Young Americans Reflection

Hey readers, grade 6 just had Young Americans last week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. They are the most enthusiastic people I ever saw in my life. They are always full of energy and so nice. On the first day, we learned the opening dance and the song. We also split into 3 groups. Our group name was Sushi. We learned the choral position that our group called the fish position. It was still the first day so I didn’t really get the dance. On the second day, we learned the celebration dance and sports dance. We had to act a bit while we were doing the sports dance because we had to act like we are in a golf game, a baseball game, and boxing game. We had to cheer. After that, we made our own song and our group wrote a song about two Lammas and a moose traveling to find fresh grown hay. Although the Lammas names were Jimmie and Timmie, our song was called “Bob”. After songwriting, we had to create our own dance. We split into very small groups. Sushi split into 4 groups. (Su girls, Su boys, Shi girls, Shi boys) Our group made a very dramatic dance and I thought it wasn’t too bad. We also learned the lion king song and on Friday, we had our performance. I was so nervous but I think we all did a great job on it.

Weekly Reflection (Week 14)

Hey, readers! Its just a week before Christmas break! This week went pretty fast so I hope next week also goes fast like this. We are doing secret Santa! I got a boy so honestly, I don’t know what to get but whatever. This week, I finally got approved with my exhibition proposal. I was supposed to be approved for my exhibition until next week but I got approved this week Friday. This Thursday we had art and we had to make something with a gigantic cupcake paper thingy. Me and Chelsea made a dining table with only tiny Christmas tree.

Weekly Reflection (Week 14)

Hey, readers! This week, we started writing out reports. My report topic was “Japanese Invasion of Korea”. This was quite challenging because I prefer writing a fictional story that I can actually make. When you are writing a report writing, you are writing a nonfictional writing so you shouldn’t have your own opinion. You can only put expert’s opinions. You also have to have a lot of information that is true.

We also had a math assessment. There were a lot of tests this week. I had 2 Chinese tests and a math assessment. Math assessment was a decimal summative test.

On Thursday, we had to create an invention at Visual Arts and we had to use a shelf and a water sprinkler. My group had me, Melanie, Bianca, and Tayne. We all had a lot of ideas but we chose to make a cupcake making machine that had a lot of shelves and a lot of sprinklers. And guess what?! Our group won the invention competition with another group who made the same thing.

We also have a dance summative next week Friday so we had to make our routines and practice. We are going to use a song called “Area”.


Grade 6 Camp Reflection

Hey, readers! I just came back from camp last week, Friday. Our camp was 4 days and 3 nights so, a night longer than grade 5 and other lower grade. We went camping on Tuesday, November 27th and came back on Friday, November 30th. The activities were very fun even though it wasn’t the best place to sleep.

On the first day, we went to do a practice jump. It wasn’t high at all. This was only for our positions. We went to the rope course and did both low and high ropes. That night, I slept in the dorm. On the second day, we also went dragon boating and it surprises me that my arms are still there on where it is supposed to be because that was very exhausting. After that, we went to do our jetty jump. We had to jump off a pier. We had to jump off a 4m pier. I was so scared and I just went down to the middle of the stairs and jumped there. We slept in the tent. On the third day, we went hiking for 6 hours. It was so exhausting. We were wearing a big bag too so, it was so tiring. I slept in the tent and I only slept for 30 minutes. The foods there were very good. I am so happy that I came back from camp.

Weekly Reflection(Week 13)

Hi, readers! I am writing the reflection for week 13. This week went really really really fast. Grade 6 has has an exhibition “PYPX”. This is a passion project. My inquiry is about mental illness. Specifically, autism. I already went on Monday and I got Ms. G. I didn’t get approved though. I had to revise my proposal. I have to het approved by December.

Today which is Friday, we had a guest speaker who is a Canadian explorer. He explores Mountain Himalaya. He know a lot about climate changes and landscapes. He said there were nomads living at Mountain Himalaya. They raise yaks and horses. He also said it was very windy at Mountain Himalaya.

Weekly Reflection

Hi, readers! This week, my class went on a field trip to a place called Oxfam. Oxfam is at North Point. At Oxfam, there are a lot of workshops you can go but, we only did 1 workshop because we didn’t have enough time. The workshop we went in was called the ‘Migrant Factory Worker Simulation’. First, when we got in there, we had to go to the group that we were told to. My group was Calum, Tayne, Bianca, and Luca. After we went to the group, we got a Worker Register that looked like a passport. The register was Wang Mei Yen’s register and she was 35 years old. We had to act like we were the workers had to act like we were riding a train to go to the city. After that, we “arrived”, we got a hair cap and a mask. We started to work. Yes, we actually worked. We had to take the nuts out from the long screw. We had to take it out one by one. We had to do the same thing for 15 minutes. The teachers told us that the real workers work for 8 hours a day doing the same thing over and over. They told us that they didn’t even know what they were doing and do what they were told. They didn’t get paid well even though they worked really hard. My salary got deducted because I didn’t take the nut out one by one. We couldn’t even talk to each other. I think the field trip was very fun and also educational. I learned a lot of things from the field trip.

