First Week of School

` First week of school


I am Morning and I’m a new student in CDNIS. This is my first week of school blog.☺


On the first week of school I was a little worried, worried about not knowing where to go, no friends and not knowing anything. But I felt a little excitement because it was a new school, and I would probably be getting used to the schedules. But the thing I was most worried about was fitting in.


We started off with talking about classroom arrangements, Mr.Roberts let us arrange the classroom since he overturned tables over tables and the chairs were stacked everywhere. We arranged it together quickly because we had to sit. But we arranged it properly on the fourth day.Veronica and I got to do the class poster and put the class name ( Eggheads) on it and draw a lot of egg heads. After 2 days I was getting used to the schedules. Our U.O.I was How we express ourselves. Our math unit is Geometry. In P.E, we had to figure out how to move from one side to the other with only 2 spots and 1 small blue mat. The only way to move was two people get on the spots in front of the mat,  then the people on the mat had to jump at the same time in order for the people on the spots to pull the mat forward. It was fun, but a little hard for my group to figure out. But we did it, art turned out to be messy because we were using our feet to paint and everyone was slipping and sliding. I also got my macbook pro too.


After the first week of school, I felt a little more relaxed because I was a little more familiar with what was going on and what to do.  Everyone I knew was friendly, Mr.Roberts was pretty cool too, and I like this school too.

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OK-LA 今天就到这。再见朋友们!

Robotically Techy Weeeeeek

Robotically Techy weeeeeeek

‘Ello! ‘Ow are ya doing today. m’kay wait ya’ll, I needta get outta of dis accent. Wait… there. Let’s start again shall we?

Hello reader who is reading my blog for a I-really-don’t-know reason, Welcome to the robotically techy week (also known as week 4 reflection) its been 4 weeks since school started, I am starting to warm up and get ready for G6 now (not really but still, da school does not care la, you just kinda have to deal with it😑). Mrs.B turns out to be a really nice teacher who does a lot of fun activities- yay for me! But seriously she is a nice teacher who does a lot of fun activities. But the question is, what made me think so hard this week? The answer to that is coding and getting my robot ready for coding and coding and coding and coding and coding and coding and coding and coding and- sorry I got a little carried away.

So anyway, this week we just got our own M-bots, which is like a small robot. You basically connect the robot to your computer and by using a app on you computer,(Called M-Block).you start coding on it, after you’ve finished coding, you input the code into the robot. After that it’s just taking off the cord and turning on the robot. The robot will move according to the codes that you put in into the robot. The coding part is just.. Argh! It is like literally the only thing that made my brain think and guess so hard that it overheated and I died. Kidding. But still, the coding part is just so very hard to me. But I like how the little robot just walks around and plays music, its really cute actually.

Anyway I loved this week, hope I have more fun the next week and next week and the next and the next and- well, pretty much the whole entire year. Anyway, hope you enjoyed and bye!!!! (you’ll need to wait till next friday for week 5’s reflection! BYE!)

A very weeksome week

A very weeksome week

Hello! And welcome back to another weekly reflection, this is the 3rd reflection and school is urm, interesting. There are somethings that I liked and some things that I don’t like. Like they started to give out homework (which I disliked but hey, its school), also in Chinese, because the teacher (xing lao shi) has been really strict so Chinese hasn’t been any fun. This is my inside face whenever I see the teacher: 😑😒. Help. But anyway there are still a lot of awesome stuff like I can finally go swimming! Also I finally got myself organised for everything! Plus I get to be more independent and without my mom bothering me every second about something! Yay! But still, I liked this week, it was awesome/weeksome week.

Anyway that would conclude this week’s reflection. Next weeks would come next week (obviously), so bye for now!

week reflection 2

Weekly Reflection 2


One thing I Liked and enjoyed and about this week is Math,Chinese and Language. Oh and also the team building games or any games that we played this week


Remember: I remember about how one of the math tasks were done in groups, I liked doing math like that, or on whiteboards. Language we did the ‘why do we reflect’ thing and I liked doing that personally and posting it on online post-it notes.Chinese I liked because the teacher had us do this fun group activity even though she is very strict.


Revise:I may of thoughts of reconsideration on the pre-exam, to have done better, but other than that, everything is fine.


Reveal: Asides from the fun activity, Chinese was like the demons palace where the demon is the teacher. But I kinda like the teacher because chinese is important to me because of first, Im from China, and second, My mother wants me to do good, great actually. So it’s important for me, but I kind of thought that the math videos were important because they told you about the thing with your brain and how to learn better in maths.


React: This learning made a difference in me because I got new knowledge and I had fun in learning.


That’s it for this weeks reflection. Bye!

First week of G6!

This is the first week of grade 6, it has been fine, but not perfect because of course, school has just began. Mrs.B has been both fun and kinda strict teacher, but only a tiny bit strict. 6A Avocados, I don‘t really like the name but I can work with it. But nothing can be said about the cheer, I do not like the cheer. We did a lot of how’s and why’s on how to make the classroom more comfortable for us and how to make the new students feel more comfortable. But still, it was a fine week. Only thing that could ruin it is ummm, nothing actually. Never mind, bye!

