HWEO Chinese Culture Center Beam Design

这个单元,我们做弘汉轩的横梁设计。这是我的设计。我画了阴阳和龙,因为龙代表权利。阴阳代表中庸。我用了红色,绿色,金色和蓝色因为韩国人喜欢蓝色和绿色,中国人喜欢红色和金色,因为红色代表吉利。金色代表 我也画了高贵和有钱。我也花了中国国旗的五星和韩国国旗的。

This unit, we worked on our beam design for CCC. This is my design.

I drew yin and yang pattern and dragon because dragons represent power and yin and yang represent balance. I used  red, green, gold, and blue because korean like green and blue and chinese like red and gold. Red represents luck and gold represents nobility. I also drew the Chinese flag’s five stars and the Korean’s flag’s Qian Kun.

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