Young Americans reflection

Last week the whole grade had three days to learn a performance that the Young Americans taught us, it was so fun every day when learning new dance moves and songs. Everything happened so fast and I really wish they can stay longer and teach us more.

I didn’t only learn to dance and sing songs, I also learnt how to not mind other people’s judgment. I learnt that from one part of a dance which you can freely dance whatever you want. I was a risk taker when practising and performing, normally I would not dance because I will feel embarrassed when I mess up something. But the Young Americans help me a lot and encouraged everyone to do their best, and I actually feel better and showed my best on the performance. Being a risk taker was one of my goals of last week for Young Americans, and I achieved the goal. Something I wish I could do better was that I should practise more so I can remember all the moves, and I won’t need to miss any parts of the dance or follow keep looking at what the Young Americans did.

Camp Reflection

This year’s camp was so fun and I didn’t want to leave last Friday. I liked it because I challenged myself to do getty jump and also I am not scared of huge mosquitos anymore. I used to hate the feeling of sitting on the grass or the floor but after camp, I just sit on the floor comfortably without being annoyed by the ants.

The getty jump was so high (for me), and I never did it before. I stood on the platform for one minute and finally, I had the courage to jump down. I wanted to skip this activity at first but everyone’s doing it and I convinced myself that it wasn’t scary at all, which obviously didn’t work. My friends and the instructor encouraged everyone to do it, so I successfully jumped down at last.

NOt Done

weekly reflection 12

This week, my group mates for trade game and I started and finished the poster. I will be sharing the piece of poster and reflect on it. I also reflected for the trade game and key concepts that I used for it. 

The poster is 10 tips for report writing, and an important tip that I already knew is that report writings always provide true facts and information. There were three goals to reach for the game, and making the best poster is one of the goals. I worked in a group for the work and everyone worked hard to make the poster the best. Since everyone has to write a report for their historical event, the poster will come in use.  I know I will use the poster to learn tips because I don’t really know what to write in each paragraph, this poster will help me with my learning in the future.

The three key concepts that are related to the trade game are form, connection and causation. For form, it’s the format of the poster and how was the pieces of information can be organized. This trade game relates and connects a lot to the unit Where We Are in Place and Time. I never experienced how traders/sellers trade things and how can they make more money out of something they bought or traded with others. But after the trade game, I learnt some tips and tricks that traders and sellers used. Like selling something from someone else for a higher price. And lastly, causation. There were lots of things that happened during the trade game and everything had a cause. The cause of the trade game is because the teacher wants us to experience what trading is like. Another cause is why I worked in a big group. The reason is that I think working in a group have way more advantages than working alone, one of the examples is my group now have a lot of resources.  And also so the poster will be more colourful and interesting since there’s like eight people each with different strengths. (Eight brains are always better than one brain) We also shared all the cubes, which means fake money for the game together so we won’t be selfish use it for ourselves only.   

I really hope I can play the game again for fun after this unit because I learnt a lot and had fun at the same time.


我今天要分享我上個月寫的作文,是關於爭吵的。我覺得這一篇作文是我從開學到現在最好的作文,因為我用了一些四字成語。還有,我的結尾很好,不像其他作文一樣。開頭也挺好的,我自己看了第一句, 也想繼續看下去。我分享這個作文不只是因為很好,而是因為我覺得


Weekly Reflection week 10

We just started a new unit Where We Are in Place and Time, so far I’ve learnt about Adam Smith the economist, and also about trading and the past events related to economic. talking about past events, I’m now researching about the stock market crash in 1987, and my task is to analyse the informations so I can make recommendations in the future.

For this reflection, I chose to reflect on one specific work I’ve done over the week, and it’s about the first opium war. That was my first time using the cornell note taking format, it was kind of confusing at first because the left column had a word called ‘ Cue’ and I didn’t get it. I actually learnt a lot just by researching about the war, one of the main ideas of the opium war is that British wanted to trade opium with China because they wanted silver for tea. A lot of Chinese people got addicted to opium and so Emperor Jiaqing made opium illegal to be traded with other countries by 1796. But people still did it illegally so he had to make opium illegal, people can’t smoke it or sell it.

I really liked how I knew much more about the opium war by taking notes in the right column, I summarized the informations I had in the bottom column


This goal setting took me so long to do, and here they are.

