My clock

In design class, I created a personalized clock with illustrator and created by the laser cutter. I choose the clear acrylic for my clock, my design is a cube that is made to fit into a modern and clean room.

I got feedback by showing them my previous outline or drawing of the clock then showed them the comparison of the final result. Then they told the positive and negatives of the clock.¬†All of my feedback was constructive feedback the most constructive feedback had to do a lot with making sure that the clock would not fall apart. The certain way that would look good and be able to change the batteries when needed. I followed how it’s supposed to look like. I changed it a bit by not putting the top or bottom on and instead of flowers I painted the face of the clock gold and white. I had to change the template since it would be too big and heavy. I could improve my clock by using the hashtag technique to glue it together to make it more stable. Next, I would add the flowers and leave the acrylic plates clear.

Here is the link to my Youtube Video:

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