Weekly Reflection (Week 3)

Hi, readers! This week went super quick! (Seriously quickly) because it was so fun!

On Monday, we had Library and we made a mind map about “Reading”, duh. I mean, what else could it be? It is library time. Me and the small group that had 3 people including me, wrote down that we read for entertainment, learning idioms and new vocabularies, and relaxing. We also had Chinese and then our Chinese teacher gave us such a “great” news and the news was about the oral presentation we are going to have on Friday!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

On Tuesday,  we went to the 12-floor lab for our U.O.I and guess what?! When we entered the room, I smelled something that I can only smell at heaven. It was so sweet and caramelly. It was almond brittle! Mr. Brodie, our homeroom teacher was cooking it! We had to observe it using 5 ways: Smelling, Tasting, Hearing, Feeling, Looking. After doing it, we got to eat it, FINALLY!!!

On Wednesday, we had Chinese and learned about Wang Mian.


Ashlyn’s Weekly Reflection(2nd Week)

Hi, everyone. I am Ashlyn and as you know I am in Grade 6 now. I am here to reflect my week. BTW, this is the second week of school and I feel like I did so many things in 1 week. So, anyways on Monday, we had a library time and Ms. Williams read us a story named, “The Backpack story” and this book is about the history of backpacks. This book is kind of related to our unit because our unit is about exploration and discovering new things.

On Tuesday, we had P.E aka Physical Education and we learned how to play badminton. We also took a test because our P.E teacher wanted to know our knowledge about badminton before we start learning it. I don’t know about badminton because I never played it so, my score was terrible but, it is okay because this doesn’t go on your report card and it was just a knowledge checking test. We also started making our classroom agreements too. We got into groups and made some ideas and then we combined the ideas and made the agreement.

On Wednesday, we had P. A aka Performing Arts and we learned how to play Ukelele which was kind of challenging because your finger gets tingly and sometimes you get some blisters on your fingers.

On Thursday, we had V.A aka Visual Arts and we learned letterings. It was very fun because you could write such a pretty font with a popsicle stick.Image result for question mark gif I know, right? It was so cool! After practicing some letters, we practiced writing our names too.

On Friday, which is today we are doing some personal tasks right now. I think this is why I like Grade 6. We get to have more individual works and responsibility than last year. We can arrange times and get to choose what task we want to do. That was the good news and this is the bad news. Mr. Brodie, my teacher caught us talking when he was talking and he told us that we had to be able to choose a helpful seat where we will not get distracted. I will try not to be too talkative next week and make better choices.

Cool inventions and TURTLE SHIP


Dear readers,

Hi everyone, my name is Ashlyn and I am in 5A. My homeroom teacher is Mr.Adams. I am here to tell you about my favorite invention. It is a Korean invention and it is super duper cool(for me) and I love it. Now, let me begin our great story!!!

During our U.O.I time, we learned and researched a lot of the inventions that were made in the past. I don’t know if you ever heard it but, the invention I’m interested in is the amazing “Turtle Ship”. (??) It kind of sounds funny but the name has a reason why it is called the turtle ship. Actually, in Korean, you call it “Geobukseon” which means the Turtle ship in Korean. The reason why it is called the Geobukseon is……

that you have to wait a bit. If you want to know keep reading.

Now, I will tell you why it is called the turtle ship. It is called like that because the body of the ship looks like a turtle! (interesting) I hope you didn’t think that the turtle ship is like a cruise ship. NOPE!!! It is absolutely NOT a cruise ship. It is a warship! A Korean admiral named Yi Sun Shin made it for the Battle of Myeongnyang which was against Japan. This is like when the famous victory of Korea occurred because he destroyed 31 ships out of 133 ships with only 12 ships. He also didn’t lose any of his ships too. Great, right?

Do you want to know how the turtle ship looks like? You can imagine it in your head first while I describe it and I will show you the image after I am finished explaining but, explaining is first! The turtle is made out of wood and iron. It has a lot of iron spikes on the top for discouraging the enemies to climb on it. It also has some holes for deflecting arrows and a dragon-shaped head that shoots flames and cannons out of it.

Now, I will show you the image of the turtle ship! But, sadly I can only show you the image of it in the museum so, please don’t mind if it is a bit hard to see every detail.