The first one is to be open minded and work with everyone not just my best friends, I chose this because I don’t feel comfortable with some people just yet but not only that, if I get to choose I will always go with my friends. To reach that goal, I’ll need to be comfortable to work with everyone because the teacher might assign the groups. But when I get to choose, I will choose to go with others and get used to it. I will know that I achieved my goal if I am more comfortable to work with some people than before, or maybe I’ll even know them better.

The second goal I set is I will manage my time better, like finish my works before the deadline. The reason I chose this is because I’m a lazy person and I use a lot of time to relax, I always forget about the works and left it to the last minute. I’ll need to do my work when I have time, I need to use it wisely. The bad thing is that I can only relax after I finished my work because I know I’ll forget it later.

Being a risk taker, my third and last goal. This is the most important goal because I don’t usually answer questions if I am not asked to, but then I won’t be able to learn more things. For example, the teacher talked about something that I didn’t understand at all, though I didn’t have the courage to ask because I cared about what others think. I should answer a question when no one wants to but I actually know the answer, I also should raise my hand when I have a problem or question. I know I ask questions when no one is paying attention to me or when we’re not sitting around the carpet. But still, I need to achieve it. I know I succeed when I feel like I can just raise up my hands without anyone telling me to.  

I never took this long to set three goals but I find that the ‘thinking about my goals’ document is quite useful for me to write this piece of writing.

weekly reflection 6

It’s more than a month of grade 6 year now, sometimes classes were a little boring and I even have Chinese homework on weekends. But still, most classes were fun especially for planning the experiment. By experiment I mean for the unit summative, it has to conclude an experiment writing and a way to show the experiment. I’m doing fruit loops in milk experiment with my friend/ classmate, I’m really looking forward to work on the experiment at her house.

Something positive this week was obviously working on the experiment, and also spending time with two grade elevens. We were also doing an experiment about protein and acid mixing together, and pour the mixture on a cheesecloth to separate the liquid and solid.

I don’t have many negative things that happened this week but the only one was the time management for math. We were doing math tasks and my group were reading books and solving math problems with clues. But we didn’t manage our time well because we were always talking something not related to math.

It was a nice week and I really like my improvement for organizing. I knew it would be fun.


我開學以來最喜歡的事情是在課堂上玩有關課文的遊戲。 因為一來又可以學到多點課文的知識,又可以開開心心地上中文課,不會覺得悶。我沒有什麼大目標,我只想要學好中文,沒壞處。我有一個理由,學多一個語言不好嗎?將來長大後可以用中文來跟別人溝通,要說的流利,就要認真學中文。



weekly reflection 4

It’s been a whole month of grade and so far I’m having lots of fun. There’s nothing really special happened this week but still, I’m happy every day.

There’s a lot of fun activities this week, my favourite one is to use our five senses while Mr. Brodie is making almond brittle. Though the fun part is not here, it was when we were eating,  it was super sweet and tasty.

Last week we worked on the unit Who we are but now we changed our unit to How the world works, we dug deeper and deeper into our unit throughout the week. The things I learnt about the unit is the process of scientific inquiry and matter. I never heard of matter and dark matter before and now I understand them well.

Something I thought was interesting is that I actually saw the famous Stanley Cup! It was so big and precious, I didn’t expect Phil Pritchard, the cup keeper along with Alex Troughay to come to CDNIS. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to touch the Stanley Cup because I’m far away.

It’s important to be happy every day, nothing makes me sad even if I have Chinese home learning on Fridays. But I’m still happy. 🙂


Weekly reflection 3

We have lots of own it times during this week and I spent most for passion product because it is the first time I really enjoyed doing home learning, we also get to play with our buddies and we reorganized our classroom.


I did photography with my classmate for passion product, it was really fun designing and decorating it. Although we worked together, I clearly explained who I am and why it is my passion. The other Own it times, I worked on the math patterns, though I changed my mind to doing passion product at school because I wouldn’t be able to work with my partner. So I ended up doing part of the math as home learning and finished the rest of them at school. We also had buddies this week and the whole class were doing those get to know each other activities. Now, I knew some facts about my learning buddy.


This was a great week and I’m starting to have more home learning, we swiched tables but it’s not balanced. Also, I think the classroom looked a bit unorganized and squishy, I like it better before.