Stingrays swim team

Today I will be writing about The Stingrays Swim Club,  introducing the competitive team, the strokes, and the different levels of training. The Stingrays swim team has 6 coaches. My coach is called Zento Lee, he leads the Junior Development team and is a great swim coach.


The Stingrays team is a competitive swim team. We regularly train 4-5 times a week to improve our strokes and to develop our P.B.’s (personal best). Since we’re a competitive team, we go to competitive swim meets all year. The competitions take place in many different places, in Hong Kong and around the world. Next year, if we qualify, we will go to Australia and Japan. To qualify we need to improve our strokes, our techniques and our speed. Every day we focus on different strokes. Last swim practice for example, we focused mainly on backstroke and breaststroke.


There are 4 different types of strokes we are competing in: Breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. My favorite stroke is butterfly. Butterfly is known as a very unique style and is faster than breaststroke and backstroke. You also need to be really strong with your legs. Breaststroke is one of the easiest strokes of all 4 but also the slowest and less efficient. Backstroke is the next advancement from breaststroke. It’s easier to breathe and good for long distance swimming. Freestyle is the fastest stroke of all 4 strokes and it’s also good for long distance.


There are 9 different levels of training at Stingrays. From top to bottom, there is first the National performance team, High school squad/team, J.P. (junior performance) team, J.D. (junior development,) team, Club Squad, Academy group, Dolphins Plus, Learn to swim sharks, and Athletic program. I’m categorized in the J.P. group (Junior development). I’m in one of the top four highest levels who compete in competitions. At J.P. we have to swim 4-5 days a week and have to be committed.


I hope I could give you interesting information about the Stingrays swim club and I hope that you have time to join and try out. If you want to improve your swimming and compete in swim competitions, you should join because they have a great program. Hope to see you there, I bet if you join you will become committed and a faster swimmer.


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