Class Band – Which Instrument will You Choose

Friday’s music class was not exactly my favourite. My class was told that we would be doing 2 units during grade 7 music – a class band, the first unit, and also the ukulele. In case you did not know, the only instruments I was taught how to play was the recorder and also an instrument I am really bad at – the ukulele. And, not too surprisingly, neither the recorder or the uke were included in the list of instruments for the band. Only the saxophone, tuba, euphonium, trumpet, flute, and the clarinet could be chosen.

After much consideration, I decided to choose the clarinet as my band instrument, which I will explain now. Then, I want to give you an introduction to the clarinet.

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20 – 25 May Weekly Post

With only 2 more weeks until the end of school, all of my classmates were excited. Although it was close to the end of the school year, everyone was busy.

In literacy, since we were studying poetry, we were to write 2 poems over the week, each one about a different topic. We used 3 skills – writing, speaking, and presenting skills since we had to write out our poems and present it to the whole class. We also looked into the different literary devices by categorizing the parts of a poem into the different literary devices.

In UOI, we are now in the unit How We Express Ourselves. We are inquiring into art forms, and were assigned to make an art that we liked and had not done before. I chose a slightly hard topic, especially that we did not have much time. I had always been interested in the topic, but I had not been able to try it – architecture. I decided to experiment with a few architecture forms, but could make a model of only one of the styles in the end due to the lack of time.

13 – 19 April

This week was extremely crazy. Our schedule collapsed, to give us more time to work on the PYP Exhibition.

My group worked on our moss terrarium and it’s decoration for our action in the PYP Exhibition. I know that moss does not relate to air pollution, the issue my group is working on, but you will soon find the connection after I explained. Moss, like all plants, can reduce air pollution. Plants photosynthesize, which uses the CO2 in the air.To make the terrarium, we had to put in pebbles in a container, then put some sphagnum moss, afterwards, put in some soil, and finally, put in some “live moss”. For our decoration, we decided to 3D print some figures for our terrarium.

6 May – 11 May Weekly Post (Or at least it should be)

This week, we started a new unit in UOI – How We Express Ourselves. This unit is about using an art form to express ourselves, so we learnt about art.

After learning about the principles of design, we were set an assignment to find pictures that represent the principles of design from a magazine. We analyzed all the pictures to see if it is related to the principles, and used our fine motor skills to cut out the pictures from the magazine.

We also studied, for UOI, how pictures make you feel, and why it makes you feel like that. We also used our analysing skills and also used our thinking skills. This also requires being self-aware.

On Tuesday, hosted by poet Blair Reeve, we had a poetry slam in the Library Pit. 15 brave students came up and recited their poems.

Weekly Post March 4 – 9

This week, every 6 grader was busy. The PYP Exhibition had started for 2 weeks, and now, we had already in Exhibition groups, finished the Central Agreement, written down questions, and are ready to research!

We also finished a unit in Maths – Geometry, and are about to work on data management. We also finished Coding. I had much fun creating the game. It is very disappointing that we missed a presentation from a representative of Kids 4 Kids, an NGO who works on quality education. It was about taking action, which would be a great help to me, since I still barely had much idea on what action to take.

I also participated in the Exhibition logo contest.

I am very excited about the Exhibition.

3D Printing & Laser Cutting

Today, Mr Larson, a teacher from the IT Department did a presentation on 3D printing and laser cutting. We had to answer 2 questions: “How 3D printing affected the world?” and “How laser cutting affected the world?”

3D printing makes life much easier. It makes building buildings much easier. You can simply design a house and upload the design to the printers. It also helps people with disabilities, for example, you can make prosthetic arms for people missing arms. It would also encourage people to become entrepreneurs, for we can design 3D models and sell it to others or simply sell printed objects.

As for laser cutting, it would make it easier and cheaper when cutting things such as glass, metal or wood. It also makes the cuttings more accurate and less dangerous, for there is usually a case around the machine. However, the laser cutter releases toxic fumes but using an air filter changes that.

Sports Day

On Tuesday, 23 January is Sports Day! Me, as a Grade 6 student, had to do the running first. I ran in the 4hundreds. When the whistle blew, I started running, I passed more and more people. In the last 50 meters, I ran faster and faster until I was around the fifth as I passed the finish line. Although I only ran about fifth in my group, I was still happy with my result.

After running, we started playing other games, for example, “Capture the Flag”, long jump, and throwing.

I had lots of fun, although I learnt about “practice makes perfect”. I should really prepare for sports day next time.

Borax Crystals

My Crystals

During 15th & 16th, my class worked on a science experiment-making crystals!

In the whole experiment, we used Borax, a glass jar, a pipe cleaner, hot water, and two popsicle sticks. First, we scooped 2 tablespoons of Borax into a glass jar, then poured in hot water. Then, we stirred the mixture with a popsicle stick. After that, we had to attach a pipe cleaner onto a popsicle stick. Put it in the glass jar. Make sure the pipe cleaner does not touch the bottom of the jar. Then wait…

After almost 24 hours, we examined our jar. Mine had lots of crystals. They were small in size. My crystals were mostly on the side of the jar instead of on the pipe cleaner. One of my friends did not get many crystals, but the crystals were very large. I am wondering why this happens. Could it be the size of the jar, or is it because of the amount of Borax and water you got, or how well you mix the Borax and water.

In a week, we will do this experiment again, but we have to change one variable to observe the difference.

Yesterday, 29 January, we had a third experiment. This time I used magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) and lots of crystals formed (in the left of the picture above)! Shame I couldn’t get the pipe cleaner out. Before that, I also used table salt but added to little (2 tablespoons) so it did not saturate and crystals did not form (in the middle of the picture above).