next, she showed us how video games influenced artists. Some artists used visual arts to present video game inspired pictures and sculptures. Others use video game screens from the past and crop it in a creative way.

After that, the teacher gave us a project to work on. We were going to make a pinball machine. We would make a pinball machine out of cardboard and it has to attract people and have a theme. We also need to design a score system that keeps track of the player’s score.

We only made a design of the pinball machine today, but next class we would really kick in! Really excited about it!


Today in app jamming ASA, we made an app that says a quote when we shake our device.

We needed to make commands that told the app to randomly select one quote out of a batch of four. But where do we put the four quotes? We created a list. The list contains the four quotes. Once we shake the phone, a detector will send a command that selects a quote randomly. The list transmits the quote to the speaker, and the speaker says it. I tested my app. It worked pretty well. I liked it. However, I wanted to change the app’s voice. It sounded too dull.

Our teacher also taught us how to add quotes without having to reprogram it. He helped us add a textbox, then programmed it to be used in the actual app. Now we can type in a quote, and press a button, and that quote will be automatically programmed into the app.

I really like this ASA. I hope we can make a game next time! 😀

LEAP reflection

Today in LEAP, we played some icebreaker games and did a real-life scenario with our house NGOs.

The part I enjoyed the most was when we practiced with a real-life scenario of a global and/or local issue. We get to think of different ideas to solve this problem. It was fun to discuss with each other and hear other people’s ideas. I think everyone was interested in the LEAP programme.

We also played a game where we stand in four corners of the room. each corner is a personality. We would go to the corner we think represented ourselves the most. I found out that I mostly stayed in only one corner. Organizers. I also had a  round inside the visionaries corner. I think this activity made me know more about myself.

I also learned that if we wanted to be a leader, we need to be a role model to others to set an example. And that if you are a leader, you don’t tell others what to do, you serve other people.

The LEAP session today was great! I learned a lot about myself. The next session is this Friday. Hope we do something fun!

Experiment on Coca cola

On Friday, we did an experiment with different kinds of soft drinks mixed with candy.

First, we poured the three different kinds of sodas into three containers of same shape and size. Next, we opened a pack of mentos and put three in each cup. The coke started fizzing wildly, yet the sprite didn’t react much to the candy we put in. The Fanta however, reacted violently, fizzing much more than all the others.

Next, we put in skittles. The skittles reacted to the sodas very faintly, but also differently. The bubbles were packed up more closely and were also significantly smaller.Lastly, we examined the candy that has been removed from the soda. They were slimy and will not react if put back into soda.

Our conclusion was: the bubbles that were emerging from the candy were CO2 bubbles from the CO2 in the drink. The higher CO2 levels it has, the more bubbles will appear. The CO2 will gather in small cracks and spaces on the candy’s surface. There the CO2 will gather into bubbles. When we take the candy, most of its coat of sugar would have melted and so preventing it from fizzing.



因為在星期五, 我們全班會一起在十二層的教室裡做實驗,所以老師在週一的時候就告訴了我們,好讓我們有時間自己組成小組,決定做什麼樣的實驗。

我們的小組想要做一個比較簡單的實驗。 最後,我們一致同意做可樂與糖的實驗。不過,這個實驗已是一個很沒有新意的實驗了。所以我們一起討論起我們應該怎麼樣“翻新”它。大家各有各的意見。有人認為我們根本不需要改動,實驗已經很完美了。不過我朋友認為我們可以用不同的糖果與汽水。大家一致同意後者。




Paintings’ Change

Today in arts we started reading art books.

The teacher told us that if we were satisfied with the cover of our art journals which we have been working on for the past few weeks, we could read some books about paintings. So I picked a book on famous arts that changed the world.

In this book, there were all kinds of paintings, some dating back to the Stone Age. There were paintings of people, pictures of fruits and landscapes. When I looked through the pages, I discovered that the paintings became more and more deformed. You can’t tell what it is trying to tell us unless you read the title.

The drawings that date back more are easier to understand. Most of them are based on a theme from books, others are self portraits. They all look more realistic. Mostly what you see going on in them is what the title is.

The landscape paintings didn’t change much through time. Although they did change style as time went by, but you can still see the view that they try to let you see.

I had a great time. Looking forward to the next art class!


App Jamming

Today in my ASA, I had App Jamming.

This time in class, we would be using app inventor to create a drawing app. We used buttons to select different colors for our pen. To do this, we put down three different buttons and used a horizontal alignment to keep them straight. Next, we put down a command that sets the color that will spawn when that button is pressed.

Next, we needed a command to let our fingers be pens. So we made a command that made sure that when our fingers tap the screen, it will leave a dot of the selected color. After that, we copied the previous command but also altered it. Instead of tapping, we had the command say dragging, which is the same action we use to draw with our fingers. Now when we drag our fingers across the screen, a colored path will follow.

Lastly came the testing. I was excited to see my product. The drawing system worked very well. I could draw smoothly. The lines that came out were a bit wobbly, but I guessed it was because my hands were shaking.

I had a really good time. I wonder what are we doing in the next class?:-)