Welcome To Ashlyn’s Blog, Everyone!

Hi! My name is Ashlyn. Welcome to my blog! I am in Grade 6 of the Canadian International School of Hong Kong and I am in 6D. My homeroom teacher is Mr. Brodie.

I love burgers!

Weekly Reflection (Week 22)

Hey, readers! IT IS ALREADY WEEK 22!!! AND THIS WEEK WENT TERRIBLY FAST!!! I really focused on my explanatory writing about energy and my exhibition research. This week, I interviewed Ms Ross on Thursday because she said that she worked on autism for her master degrees. I got a whole¬†lot of information! But I am struggling with my explanatory writing though because I don’t get the energy thingy. I think science is just not my thing. I JUST DON’T GET ITTTT. ūüôĀ I hope I will eventually be able to understand it. I will summarize with 2 stars and 1 wish.

Star 1: I got a lot of information from the interview.

Star 2: I concentrated when I was researching for my explanatory writing.

Wish: I wish I could work harder writing the explanatory writing because I was very confused and bored.

And wait! One more thing that I forgot to write was that we started learning soccer for P.E(Physical education) and I don’t know how to play soccer. I keep missing the ball. Whenever I try to kick the ball, the ball always runs away!! I hope I could get better. Wish me luck! Byeee!

Weekly Reflection (Week 21)

Hey readers! It is already¬†week 21 and Easter break is coming soon! This week we started a new unit called “HWOO” aka How We Organize Ourselves. We are learning about energy. Our central idea is “Systems that requires energy is created¬†to respond to human demands.’ and our transdisciplinary theme is “An inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made¬†system and communities.” We were supposed to choose 3 questions that we wanted to learn about and mine was: 1. How does a wind turbine function? 2. How does a battery function? 3. What are the different forms of energy?

At P.A, we had to make digital music. We had some options: just making new music (Without lyrics) and making a mashup/remix. Me and my friend, Chelsea chose to make a mashup and we are mashing up Mad hatter by Melanie Martinez and Problem by Ariana Grande. This drives me really CRAY CRAY because I think it goes really well together but it is so hard to match the timing. But we will still try!

I will conclude by 2 stars and a wish.

Star 1: My process journal is neat and well organized.

Star 2: I didn’t give up with my PA thingy.

Wish: I think I could do my home learning more quickly!

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Exhibition Focus Week Reflection

Hey readers! Last week was our exhibition focus week and we were supposed to focus on our Exhibition. We went to the upper school’s personal project on Friday and we had to choose the booth we were going to and we had to ask questions to them. Anyways, my 2 stars and my wish is:

Star: I researched and I got lots of information.

Star: I sent my email to Ms. Ross and got a reply.

Wish: I think I could have used my time more efficiently and finish all my tasks on time.

STP(Sharing the planet) Reflection

Hey readers! This is Ashlyn. This week we finished our sharing our planet and we are going back to our Who We Are so we could really focus on our exhibition because the exhibition is on May 2nd and 3rd. We don’t have much time so we really have to focus. So for our Summative¬†Assessment, we had to do a speech about an issue we are passionate about and I chose Global Warming. We also had to make a google slide with 5 slides without any words and present it to a small group. I¬†think I wasn’t perfect in that video but I think I did quite a good job, I guess. Personally,¬†I think I did a good job on choosing the images for my slide because I¬†put an image of a polar bear with a sad face on standing on the small tiny piece of ice and the audience was like “Aww…¬†Look at that sad face! I feel so bad!” which is a good thing because it¬†means I made the audience have empathy. I also put some statistics in there so I could tell them how serious Global warming is. Next time, I think I could do better when I¬†said it stronger and with more hand gestures. I think I¬†could also have lowered the cue cards so I looked more confident and passionate. The video below is an iMovie I made that shows me presenting.


Probability Relfection

Hey there! Recently at math class, we learned about probability. Firstly, we learned what probability is by playing games with Mr.Brodie and figuring if it was a fair game or not. A probability is a chance of something happening and it can be shown by words like likely, unlikely, and certain. I felt very confident with that because I learned it before and it was easy to understand because it was demonstrated by playing games. I think that is a very good idea because we can also enjoy it while we are learning.