Image result for turtle ship


What do ya think about this? Doesn’t it look marvelous? I hope you liked it. Thank you for reading my blog. Thanks and bye~

🍰🎂The 5 ingredients to bake a delicious classroom!🍰🎂

🍰🎂The 5 ingredients to bake a delicious classroom

Dear readers,

Hi, My name is Ashlyn and I am a student at 5A. My teacher is supposed to be Ms. Uhlir but, we have a sub who is Mr.Adams. He is a wonderful teacher and he is the one who gave us this homework about writing our responsibility as a 5A student.

I think our responsibility is to add the ingredients and bake it to make a good classroom! On April 30, Mr. Adams told us to do this Do-Now called ‘Write the 5 ingredients to make a good classroom’ and I was a bit confused but, I thought if we follow the attitudes and attributes, we could make a perfect class! So, I wrote communicating, cooperating, being polite, having empathy and having enthusiasm and I think my responsibility is to try it out! So, my answer is…


I hope you also try to make your classroom cake by planning the ingredients on your own and bake it! Be a responsible student! Thank you!

Image result for baking cake]

Related image

HWOO Unit Reflection

Hi, my name is Ashlyn and I will talk about my unit.(this is about Chinese)

第三单元 HWOO Unit Reflection


Central Idea:

个() 人(rén) 的(de) 需() 要(yào) 和() 社(shè) 区() 有(yǒu) 联(lián) 系()。

Individual needs are connected to the community.  


Lines of Inquiry:


  •  社(shè)区(qū)里(lǐ)有(yǒu)哪(nǎ)些(xiē)组(zǔ)织(zhī)?





  • 社(shè)区(qū)里(lǐ)的(de)组(zǔ)织(zhī)和(hé)个(gè)人(rén)的(de)需(xū)要(yào)有(yǒu)哪(nǎ)些(xiē)联(lián)系(xì)?




Reflection of Learning:

I think I am a learner because I can call myself a risk-taker because I risk myself to share as many ideas as I can. I also think I am principled because I follow the teacher and I don’t get off task or game during class. I am also reflective because I try not to make the same mistakes I made before and I try to learn from my mistakes.

This is all for now. Thank you for reading!😃😃😃

Ashlyn’s STP( Sharing The Planet) Unit Reflection

Hello, my name is Ashlyn and this is my Q & A questions for our unit.
Q: 1. 你有什么权利(rights)?
2. 为什么说环境(circumstance)决定权利?
3. 你觉得(think)行动(action)可以改变(change) 什么?
A: 1。 我有吃东西的权利。我也有穿衣服和上学的权利。

2。 因为如果你出生在非洲这样的国家,你就是穷人。
3。 行动可以使你改善或成功的东西。 它也可以使你失败或失去一些东西,所以你不可以买水和买东西吃。

My reflection for my Twopresents Activity

My reflection for the TwoPresents Product



Hi, my name is Ashlyn and I am grade 5 student. Today, I would like to talk about my Twopresents products that I and my group made. BUT, first of all, let me explain what is the twopresent and what charity I chose to work on.

Twopresents are a Hong Kong based social enterprise. It was founded by Mia, Mike, Karola, and Shirin. They are all parents who are keen to teach their kids how to live greener and more responsible lives. In their website(you can visit if you want), they have had a lot of charities they work on. From those charities, I chose a charity named “clean air”.  Clean Air’s mission is to change Hong Kong to a place with clean air. We worked in a group together and in my group, there were 3 people(Chelsea, Maddy, Me). I was the leader of the group. Also, there was the quality control, tech guru, research development, and communicator. We only had 3 people so, we had 2 jobs. We had to do a lot of things. We were the one who did the most work in grade 5. We made a lot of things. Let me show you the products we made. We made coloring sheet, Colouring sheet+math word problem, math word problem, and easy activity game.

As a leader, I tried to be open-minded so, we don’t have any arguments or disappointment. I listened the members in my group. The members were all very kind, smart, and creative that it was very easy and fun to make the products. We also thought a lot about the children who are getting our products we made and playing with it. I also kind of pretended that I was the children and try to make the products that they would like to get as children. The lady from Twopresents also helped us and suggested something so, the advice she gave us was also very helpful because it became neater when we listened to her and fixed it. From this activity I’ve learnt that when we work on group, we need to be open-minded and kind to each other because we fought a little bit during our work so, we kind of wasted our time and couldn’t finish it that I had to be awake until 11 o’clock to finish it at my home. This was a very meaningful and helpful activity and I hope we could do this again. Also, I hope the children like our group’s product.


