What I learned in Chinese?

In school I am learning Chinese I am in P3. Starting of the year did not understand any of the Chinese when I was walking on the street but now I am able to read some of the words when I am walking on the street also now I know the skill to do a dictation in Chinese

For Crit A it was about watching video and answering the question. The thing that I needed to improve is I have trouble listening and writing down. So I do understand what person is talking about but I cannot write it down. The thing that I am good at it is I can understand most of the things what the person said. For Crit B I need to read the text and understand what the text is talking about and then I need to answer the question. The thing that I needed to improve is I need to understand the question. I understand most of the things in the text but I did not understand the question. The good thing that I can do in this summative is I know all the key words that we learned in class. So it is easer to answer questions. For Crit C and D we were writing letter to invite into my birthday party. The hard thing was sometimes I have trouble with writing easy letters , for example, 祝好or 很etc. The good thing while I was doing Crit C and D was I planed it so I have enough information to write down.

My goal is I want to study Chinese until I can speak Chinese fluently. For this year I want to be expert at the Chinese words that we learned this year. I want to write a letter or e-mail detailed and properly.

Lastly, I am always trying my best during class and most of the time I am I participate dictations and tests. Also I am always taking notes that it will be helpful to my later.

What skills I have been the most useful in your everyday life?

In PE I learned to communicate with my teammates during the game. Which means I developed my communication skills. For example before when I was doing the game I did not communicate together, instead of that I used to all the things by my self.

But in this unit I learned how to communicate now I am listening to my teammates while I am working on what our team wants by listening to them that what did they say.

I can use that when I am playing games with my friends in my free time and when I am doing the team work rest of my life I can use this skills to develop my knowledge and skills.


English Short story unit reflection!

In this unit I learned different short story such as “Last Dance”,”Moose and Sparrow”,” Death on the playground?” etc. That we can know what other people thinking without meeting them. The most story that I liked was “Moose and Sparrow” Because when I was reading the story it made me so proud that I never imagine what will be going to happen.

When I was writing short story, I know what to write and I can write it. But when I am looking at it focus I cannot find exact climax, falling action, rising action etc. Also while I am writing the story I am focusing what I need to include that all the steps are ruined or I am only focusing on the story that I am not including the words or phrases that I need to include

I learn how to write story accurately like adding First, rising action, climax. falling action, and conclusion. Before I was just writing the story like a Journal. So when the people are looking at my story they easily get confused. Also I did not add any 8 ways to reveal character. Before the readers does not have enough information for the character.

Now on my life I felt I need to work on grammar and vocabulary. Because I felt that I am not caring about my grammar when I am writing my story so it ruined. Also I am always using same vocabulary that readers are boring to read my story

Science card board structure

We are making a shelf that contains all the things that we need in school. And we planed to put the structure in the gym that all of the students in school can use the structure properly. First we were finding out the hight and width of smallest one and biggest one of the water bottle and lunch box of the lower school students.

Second we made a rough sketch of the structure. And made my one prototype. I added different layers on my prototype to figure out how many layers of cardboard should we add to our final structure. And I test it with masses.

Third step is to make our final structure. Before assembling all the card board we made all the flat pieces we need it to make our structure that we are not confused. We used a force called ‘gravity’. For example we added some thick books to the card board that they can stick together very well.

Our goal was to finish our flat structure properly before the due date. We didn’t make our goal to finish all the structure. Because we knew that our structure is too big and has lots of things to cut before assembling all the things. But I think we did it. Now we only need to assemble all the things and test it with laptop, bag, and lunchbox one more time. If it is falling we can add more layers in to it.

In this project I learned that if we are doing group work I need to think about what people said and don’t just say that I am right, if the another person’s idea is right we can use it for are project. This basically means to respect other and me.

Also I learned how to identify the problems. If there is a problem the team needs to discuss together. I felt if there are keep fighting I felt we need somebody to stop people. If there is one people acting by them self I think one person need to stop them.

Next time I felt weed need to plan completely before we make the final thing. In this project I think. In this one we did not plan it completely that when  we are assembling we easily get confused.


Learning About Amazing Empires Around the World

In this unit for ‘Humanities’ I learned about lots of empires around the world. For example Roman empires and Mongolian empires.Even though we are learning the same thing we leant in different ways. Sitting it the class and listening to the teacher, going to the library and learn about different tools that we can use it while collecting data. The most exciting thing was I can collect data in different ways on the book, magazine, news and video etc.

If I did not learn this unit, on the future I cannot know anything. Because this is the base in humanities to learn how did human developed and how can we improve to make a better world.


Criteria Cii

Name of Peer *
Song Choice *
Blog Post Link *
Listen or watch your peer’s final recording submission. After listening, read their artistic intention and thought process behind their work. How does what you thought align with theirs? *
I think she did her best playing .That when I hear the music it makes my peaceful and makes my mind cozy. I think I can listen while I am sleeping. But I think she can lower the drumming sound when she  is doing it later.
What interesting, different, or exciting elements did they use that you would be incorporate into yours next time round? *
 I think this song is slow song but she played the song even more slower so I think she is a person who is very slow and always need to do the thing correctly and go next thing.
Did the context of the song change through their interpretation?*
 I think the song change through their interpretation. First she was singing strongly but later at the song she sings softer than  when she start the song/