Passion Projects,Probability carnivore and and My writing.

Hello readers, and welcome back to another blog! Today I shall talk about 3 things : Passion Projects, the probability carnivore and also my published writing that is now in the library!

This week we had our passion projects presentations, a bunch of parents, students and teachers came in to see our projects. Mine was about Apple, how Apple was developed and who founded Apple. I had about five slides, all full of text. When the presentations started, I hoped a little less people would come but nooooooo, a bunch of people came. At the end of the presentation, my mouth was dryer than a desert! Passion projects is a really fun thing, I hope this would happen next year.

On Monday, we had our probability carnivore with our little buddies! My project was a ball throw, Gareth, my buddy, came over and won three prizes. I let him chose his prizes :Cookies, gummy bears, chocolate or chewable gum candy. After Gareth, a bunch of other little buddies came to play my games. A lot of them got the ball in three or four times. at the end of the carnivore, all my candy supplies were gone! I was happy for the buddies though, a lot of them had a whole airtight  bag full of prizes and candies! It was so cool.

Today I gave in my writing about a caveman, this writing was five pages long with around 2000-3000 words. We’ve been working on these for two months. Mine was about a caveman, how he lived, how he discovered things.  But I decided that I didn’t want a very happy ending so guess what? I gave him a really sudden, really horrible death, this is how he died:

‘By now I guess it was time to show everybody the secret. I took everybody to the plains. First, there was only silence, then, out of the blue, everything exploded! Cavewoman went wild, dancing furiously, cavemen pulled out clubs and yelled like tigers and attack the animales, children ran around wild, bumping into stuff. I tried to calm them down, but it was useless. Finally I managed to get them under control by yelling, “You people are such idiots!”, that got them under control because our tribe, hates being called idiots, we think that this is highly disrespectful, so don’t swear people, it would someday become a problem for you, because what happened next isn’t pretty. Right after those words left my mouth, every single pair of eyes turned in my direction. I suddenly felt like I shouldn’t of have done what I’ve just did. What happened next was not something that you would want happen to you. The people literally voted me off the tribe and threw me in the never-ending desert. After that I died of course, I couldn’t find anyone, or anything. I finally died, in pain, in hunger, in sadness.(P.S: What an happy and sudden ending, eh?)’

Yep, really sudden isn’t it? if you wanna see the whole story, go to the libary, it’s called “A caveman Story”.

Thats it for this blog, I hope you enjoyed reading this and have great day! Bye!

(P.S: Here are a link to my presentations:

Passion Project   )




今天中文课李老师要我们有一个口语考试。我们要讲关于我们鸡蛋的事,比如我们在鸡蛋上画什么,为什么要画这个人/动物/东西在蛋上。也要说我们是怎么保护这颗蛋的,想了什么办法,我们为什么认为这个办法会有作用。我觉得我说得很好,但是上课时不小心捏了一下杯子,而且还听到了一声“咔嚓”。好像是把鸡蛋捏破了,我感到有一些害怕和紧张,天啊,现在怎么办啊?后来我就静下来了一些,没事。 反正以后就小心一点了,只要从这个错误学会以后不要太马大哈就可以了。我今天本来应该做我的阅读考试的,但因为没时间了,所以没做。




Last 4 weeks our unit was about where we are in place and time. we learned about scientific discovery’s and what people thought about the scientific discovery’s, what their perspectives were and also how they judged the inventor. sometimes like in Archimedes’s case they trusted him completely because he was born a genius, he solved problems around the city, won a lot of wars and even improved the city’s social life! but then there were also times when the people thought the inventor was a liar and wanted to kill him/her for spreading vicious rumors. They didn’t want to try new things because either they thought they didn’t need it or it was too risky to use it. Eventually the inventor became famous and all of that but being a inventor has its own hard times.


Last week I had my SLLR, I had it last week because my dad was leaving last week to Africa. My four things that I was going to talk about were- U.O.I, Math, Literacy and also Chinese. I told my dad about our current unit on U.O.I. I told him about what we are doing, our exhibitions and also my project for the exhibition. Then I moved on to math, I told him about math, what our unit was about, how Mr.Roberts teaches us and showed him some of our work-sheets. Then in Literacy I told him about how we were all writing novels and all of us were still on drafts. Then there was also book club too, he

Inquiry exhibition

Hello Reader’s! Today we had a inquiry exhibition. My inquiry was into the Archimedes death ray/heat ray. It was about a heat ray that could destroy  just about anything in its way. It was invented for war reasons and it was made by Archimedes himself. Most of the people who came were just really frustrating, their eyes kept wondering else where and half of the time wasn’t even listening to me. The only thing they said was good was my model, I mean, you weren’t even listening to me and you say only my models is good? That’s just rude on also ungrateful.  But I still found it fun walking around and seeing my own classmates work, at least they were not rude. anyway, I thought the exhibition was fun and really useful cause you can get a handful of feed back from other people. I’m gonna sign out now, bye!