Maker space: Tapenator

Today we had maker space! It was so fun! We got to find out about cool little gadgets that all do different things. Oli and me used a golden battery, a connector, a motor and a LED to create a small fan with a blinding light. But this gave us an idea. If you went on a flight at night, you must have remembered the lights on the front wheel, right? Well, Oli and me decided to make a plane out of the electric gadgets we have “on board”, we used cardboard that sorta looks like cookies, and feels like cookies drenched in water to build a magnificent plane.

The plane had an engine at the front, bent aerodynamical wings that were fit for long range flying, and also an LED light in the front, just beside the engine. The plane was really great for a final product!

Only, we couldn’t think of a name. But since we used so much tape on It, we decided to call it the Tapenator ( Terminator ).

Solving global issues

Today in class, we worked as a group to give some solutions to the world’s problems. My group talked about how to feed the world’s fishery problems. we talked about how to protect our oceans to let the numbers of fish grow again. We suggested all sorts of suggestions. I thought that fish farming was a good idea to create sustainable food. We also thought of putting a limit on the numbers of fish fishermen can catch in a day.

We really thought hard about this question and came up with so many different ideas! We got to see each other’s ideas and see what can we do better on. It was really a great experience!

Math Prior Knowledge

Today in math, we had four tables each with a  symbol of an operation like’ + – * / ‘. We then split into four groups, each group gets a table to start with, then we would go to each table and complete a poster on what we know about each operation. We can also learn from posters made by previous groups that have been on the table.

I like this way of learning because it helps us learn from each other and also learn from the group before us. I think it is a good way to learn from each other, and it can help us to also realize how much we know already, and what we can do better on.








Last time on scouts, we discussed what should we eat when we went camping. My first thought was eggs because they were nutritious, but then we face the challenge of keeping them in one piece and not breaking them. Then, we had another thought: bacon because bacon was easy to find and carry, so it was a good choice. We also thought of bringing instant noodles. We also agreed to bring chocolate because it had a lot of calories.

Then each of our patrols received our tents. Every patrol got three tents. Our troop got three…pretty big tents that looked great. We checked if anything was missing, and luckily, all we got was a bent poll.

We also got a first aid kit. And it was pretty reassuring. It had bandages, medical alcohol, and band-aids. It even had a Swiss Army knife! It really was pretty mysterious why there was a knife in the first aid kit.


This week, our math was about order of operations and estimation. For order of operations, we learned about BEDMAS, PEDMAS and BODMAS. As in estimations, I learned two new ways to estimate an equation. The first kind of estimation rounds of the first digit of a number, then add them together. After that, add the remaining parts together, see which number it’s close, then add it the prievious number.

Another one is for longer equations. Round each number off to the same number and then add them together.


Today we had a competition in fencing. I won two times and lost two times. The two times I lost happened when I battled my friend Ken.

Ken had a great strategy of blocking every move I made. So every time I attacked, my move was blocked. When he attacked, I would block his moves. It resulted in a tiring long-lasting battle in which I wasted a lot of my attacks. When finally I got tired, Ken came up and totally creamed me with a simple attack.

Great strategy Ken!


This time in ASA, we built convertibles. The car was fairly complicated, but it looked great after it was finished. It had a hand spun motor and it was good for a bot fight! Well, to be cool, I went over and stripped the large wheels off the spare motors and put them on my car.

when the bot fight came, I crushed my opponent’s car to pieces simply by driving over it.


今天我們做了一系列的實驗! 在一個實驗裡,我們要在兩條固定下來的尺子中間滾彈珠,看一看會有什麼不同的效果:我們首先用小彈珠打大彈珠,發現小彈珠在撞到大彈珠後會停下,而大彈珠則會開始往前走。如果用大彈珠打小彈珠,大彈珠在撞到小彈珠後會繼續按照與前面接近的速度前進,而小彈珠在被撞到後,會以前所未有的速度衝向前方。


Drawing game!

Today at my ASA writing class, we played a drawing game. In this game, a person has to draw according to a picture, but he can’t see it! we have to describe the picture to him. The picture I drew was pretty complicated. My classmates told me to draw a sponge-bob like skeleton, and I ended up drawing a big brick of bone. In short, the picture wasn’t really altered. the original picture showed a sponge-bob skeleton running away from two fish with shovels, mine looked about the same, except the skeleton was running the wrong way, and it wasn’t moving his legs!

this was a really fun game! It also helped me in understanding how hard it is to describe a character in my story.