Nothing to write

Have you ever been into a situation where you run out of events and you struggle to think of something to write? Well, here are some tips for you.

You see, I’ve been in this kind of  situation a lot of times, and I have a few tips about how to think  of something to write.

  1. Think about what you did at work, or school. Was there any event that pops up in your memory once you t.hink about today? If there is, you should focus on it for you will have a more detailed account of it than others.
  2. What work have you done? Did you do a great job? When writing, you can write a reflection about something you did in your day like a test, or some work that was assigned to you. You could think about whether you did a good job or you can still improve.
  3. Your thoughts. You can write down your thoughts about an event that happened in your day or a book you read. What do you think it teaches us? If you write down your thoughts, you can dig deeper into what you learned from this event.
  4. Fun things. A fun or exiting event will always be easy to remember and to write about. I write about my ASAs a lot of times because I had fun in them and I often learn something from it. If you have a fun or educational event, you can certainly write about it.

So, here are my tips about writing. Hope that they are useful!


Scouts egg challenge

On Saturday, we had our last session of scouts this year.

It wasn’t a normal session. We had an activity about protecting an egg. We would use some bamboo sticks and elastic bands to make sure that an egg that’s given to us does not crack when dropped from a height of 2 meters.

Our patrol had no idea of how to make sure the egg does not crack. So we just wrapped the egg with elastic bands. Then I raised it up about 3 centimeters above the table and dropped it. And guess what, it bounced. I was surprised. The egg bounced! We decided that we were on the right tract to let the egg bounce when impacting on a hard surface. But without extra protection, this egg is most certainly going to crack.

However, we also found out that the bamboo sticks are extremely easy to bend and hard to break, which means that when they fall on a hard surface at an angle, they will bounce back up. This would come in handy when we test the egg.We secured the sticks around the egg in such a way to make something that resembles a wood stack. Like this, when we drop the egg, the wood would bend, and then bounce up to make sure it lessens the impact.

Then came the time to test our result. I stood on a table and dropped the egg. It landed with a somewhat weird cracking sound. We all bent down, hoping that the crack we heard was not the egg. And thankfully, it was only the bamboo stick breaking under the impact.

Our egg survived. In fact, it was the only one that survived!


Today for my ASA, I did fencing.

This class would be the last class of fencing until the Christmas break. And it would be one big match. Unfortunately, nearly everyone in the saber group didn’t come. Only one other classmate came, so it would be a deathmatch for him and me.

I had a strategy. When we battled, I didn’t move. I just stood there waiting for him to attack me. If he doesn’t, I’ll just keep waiting until he gets fed up and attacks. After that, I will figure out at what distance can he hit me, and at what distance can I hit him.

When we were practicing, I tested when I could hit him and when he can hit me. It turns out that I could hit him first if we charged at each other, so I was pretty sure that if I attack quickly at standstill, I’ll get a point.

And my plan worked. When my opponent came into my effective attack range, I would attack. It gave me a score of 10:4! Great!

My reading focuses

This week I will complete my historical fiction. So here are my plans for what I do after I have finished it.

  1. I will make a summary of the story. With the summary, it will be easier to pinpoint the timeline of the story.
  2. Write down character traits and events based on them. I can write down the characters description. I will also write down what big or important events happened to them in a period of time, and how this changes their personality. And if there are some good character traits about them, what are they?
  3. Pinpoint. For each chapter, I can make a little chart. This chart will show what this chapter was about and how it affected the main character. Like this, I can be more specific when I talk about how this character has changed.

So here is my basic plan. If you have any suggestions, please post them in the comments, thanks!

Camping Reflection (3)

Today is the third day, and it would be the last day of camping, we would have another hike, and this one would be harder.

Right after breakfast, we got into an argument. You see, there were two hiking trails for us to choose. One was an easy one, it is three kilometers long, but when you reach the end, you need to walk all the way back, which makes it 6 km long.  The other one is harder, but is a loop and is only 3 km.

We argued for what seemed like 15 minutes when we finally chose the easier route because it was easier. So we started. Well, turns out the easy trail was just stairs going up up up. Some people didn’t want to go on, but we couldn’t turn back now. We’ll have to climb the trail.

Soon, all the climbing we did paid off. From a height, we could see the valley below us with lush green trees and a faint mist swirling above it. It was quite a marvel. But we still had to keep going. We picked up our bags and pushed on. The mist was drifting our way, and the air was getting humid. it was really hot. But we were also going downhill a bit, so it sort of made up to the hotness.

Soon we reached the end and started heading downhill back to camp. But this time, downhill was harder than uphill. It was hard to control your speed going downhill, especially when the steps are really tall. I had to go down one step at a time to control my speed.

Slowly but surely, we walked back to the starting point, our camp. It really was a challenging hike, but if we don’t give up, we can do it.

Camping Reflection (2)

This is the second day of camp. Today we hike to our campsite. We each carried our day pack and night pack. In the daypack, we have 2 liters of water and another 1-liter water bottle. Our night pack had all the clothes we would need to wear for the 2 days out camping.

The hike was an uphill climb at first, with seemingly never-ending stairs. But soon, it became a downhill walk and it was much easier. with this rhythm,  I found a way to encourage myself when we were going on an uphill road that seemed to never end. I would tell myself that the higher we go, the more road downhill we would have, and downhill is easier than uphill.

We stopped at a jetty to have lunch. After I got my sandwich, I walked onto the jetty to have lunch with my friends. I noticed a lot of strange fish. There were fish that were nearly transparent. They had a weird headpiece that extended like a snout. When they ate, it looked like they were eating with their backs. We also saw an eel. It swam like a snake and was as fast as lightning.

