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Featured image used in this post by Nathan via Flickr Creative Commons

Humanities Reflection

In this unit, I learned about my family’s culture, what it means and why it’s important. I have found out so much about my family, and the core values we have, which are: respect, resilience, responsibility, care, and risk-taking. This unit has reminded me of the many things I have done, to foster the values of my family, and look into my family background.


The numerous benefits I have taken from this unit are researching skills, time management, and of course, editing skills because this summative required me to review my family history and put them in many different pieces of work such as the Family Timeline, My Timeline, and a video. This was a lot more work than in G6. I really had to manage my time well.


Challenges I have come across are: finding my family’s background, script-writing, and dealing the urge to procrastinate. I had to text my relatives to find out their exact date of birth but some of them were not so responsive since they thought I was tricking them. I think I should improve in my time management skill as I had many outside activities and I could not have the luxury of procrastination (even though procrastination isn’t a good thing!).


My Reflection on the YAs coming and leaving…sigh

Well, all good times come to an end. Mine just did about a week ago. A small army of Young Americans came and taught us, the 6th Graders, how to… well, sing and dance. Not your awkward hipster dancing and singing(Okay, maybe we did do some awkward hipster stuff) but real dancing. You have no idea how much you can learn from performing. I learnt to take risks, to always plan ahead, and learn to collaborate with others. The YA’s main thing was to encourage us to say,”Yes, and…”. And believe it or not, Everyone took risks and said it. When the YA’s left I changed from a person who wouldn’t plan ahead to a person who had a plan in mind. I think I might even be a new person.

Grade 6 Camp

I have to say, the G6 camp didn’t go as I expected. First of all, our group didn’t work well together, and that did not help when we had to build a raft (we failed miserably) Second, we were behind some groups at some stuff and we didn’t get to do stuff we hoped to do. We weren’t going to do this thing that everyone hoped to do, but we did it but working together, doing things as quickly as possible and cooperating. I guess all we needed was a little teamwork and a LOT of endurance.

Math Baking

Q: What is 0 divided by 0?

A: Syntax Error! Duh!

Well, now that I have you in the mood that math is totally pointless, I’ll say something I learnt this week. During math, we went to the innovation lab to do some baking. Yay! But here was the catch. We had to calculate the exact amount of materials used. In the end, we used fractions, decimals and percentages to solve it and convert them into decimals or wholes. to make it easier. So I’m new, and in my old school, the teachers were like: “Yo! Math is very important! It’s used in real life situations. Study! Study! Study!” But, I never actually got any proof. After this experience, I now officially have proof. We actually got the calculations right, but messed up when baking and the cookies tasted a bit weird, but still, they was good.

It’s Over 9000!!! $$$

So were  learning about the overlord that’s been controlling earth for a reaaaally long time. I’m going to stop you before you think the Illuminati. Yeah. It’s also not an evil Dragon Ball Z dude. It’s money. Weird right? A pile of green paper can cause a looooooooooot of trouble. Anyways, we learnt that the economy develops because of money and that nothing is getting done without money. Money happen in all eras. That’s a looooong time. Anyways, we learnt that money is very very necessary, but can’t protect us from some things *cough* The Illuminati *cough* but let’s not get to far there.

#blessed #notaninstagrammar #:(