After that, we learned about theoretical probability and the experimental probability. I found that a bit challenging because I didn’t really know what it was at first but we played other games to understand what they are. Theoretical probability is a theory behind the probability and also a probability¬†written without experiments. Experimental probability is a probability¬†written based on the experiment.

Weekly Reflection 17

Hey there, this is Ashlyn. This week I learned that there are no age rates for being an activist and that if we are passionate to do something, we should never give up no matter how hard and tough it will be. This week Monday, a guest speaker called Jordan came to talk to us at the library pit. He is an activist and he¬†takes action for the refugees from South Asia¬†like Sudan. He was 18 years old when he first tried to help them and he was trying to contact different charities and asked them if he could join. He asked about 25 charities but they all said that he was too young to join their charity. But there was one man who said they don’t need special skills to inspire people and take action. So Jordan joined him and he went to South Sudan’s¬†refugee camp and there were so many refugees that they needed more caravans. It took him 5 hours to bike the whole camp and he told us that there was a ripple effect. Students from 2 schools fundraised 12000 dollars in total (6000 each because one caravan is 6000). I think it is great how he can inspire people to take action. I can never imagine myself doing that but I hope I could inspire other students in our school and raise awareness on autism when I am sharing my PYPX.

Young Americans Reflection

Hey readers, grade 6 just had Young Americans last week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. They are the most enthusiastic people I ever saw in my life. They are always full of energy and so nice. On the first day, we learned the opening dance and the song. We also split into 3 groups. Our group name was Sushi. We learned the choral position that our group called the fish position. It was still the first day so I didn’t really get the dance. On the second day, we learned the celebration dance and sports dance. We had to act a bit while we were doing the sports dance because we had to act like we are in a golf game, a baseball game, and boxing game. We had to cheer. After that, we made our own song and our group wrote a song about two Lammas and a moose traveling to find fresh grown hay. Although the Lammas names were Jimmie and Timmie, our song was called “Bob”. After songwriting, we had to create our own dance. We split into very small groups. Sushi split into 4 groups. (Su girls, Su boys, Shi girls, Shi boys) Our group made a very dramatic dance and I thought it wasn’t too bad. We also learned the lion king song and on Friday, we had our performance. I was so nervous but I think we all did a great job on it.

Dance Reflection

Hey, readers! My class 6D just did our dance performance at the dance. Here is the rubric. This was very fun but also quite challenging what I found the most challenging was doing the lifts because we were getting really scared. But I think my group and I did a good job.  Click here to see my dance video!


Weekly Reflection (Week 14)

Hey, readers! Its just a week before Christmas break! This week went pretty fast so I hope next week also goes fast like this. We are doing secret Santa! I got a boy so honestly, I don’t know what to get but whatever. This week, I finally got approved with my exhibition proposal. I was supposed to be approved for my exhibition until next week but I got approved this week Friday. This Thursday we had art and we had to make something with a gigantic cupcake paper thingy. Me and Chelsea made a dining table with only tiny Christmas tree.

Weekly Reflection (Week 14)

Hey, readers! This week, we started writing out reports. My report topic was “Japanese Invasion of Korea”. This was quite challenging because I prefer writing a fictional story that I can actually make. When you are writing a report writing, you are writing a nonfictional writing so you shouldn’t have your own opinion. You can only put expert’s opinions. You also have to have a lot of information that is true.

We also had a math assessment. There were a lot of tests this week. I had 2 Chinese tests and a math assessment. Math assessment was a decimal summative test.

On Thursday, we had to create an invention at Visual Arts and we had to use a shelf and a water sprinkler. My group had me, Melanie, Bianca, and Tayne. We all had a lot of ideas but we chose to make a cupcake making machine that had a lot of shelves and a lot of sprinklers. And guess what?! Our group won the invention competition with another group who made the same thing.

We also have a dance summative next week Friday so we had to make our routines and practice. We are going to use a song called “Area”.