We then continued our hike. Soon, we returned to civilization. It was a small resting spot beside the river. There was a bus stop right next to it. But our instructors told us that we wouldn’t be taking the bus. It was a hike.

So we walked down the driveway until we came to some nice villas with a dog in the window. And it was just here where we got stuck. We were surrounded by houses, there was a dead end right in front of us. But soon, we discovered a trail that leads up the mountain toward the direction of the campsite. We had a vote. Most people wanted to go. Better to give it a shot than to do nothing. we gave a promise that we won’t get upset at our navigater if we went the wrong way, and we began.

The road was tuff. There were big boulders in the middle of the road, and we needed to climb over them. The road was constantly going upward. Half the team had gotten themselves a walking stick. I did too, but I had to share it with a spider.

But eventually, we came to a road. A sign was at the top of the road. We ran up the steep road, only to find it was not our campsite. But once we turned a corner, another sign stood. It read the name of our destination. We got to the campsite at last.


Camp Reflection (1)

Hoi I am back from camp and it feels great. We have just returned from our camp at Outward Bound.mWhen we got there a few days ago, we were assigned to our different groups. After that, we had a starting ceremony on the black top, and we did our first activity: the group jump.

In the group jump, we needed to jump one by one in a straight line. After the first person jumps, the second person will jump, but this time jumping from the place the first person landed. I learned how to work together in this activity, and that we can achieve much more than what we think we can achieve.

After this, we warmed up for our water activities. The water was pretty cold, and we needed to swim for a long distance. But we still did it. Sometimes, we think we can’t do something, it turns out that we can do more than we think. Then we built our own raft. I know how to tie things together, but this was new to me as well. We had an idea of working in pairs. One person would tie the knots and the other person would make sure that they were tight. We worked together to achieve the same goal. I really learned the importance of teamwork.

And guess what, our raft floated, and we completed our challenge.

The last activity we had that day was the jetty jump. I was freaked out. I didn’t want to jump even though all my friends said it was great. Just looking down scared me enough. But I still did it. I changed a level of hight and jumped. It wasn’t that bad. If I ever do it again, I’m sure I will be able to jump from the highest.

Remembrance Day

Today our scout troop went to the 70th Canadian Remembrance Day ceremony.

The Sai Wan War Cemetery was built to honor the soldiers who fought here in World War 2. It overlooks the city that these soldiers defended, Hong Kong. It has white tombstones that were set down in neat rows, lined up with each other, each marking a fallen soldier. At the entrance, there is a giant stone table with the carving” Their name liveth for evermore”.

We arrived at the  Sai Wan War Cemetery to pay our respects to the soldiers who died in World War 2 and we would lay poppies beside their tombstones. We arrived at the cemetery at 9 o’clock and did our rehearsal. We would have three lines and each of us will place flowers down before two tombstones. After that, we would do a group salute and march back to our resting area.

So it was. We started the ceremony after guests arrived. Speeches were given, prayers said and it was our turn. We took our poppies and marched to the three rows of tombstones. These three rows of tombstones didn’t have names on them. I guess no one knew who they were when they were buried here.

We put down our poppies on the grass and returned to the small shaded area we were staying. When we sat down in the shade, the scouters congratulated us. “Well done.” they told us.

Lastly we stood for the national anthems of Canada and China. And finally we left the cemetery by bus. We remember the soldiers that fought to protected our country. It was a meaningful day.

Family Fun Fair

I did go to the family fun fair, but mostly to be safety guard at the obstacle course.

You see, we literally built the obstacle course, so we had to insure the kids playing it don’t get hurt and the buildings don’t collapse. We also were there to insure that everyone completes the challenge. I was first directed to be the catapult guard, and my job was to insure the kids don’t fire the catapult when it was loading. I also needed to collect the balls launched for the next group of kids to use.So I held the launcher of the catapult while the person reloading helped put glove balls in to be launched at a basketball hoop.

Well, I did my part pretty well. Every time we needed to reload, I held the launcher in place. And after every round, I would run out and grab a few balls and come back again. I only had one failure. Once I held the launcher too loosely, and the kid playing was more than willing to have another go, and I got a smack in the head.

I have to say that the family fun fair was pretty fun even though I didn’t really play a lot of games!


Preparing for Family Funfair

Today in scouts we prepared for the family fun fair’s obstacle course.

We were assigned to different groups. I was assigned to  the group where we made the structure which was used as a low level obstacle. So first we needed to make a wall made by tying two poles on the ends of two longer poles, then make a copy of it.. We found out a really good way to do this. We first figured out what distance were to be kept between the two long poles. After we decided upon that, we put two pieces of tape on the ground to show where the two long poles would be.

After the distance was cleared up, we tied the short poles onto the long ones. And then following the same steps,we made an exact copy of it. Then we lifted both walls and put them on either side of a mattress. We put gloves on the supporting poles(the ones on the sides) to protect the floor. Now we had to use two poles long enough to stretch over a mattress to connect the two walls together.

But now that we were working standing, It was hard to prevent the poles to slide out of place, and I had to hold the poles together with one hand all the time. But tying with one hand is not an easy thing. The rope easily slides out of place and I then have to use my other hand to fix it and at the same time ruining the pole’s position. But soon this problem was solved when the scouters our extra plastic bangs around them to insure they don’t fall apart so easily. After this was done, we finished it with great speed.

And finally we laid poles to cover the structure up. But we did not fasten them down. Only if they were loose could we see if anyone has touched them in the real race.

So we finished all the prep we needed for tomorrow. But I’m still going to be security gaurd tomorrow!