weekly reflection 4

It’s been a whole month of grade and so far I’m having lots of fun. There’s nothing really special happened this week but still, I’m happy every day.

There’s a lot of fun activities this week, my favourite one is to use our five senses while Mr. Brodie is making almond brittle. Though the fun part is not here, it was when we were eating,  it was super sweet and tasty.

Last week we worked on the unit Who we are but now we changed our unit to How the world works, we dug deeper and deeper into our unit throughout the week. The things I learnt about the unit is the process of scientific inquiry and matter. I never heard of matter and dark matter before and now I understand them well.

Something I thought was interesting is that I actually saw the famous Stanley Cup! It was so big and precious, I didn’t expect Phil Pritchard, the cup keeper along with Alex Troughay to come to CDNIS. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to touch the Stanley Cup because I’m far away.

It’s important to be happy every day, nothing makes me sad even if I have Chinese home learning on Fridays. But I’m still happy. 🙂


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