We learnt about logos in design class this unit. There were two important rules or guidelines to making a logo. The first is C.R.A.P. C.R.A.P. stands for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. The second rule was that it had to be simple, memorable, timeless, appropriate and versatile. Using these guidelines, we made our own logos. I would be very grateful if you took the time to comment on my logo. You can do this by answering these questions:

  1. Is it simple, memorable, timeless, appropriate and versatile? Why or Why not?
  2. Does it have C.R.A.P.?
  3. In what way is my logo better or worse than other logos?
  4. How would you improve it and what suggestions do you have on how to make the logo better?I think I created a successful logo as I was aiming mainly for good versatility, simple and memorable and make it look professional. Others have agreed that my logo incorporates these qualities, which is why I believe that my logo is successful.

I would perhaps change and add more colors and details so that it would represent me more. I could also add repetition to make it more memorable. However, it might not look as professional if I add too much personal details, so I would mainly work on the color scheme.

Unité 1 – Parlez vous français?


a) How can I use my knowledge of English to learn French?

b)How do I introduce myself in French?

I introduce my self in French by talking about the following:

  • name
  • Age
  • Pets
  • favorite color
  • Your mom
  • Your nation
  • Your language


How are languages linked to each other?

Different languages are linked to each other by words and accents. Languages Influence each other. Some languages come from other languages. For example, Tagalo is influenced by Chinese, English and Portugese. The Australian accent and the British accent are very similar, as Australia was colonized by the British.

Does learning a different language make your mother tongue stronger?           It does not as you might make things up the easier the more languages you know. You will also speak different languages more and speak your mother tongue less, which will result in less practice of your mother tongue.


G7&8 spirit day

Yesterday was G7&8 spirit day. We did six activities. The first activity was called Newcombe ball. It was like volleyball, but we had to catch it and throw it instead of hitting and smacking it. You must not let it hit the ground, as you will be eliminated if you do. Next we did some brain games. Our group one the game. After that we did some different handshakes with different people. I played ninja with Keith and Darren. After that we went to the green roof to do some gardening. I was in charge of pulling out the weeds to make the garden presentable. After that we had lunch. Then we relaxed and did some art activities. An Austrian delegation led by the Austrian Chancellor came after lunch. As a result, we had the stay in our classrooms. After the art activities, we did some memory games. Our group won in the first game, the second game and the overall score. Finally, we were able to leave at 2:45, once the Austrian delegation had left.

Spirit day was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot. I am looking forward to the one I will have next in eight grade.

Design : Design Cycle

In design class, Mr.Larson gave us a challenge called the “paper cup” challenge. The objective was to create a paper cup that was capable of containing water without soaking through with pieces of A4 paper. The purpose of the task was so that we would be able to use the design cycle without even knowing it. Mr.Larson taught us about the design cycle. Step 1 of the design cycle is investigation. Investigation is analysing the information and asking questions to clarify the task. The second step is design and plan. In the design and plan stage, you list down all the ideas and plans you have and pick out the one that is best and provide reasons for your decision. The third step is to create. Based on what you have learnt and your plan of action, you will have to create a product based on plans and designs. The fourth step is evaluate. After you have finished the task and created a product, you must ask your teachers and peers to give you feedback and constructive comments so that you can learn from your mistakes and improve upon them.

Science experiment

Today, we  did a science experiment. It was a science experiment on how coke and mentos would react when put together. We thought that it would explode and shoot out a jet of coke. However, in the end it just bubbled and fizzled. We decided to improvise and also tried it with Fanta and sprite. We added skittles into the soft drinks after we tried it with mentos. In the end the skittles didn’t bubble as much but fizzled for a much longer period. In fact, they fizzled until they dissolved completely. We also did the experiment multiple times with different volumes of test subjects. The test results were all the same. We also saved some sprite for drinking. I recorded the process of the experiment while Oli actually did the experiment. In the end we created a drink called cozy cola, which was actually mentos in coca cola. Mr.Mark actually took a sip of it. Then we had to clean up and leave.

Science experiment

We did an experiment on Friday. We mixed up cornstarch and water to make oobleck, a substance that could change from being a solid to a liquid.  If you poked it really hard and fast, your finger would bounce back like it hit a solid. But if you poked your finger slowly into the goop, it would sink through like an liquid.  We also cut it with scissors and noticed that it cut through easily. Then we did the pour test, where we pour the oobleck  from one cup to another. It acted like liquid. After that, we did the adaption test, where we poured it into a plastic bag and see how it changed. It behaved like a liquid. Afterwards, we did the ball test, where we shaped the oobleck into a ball and put on the table how long it lasted. It lasted approximately two seconds.  At last, we did the bounce test. We dropped it from a hundred cm on to the table. It behaved like an liquid. Then we had clean up.  We wiped everything with wet cloth and washed the equipment in the sink. Then we went home.

