What I learned in Chinese?

In school I am learning Chinese I am in P3. Starting of the year did not understand any of the Chinese when I was walking on the street but now I am able to read some of the words when I am walking on the street also now I know the skill to do a dictation in Chinese

For Crit A it was about watching video and answering the question. The thing that I needed to improve is I have trouble listening and writing down. So I do understand what person is talking about but I cannot write it down. The thing that I am good at it is I can understand most of the things what the person said. For Crit B I need to read the text and understand what the text is talking about and then I need to answer the question. The thing that I needed to improve is I need to understand the question. I understand most of the things in the text but I did not understand the question. The good thing that I can do in this summative is I know all the key words that we learned in class. So it is easer to answer questions. For Crit C and D we were writing letter to invite into my birthday party. The hard thing was sometimes I have trouble with writing easy letters , for example, 祝好or 很etc. The good thing while I was doing Crit C and D was I planed it so I have enough information to write down.

My goal is I want to study Chinese until I can speak Chinese fluently. For this year I want to be expert at the Chinese words that we learned this year. I want to write a letter or e-mail detailed and properly.

Lastly, I am always trying my best during class and most of the time I am I participate dictations and tests. Also I am always taking notes that it will be helpful to my later.

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