Robotically Techy Weeeeeek

Robotically Techy weeeeeeek

‘Ello! ‘Ow are ya doing today. m’kay wait ya’ll, I needta get outta of dis accent. Wait… there. Let’s start again shall we?

Hello reader who is reading my blog for a I-really-don’t-know reason, Welcome to the robotically techy week (also known as week 4 reflection) its been 4 weeks since school started, I am starting to warm up and get ready for G6 now (not really but still, da school does not care la, you just kinda have to deal with it😑). Mrs.B turns out to be a really nice teacher who does a lot of fun activities- yay for me! But seriously she is a nice teacher who does a lot of fun activities. But the question is, what made me think so hard this week? The answer to that is coding and getting my robot ready for coding and coding and coding and coding and coding and coding and coding and coding and- sorry I got a little carried away.

So anyway, this week we just got our own M-bots, which is like a small robot. You basically connect the robot to your computer and by using a app on you computer,(Called M-Block).you start coding on it, after you’ve finished coding, you input the code into the robot. After that it’s just taking off the cord and turning on the robot. The robot will move according to the codes that you put in into the robot. The coding part is just.. Argh! It is like literally the only thing that made my brain think and guess so hard that it overheated and I died. Kidding. But still, the coding part is just so very hard to me. But I like how the little robot just walks around and plays music, its really cute actually.

Anyway I loved this week, hope I have more fun the next week and next week and the next and the next and- well, pretty much the whole entire year. Anyway, hope you enjoyed and bye!!!! (you’ll need to wait till next friday for week 5’s reflection! BYE!)

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