Passion Projects,Probability carnivore and and My writing.

Hello readers, and welcome back to another blog! Today I shall talk about 3 things : Passion Projects, the probability carnivore and also my published writing that is now in the library!

This week we had our passion projects presentations, a bunch of parents, students and teachers came in to see our projects. Mine was about Apple, how Apple was developed and who founded Apple. I had about five slides, all full of text. When the presentations started, I hoped a little less people would come but nooooooo, a bunch of people came. At the end of the presentation, my mouth was dryer than a desert! Passion projects is a really fun thing, I hope this would happen next year.

On Monday, we had our probability carnivore with our little buddies! My project was a ball throw, Gareth, my buddy, came over and won three prizes. I let him chose his prizes :Cookies, gummy bears, chocolate or chewable gum candy. After Gareth, a bunch of other little buddies came to play my games. A lot of them got the ball in three or four times. at the end of the carnivore, all my candy supplies were gone! I was happy for the buddies though, a lot of them had a whole airtight  bag full of prizes and candies! It was so cool.

Today I gave in my writing about a caveman, this writing was five pages long with around 2000-3000 words. We’ve been working on these for two months. Mine was about a caveman, how he lived, how he discovered things.  But I decided that I didn’t want a very happy ending so guess what? I gave him a really sudden, really horrible death, this is how he died:

‘By now I guess it was time to show everybody the secret. I took everybody to the plains. First, there was only silence, then, out of the blue, everything exploded! Cavewoman went wild, dancing furiously, cavemen pulled out clubs and yelled like tigers and attack the animales, children ran around wild, bumping into stuff. I tried to calm them down, but it was useless. Finally I managed to get them under control by yelling, “You people are such idiots!”, that got them under control because our tribe, hates being called idiots, we think that this is highly disrespectful, so don’t swear people, it would someday become a problem for you, because what happened next isn’t pretty. Right after those words left my mouth, every single pair of eyes turned in my direction. I suddenly felt like I shouldn’t of have done what I’ve just did. What happened next was not something that you would want happen to you. The people literally voted me off the tribe and threw me in the never-ending desert. After that I died of course, I couldn’t find anyone, or anything. I finally died, in pain, in hunger, in sadness.(P.S: What an happy and sudden ending, eh?)’

Yep, really sudden isn’t it? if you wanna see the whole story, go to the libary, it’s called “A caveman Story”.

Thats it for this blog, I hope you enjoyed reading this and have great day! Bye!

(P.S: Here are a link to my presentations:

Passion Project   )

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