Reflection of My HWEO Chinese Summative Assessment

Hi, my name is Ashlyn. We did the Summative Assessment. We make a had to make a story using the Chinese vocabulary. If you want to see the video of it, here is the link to. (it is hilarious)

I think we didn’t really do a good job on this and I am afraid that I will not get a good score on this. I didn’t really make an eye contact and I didn’t really memorize our script so, others couldn’t understand and follow our story. It didn’t make sense and even that day was the SA day, we didn’t even finish fixing the script so, we couldn’t  practice our script. Next time, I will try to practice and be brave and memorize the story. Thank you~

Reflection of my field trip to Asbury Center

Asbury Centre Reflection



Hi, my name is Ashlyn. I went to Asbury Centre for field trip on November 24th, Friday. It was such an experience for me. It was very memorable. Before I go to the field trip, I knew that we were going to buy some foods to the people who lived at low income housing and I knew that their house will be really small because we learned that their house is really tiny at U.O.I time at school.

First, we rode the bus for 30 minutes giggling and having a terrible car sick. (almost vomited all over my friend) Once we arrived, we sat there and ate snack while listening to the information about the low income housing there. It was unbelievable because they told us that the people living at the low income housing had such a small place. Some of them had to live at a place small as your room. Their whole house was big as your room! Also, a guest speaker who actually lived at one of the low income housing to teach us how does it feel like when you live there. He gave us an interesting presentation with the photograph of the place he actually lived. It looked like a nice modern house but, it was only the size of our room and he also had to put a office there so, he didn’t have much room to live. The Asbury Center’s mission is to help people who lives at low income housing. We also heard about our mission that we had to complete. We had to buy vegetables, fruits, and 2 rows of toilet paper.

We went to the wet market to buy the foods. We bought mango, bananas, choi sum, and cabbage. We did our best to buy the foods that they would like if they get it from us. It was kind of fun, too because we were shopping with our friends. As I said, it was a memorable experience.

We went to a man’s house to give him the foods we bought. He was a grandpa and was Chinese.(I don’t know how to speak cantonese so, Maddy translated for us) He lived with his wife and grandchildren. Grandchildren’s father(which is the man’s son) couldn’t manage the kids so, the man we met had to care them instead of their father. 😭 That man kindly allowed us to take a look at his house. I couldn’t believe he was living at this small place. In his wife’s room, she had one tiny little television, one bunk bed which didn’t had a rail at the top bunk. She also had a tiny little table for her grandchildren’s to do their homework. They had to use that tiny room with 3 people. They also had a cat for catching mice. They had to live with strangers and had to boil the water by themselves whenever they took a shower because they didn’t have any warm water.


I really want to go back to Asbury Center and help the people who lives at the low income housing again. It was a great and thoughtful experience for me and I wish the people who lives there will be able to afford the rent from now.

Thank You.


What I Felt After Camp


Hi! My name is Ashlyn and I am from 5A. On October 11~13, I went camping. My camp group name was “Evil Snickerdoodle”. The camp was an extraordinary thing for me because it was the first time I went camping. We did a lot of fun activities with our camp counselors and our group mates.

Before I went camping, I always thought that kayaking will be the most exciting activity during camp because I knew that kayaking was paddling by myself and riding my own boat. I also knew that the boat is thin and long which looks like a banana and it wobbles a lot while you ride it.

After kayaking, I was surprised because it was more fun than I thought.  It was a very boisterous activity and challenging at the same time. It kind of scared me when some of my friends’ kayak flipped over and they fell to the water. Also, the thing I disliked about it was that while I paddle, the sea water came inside my boat and the cuts on my leg stung a lot.

If I can grade myself and the maximum point is 10, I will give myself 8. I will give myself 8 because at the last my camp counselor had to drag me all the way back to the pier because I lost my control and went too far away. At that time, I was kind of embarrassed and scared.

I think I did a good job but, if I can improve something, I want to be sure of how to paddle because I was bad at going forward. I kept turning round and round until my teacher got me.