Design – 360º Video

The video above is my work for the Design assessment. We were to use Adobe Illustrator to create a logo, and use Ricoh Theta SC to film a 360º video, and use Adobe Premiere Pro to combine the logo and the 360º video together. After that, we would post it on YouTube and reflect on it on our iFolio, or here.

To view my reflection on my logo, go to this link.

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Unitè 1 Parles-vous français

How can I use my knowledge of English to learn French?

  • Some English words are similar or the same as some French words
  • French and English uses the same alphabet
  • Some French words sound similar or the same as some English words
    • It would be easy to guess some French words

I can introduce myself by sharing the following information.

  • My name – J’mapple …
  • My age – Jai … ans
  • My birthday – C’est le (date) (month)
  • My emotions (How are you?) – Ça va …
  • Location of my house – J’habite à …
  • My nationality – Je suis …
  • What I like – J’aime … (I like…) / J’adore … (I adore)
  • What languages I speak – Je parle …
  • My favourite colour – C’est le …
  • My pets – J’ai un …

How are languages linked to one another?

Some language are based on other languages, such as Greek and Latin.

Ukulele – Imagine by John Lennon

Below is my Ukulele assignment playing Imagine.

How is recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?

I chose to play Imagine because I like how it the song, its genre and flavour and as it is repeating a few parts , so it is easy to copy and paste. I chose to play the melody on the ukulele and played the base with an e-instrument. At first, I tried to do the strumming using the ukulele, but I found out that it didn’t fit, so I had to changed it to the melody, which I had completely missed out. I did not ask for assistance and did not quite understand that there could be strumming, base, and had to have singing, melody, which resulted in turning in the assignment late.

How did your music classes prepare you for this assignment?

In the music classes, I learnt how to use GarageBand. I learnt to turn off the metronome when exporting the song or else will have the metronome in the file. I also learnt how to use musical typing to create e-instruments, record, and add an e-drummer. During the music class, I did not manage my time well, which also contributed to me failure to turn in my assignment on time. I tried to perfect my musical typing for the e-instrument, but I realised my mistake too late and, despite my rushed afterwards, I was still late.

Class Band – Which Instrument will You Choose

Friday’s music class was not exactly my favourite. My class was told that we would be doing 2 units during grade 7 music – a class band, the first unit, and also the ukulele. In case you did not know, the only instruments I was taught how to play was the recorder and also an instrument I am really bad at – the ukulele. And, not too surprisingly, neither the recorder or the uke were included in the list of instruments for the band. Only the saxophone, tuba, euphonium, trumpet, flute, and the clarinet could be chosen.

After much consideration, I decided to choose the clarinet as my band instrument, which I will explain now. Then, I want to give you an introduction to the clarinet.

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20 – 25 May Weekly Post

With only 2 more weeks until the end of school, all of my classmates were excited. Although it was close to the end of the school year, everyone was busy.

In literacy, since we were studying poetry, we were to write 2 poems over the week, each one about a different topic. We used 3 skills – writing, speaking, and presenting skills since we had to write out our poems and present it to the whole class. We also looked into the different literary devices by categorizing the parts of a poem into the different literary devices.

In UOI, we are now in the unit How We Express Ourselves. We are inquiring into art forms, and were assigned to make an art that we liked and had not done before. I chose a slightly hard topic, especially that we did not have much time. I had always been interested in the topic, but I had not been able to try it – architecture. I decided to experiment with a few architecture forms, but could make a model of only one of the styles in the end due to the lack of time.

13 – 19 April

This week was extremely crazy. Our schedule collapsed, to give us more time to work on the PYP Exhibition.

My group worked on our moss terrarium and it’s decoration for our action in the PYP Exhibition. I know that moss does not relate to air pollution, the issue my group is working on, but you will soon find the connection after I explained. Moss, like all plants, can reduce air pollution. Plants photosynthesize, which uses the CO2 in the air.To make the terrarium, we had to put in pebbles in a container, then put some sphagnum moss, afterwards, put in some soil, and finally, put in some “live moss”. For our decoration, we decided to 3D print some figures for our terrarium.