On Friday, we had a HOUSE SPIRIT DAY!!!!!!!!!! I am a raven. I liked the song we learned but, honestly, I don’t remember the lyrics. I also liked making the murals. I also liked the tug o war and the face painting/tattoos. I liked everything on that day. We lost the tug o war because Raven has too little people. We have the least amount of people! BUT, I still think it was fun.

Weekly Reflection (Week 11)

Hello, readers! Christmas break is coming soon! This week went really quick and we are learning about economics and it is quite harder and more confusing then I thought. There are a lot of new vocabularies and it is kind of hard to understand. I wonder how my dad knows all of these. My dad’s job is to do something about economic so, I can ask him when I don’t understand something.

Today, we had “Remembrance Day” and we had an assembly on the first period and since I am Korean before I came to CDNIS, my school didn’t do any assembly. I didn’t really know about it but, know I understand and I am very thankful to the brave soldiers who sacrificed themselves for their country so, we can live in peace. I didn’t really know why we wear the poppies before but, the poem that the students read, really helped me understand why we wear the poppies. I learned that poppies were very meaningful. Emily who played the flute while the choir was singing made me wonder if I will be able to be good as her later. I also learn the flute with my sister and my friend. We are all in beginning band so, we just began playing flute so, we are not that good yet. I am still not comfortable at making sounds. My goal is to practice it at least 30 minutes on Saturday and Sunday because I don’t have time to practice on weekdays and I have plenty of times to practice on Saturday and Sunday. I really want to improve on playing flute and I want to be able to play “Jingle Bell” on Christmas for my family. I hope I can achieve my goal.


Hi, I am Ashlyn. On Monday we started a new unit and the transdisciplinary theme is “Where We Are In Place And Time”. Our new unit is about the economy and economic historian. I learned some new vocabularies that are related to the economy.

On Tuesday, we had dance class and we learned how to lift without using a lot of strength. We just had to use some balance to lift a person. 

On Wednesday, we had performing art and we learned how to play “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” with our Ukelele, we are learning how to chuck.

On Thursday, we had visual arts and we finished our indigenous art.

On Friday, we dress up in our Halloween costumes!


Hi, readers!!! As you guys know (or not), I am Ashlyn and I am writing my reflection again because I have to write it every week. Today, this reflection will not be my weekly reflection but, it will be my goal setting reflection. We set some yearly goals for the week so, it is kinda like a weekly reflection but, it is teeny weeny beeny bit different so, yah.

For my first goal, I will improve on my time measurement skill. I think my home learning time measurement skill is ok because I already made a doc for my home learning schedule. I want my time measurement to improve because I am not really good at it. Sometimes, I have to rush at the last minute. When I am working it seems My steps to achieve this goal is being on task. If I am on task, I thought I could be able to finish my work quicker unless it is like a terribly hard one. I also thought that if I make my decision on what to do for my writing or my project a bit faster, that would help enormously. For me and my group’s last PYP exhibition, we spend 2 days choosing what to do for our scientific experiment. It wasn’t only my fault but, I had 2 more friends who were my group members who also had the same problem as me. The third thought of mine is kinda like Plan B or something like that. If  I still don’t make progress on my time measurement skill, I will ask my friend who is sitting next to me to remind me to be on task or be quick in making a decision if I am not on task or not making the decision quickly. I will know I have achieved my goals when I finished my project or my home learning before the deadline without rushing.

For my second goal, I want to improve on not caring what other people think about me. I want to improve on not caring what other people think about me because I am usually worried about other peoples’ opinion and take a long time on doing things. I am also not confident when I am sharing things because I am worried that the audience is going to think I am weird or dumb. To improve on this, I think I could look in the mirror and praise me every day and then I would feel confident. I will also practice speaking out loud by looking in the mirror. I could also show my work to my mom so, she could correct mine and I would feel more confident because I know it is good. I will know that I have achieved my goal by my feeling when I am sharing or doing a project. 

For my third goal, I want to improve on vocabularies. I want to improve on vocabularies because I don’t use any cool vocabularies when I am writing and I don’t know a lot of vocabularies. The steps I will do to achieve my goals are quite simple. The first idea is searching the meaning when I find a word I don’t know. The second is that I could add the meaning to the personal glossary and remember the meaning. The third and the last idea is that I could search for other words that have the same meaning with the word I am trying to write. I will know that I have achieved my goal when I get my glossary full with new words. I will also know when it seems like I am using a lot of vocabularies in the writing. 

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