Figure it out

This is PEpper the turtle, and there is a joke that I named her pepper in an homage to her eventual fate.

JK, that’s not true. But in all seriousness, this guy is a red-eared slider turtle and is probably about a month old or something. She’s ( yes I will assume it’s gender ) currently in a winter state where she doesn’t eat and doesn’t stay active.

She also has a thing with sleeping under bed sheets for some reason.

So the main problem right now is that she isn’t eating properly, by which I mean not eating at all. Turtle pellets don’t seem to be working, so I’m trying to get some live crickets tomorrow or just new brand of food.

1 comment=1 prayer for Pepper to stay alive and healthy.


Today in math we had an assessment.

The assessment was on graphs and charts. And finding and recording equations. This was moderately hard, and probably the hardest test so far. I had no issues with the first problem, but on the second problem, I hit a roadblock on the question requiring to write down an equation that relates y to x. I had lots of trouble finding out the answer, specifically in finding how to use the constant to make an equation, so I should practice my skills on finding equations.

We also wrote a paragraph in humanities on the cause of the issue we are studying in our media monitoring assessment. it was a good exercise and came with the unit cause and effect. It was cool to recap on our MMA.


Blog Today we learned more about the instrument we were playing.

We also learned a new note: F this note used only one finger, but it was very hard to play because you needed to blow very hard into the trumpet, and you have to make a buzzing noise with your mouth to actually make a sound in the trumpet.

It was a very challenging task, and I need to practice to consistently be able to play the note F because it is very important to be able to play every note well. If you can do that, you will be ready for class.

We also handed in a form detailing how our garage band skills helped with our recordings. We needed to write a detailed account and reflection on how we used garage band. The teacher also gave us some vocabulary too work with.

My reflection was on how I had used my skills to play the song “Amazing Grace” on the ukelele, and how I used my skills on garage band to edit and correct mistakes in my recording.

Ukulele Submission-Amazing Grace

Discuss your ukulele recording. Items to discuss include timing, note accuracy, rhythm accuracy. *

During my ukulele recording, I hit a few problems, like I had some timing issues when I tried to do the strums separatly. But later when I strummed while listening to my music, I was able to have much better timing and accuracy. I had a pretty consistent note accuracy throughout my recording because I spent a lot of time on strumming and correct fingering. But I feel like that I could have done it a little better because I wasn’t 100% accurate on my fingering.

Discuss your overall understanding of Garageband and its processes. Items to discuss include editing, timing, arranging, timing, etc. How has your skill at Garageband impacted your song? *

I understand that a garage band can help me record music as well as speech. And it is very easy to edit, which is very helpful. I can also listen to my recording and can use it to make it better by editing the timing and stretching out the audio. I think that my skill on Garage band has impacted my recording in a positive way, because I was able to edit my video, and use my skills to make my recording better.


We had math today, which is a very fun thing and why people hate it is a mystery.

Today we had an activity where we needed to measure how a shape made of squares gradually increase the number of squares in it.

One of the shapes was a rectangle made of three squares, but every case, it turns clockwise 45 degrees. Here we had two ways of measuring it. One way is to make a chart which on the x-axis, shows the numbers of cases, and the y-axis would show degrees, like say, 45 degrees, then 90 degrees, and so on. Then draw a line starting from case one, and draw it to meet the 45 degrees.


Another way is to think of the number of tiles as always three, because it doesn’t increase or decrease. Then the chart is simple.


Negative form.

J’aime in negative form: je n’aime pas.

Je suis in negative form: je ne suis pas.

Pattern: if the verb following je starts with a vowel, the ne and the following verb are merged.

Ne suis pas, n’aim pas.

Maman suis tres jolie, negative form is: Maman ne suis pas tres jolie.

Ma soeur a 16 ans, in negative form is: Ma soeur n’a pas 16 ans.

( From we can see that Ma souer in the previous sentence counts as Elle.)


Today I started a new PEE paragraph.

This time we worked as a group and we would answer a question. Our groups question was: Do you agree that Jonas’s actions are driven by care for the community?

Our first instinct was we agree. But after this, we must find two quotes to support our point. Here we looked through the book to try to find quotes, and after that, we used these quotes to extract a point sentance which helps summarise the whole quote. Finally, we can use the point we got from the quotes to better explain our opinion.

This is a very interesting activity, because it not only helps us with source analysis , but it also helps us with finding evidence. Which would be very helpful in the future. If I needed to explain my opinion, a PEE paragraph would be an ideal way to explain it.

Finding evidence is also crucial as it helps me explain my point and support a claim. When I am reasearching about a subject, I could use the skills I learned from the PEE paragraph writing to take information from a source and use it in my research/study.