Christmas holiday

I did a lot of things during the Christmas holiday. One of them was going to Singapore.

As soon as we arrived we went to the hotel. We lived at Mandarin Oriental. We put down our luggage and went to a mall nearby called Marina Square. We left at six o’clock and went to eat dinner. We were all extremely tired so we went to the hotel immediately after we ate to shower and rest.


On the second day, we we went to the Water park. First, we went to the dolphin encounter.  Next, we went to the lazy river. We relaxed on a floaty while the current pushed us around the river. Afterwards, we went to the water slides. First we went to the Riptide rocket.  Next, we went to the rainbow reef. It was a snorkelling adventure and we saw many fish. There were all kinds of fish of all colors.  After that, we went to play on a pool called big wave. It generated man-made waves.  Thereafter, we played on some slides. The first one we played on was the Tidal twister.  Then, we went on a slide called whirlpool washout. The last slide was the Spiral washout.  At last, we played on the big bucket tree house. It was a tree house with water pouring over it everywhere from buckets. It also had a big slide. After this activity, we changed and went back to the hotel. After resting and showering we ate dinner and went back to the hotel to sleep.


On the third day we went to the Garden by the bay in the morning. We looked at different kinds of plants and took some pictures. We went on the sky walk between the super trees and the view was really nice. It was about eight stories high and my mother was quite afraid. We could see all around the the garden and all the trees. Next, we went to Chinatown to eat lunch. We ate lunch at some food court and bought some hai nan chicken rice back to the hotel. After we rested for a while in the hotel, we went to swim in the swimming pool at the hotel with my dad and my sister. I swum for a while and played in the water for a while. Afterwards we came back to the hotel and ate some Hai nan chicken rice. For dinner, we ate seafood with our friends. Then we walked back to the hotel. On the way we bought some ice-cream. I had some chocolate ice-cream.


On the fourth day, I woke up immensely excited, as we were going to place called ‘I fly’ in sentosa. It was a wind tunnel where a gigantic fan blows you up into the air, creating a feel of skydiving or flying. As soon as we arrived, we went to the registration. Then we listened to the instructions. The instructors taught us several different hand signals to communicate with them during the flight, since the wind would be too loud for us to hear each other speak. Then the instructors taught us what to do doing the flight and what positions were we supposed to be. Then we changed onto flight clothing and put on earplugs and helmets. Afterwards, we started our flight experience. Each of us got to try twice. The first time we didn’t go too high and I just floated around. However, on the second time we flew high up a few stories into the air. I was a little scared. Next, we went to skyline luge. We rode a gondola up a hill and rode luges down. We each drove our own luge. Luges were like small, simple cars. To brake we had to pull the handle completely back, and we had to pull the handle slightly back to drive. There were different trails to pick. However, it took a lot of strength to constantly hold back to handle. My sister was very slow because she didn’t have the strength to pull the handle back. After riding the skyline luge twice, it started to rain, so we went to Mc Donald to eat lunch. After lunch my sister and my mother went back to the hotel, while my dad, my friends and I went to play on the Mega zip. It was long zipwire that was a minute long. However, we decided not to participate in that activity and chose to play mega bounce instead. Mega bounce was a trampoline with too ropes to pull you higher when you jumped. At last we rode a taxi home. After we went back to the hotel, we went swimming and played some games. We played underwater rock paper scissors and performed some tricks. We ate dinner with our friends and rode the MRT home. Along the way we chatted with our friends.


On the fifth day we got ready to leave. In the morning, we packed our stuff. Then we went to the Fullerton hotel and learnt some history and ate lunch. After lunch we went to the future world where we saw art and science in one. Then we went back tot he hotel to shower and eat. At last we went to the airport and went home. On the airplane, I watched one movie : the power rangers. I also vomited once on the plane. Once we arrived at the airport, we rode the taxi home.

Math Summative Reflection

I made four mistakes in my unit test. The first mistake stemmed from the cause of not knowing how to solve the problem. I made another calculation mistake on a problem that was related to the addition and subtraction of decimals. I also made a careless mistake by forgetting to put in the answer on the test paper even though I had already calculated  it. Lastly, I got the answer wrong for one problem, but I don’t think it was entirely my fault because the instructions weren’t clear. The question only mentioned to divide 7 by 9 without specifying to round up. The answer was indivisible which was infinity sevens ( what I put for the answer was 0.777…).  However, we were actually supposed to round it up to make 0.778. That’s why I think that question really wasn’t my mistake. To conclude, I think I did Okay, although I could have done better. I should study more and pay more attention in class so that I will know everything, won’t get careless mistakes and won’t make calculation errors.