How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth?

Through Service as Action, I have identified my own weakness and strength. By receiving feedback from others, I discovered that one of my strengths was open to communication. While not only trying to involve in a conversation with officers in the church, I tried to listen to others instead of just contributing my own opinion. Communication skills were rather important in the process of contacting with strangers as they determined my first impression through how I acted in the first conversation. On the other hand, one of my weaknesses is careless. Throughout the service as action project, I seldom forgot to keep my promise of helping out in the church which caused inconvenience. After a while, I was able to adapt to the schedule and was able to learn from my mistakes.

How did you undertake challenges that developed new skills?

One of the risk-taking actions I have done was to start a conversation with strangers. Before actually doing the action, I had to first contact the officers in the church. As an introvert, I have been quite shy when come to talking to strangers which makes the action even more difficult for me.

How did you discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities?

In order to get started with doing community service, I need to take the initiative to contact organizations for volunteering work. I have been actively joining different clubs in school, such as the Reading Tree, Orbis, the Respect Club. The above clubs are all associated with organizations that help the people that are in need in society. We have been organizing different events in the school community in order to raise funds or raise awareness for the group. As a member of the Communication and Social Media section of the reading tree, I am in charge of the social media accounts of the club, helping with the online promotion of the club.

How did you persevere in action?
In order to commit to community services, it is expected that I would need to sacrifice some of my free time. As I have been helping with the meal distribution in church on special occasions, I had to spend time during holidays (Christmas) to help with the volunteering. My persevering can also be shown by attending club meetings regularly. I have dedicated Monday and Tuesday’s lunchtime to the clubs mentioned above. Throughout grade 10, I am to consistently go to club meetings and join community service. In the following summer break, I am planning to help with a summer camp program for grade 6 – 8 students.

How did you work collaboratively with others?

It is impossible to finish all of the voluntary work all by myself as it is a teamwork. I am able to have sufficient conversations with the other volunteers to increase our efficiency in distributing the meals. Throughout the service, I have been consistently communicating and collaborate ideas with the other workers. In the club meetings, I always contribute my thoughts on how to improve and discuss with the other members. As we always have to hold events, it is extremely essential to have good communications within the club in order to succeed.

How did you develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism, and intercultural understanding?

As I am volunteering in a church in HK, I have to communicate with the elderlies and workers in Cantonese. This is not a challenging task for me as my first language is Cantonese, and I am able to switch between the English and Cantonese freely to communicate my thoughts. While distributing meals to the elderly, I am able to talk to them about the problems that they are currently facing. By interviewing them face to face, it makes me understand more about the situation of solitary elderlies.

How did you consider the ethical implications of your actions?

By taking the initiative to involve in different community services, I hope to inspire others to take actions in help bringing positive social changes. I considered my actions as an inspiration for others to have a change of attitude towards community service.


Proves of Service As Action From Grade 9 -10

Photo with other volunteers (church meal distribution)

Summer Volunteering

Sponsored child