The Outsider Unit

What creates a sense of belonging?

In the outsiders, we can know that there are lots of sense of belonging.  But I think the belonging in the gang is very important. Because when Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny was saving the kids in the church,  they had the belonging relationship with each other cooperated with each other and saved the kids.

Service Day Grade 7

For service day this year, I went to Perma club. I learned lots of things about nature like how does the plant grow and how to make a papaya salad. One challenge was to peeling a vegetable that goes into the curry it was really hard to peel it so I cooperated with other students and made it that I added to the papaya salad

Sabah Trip!!

How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth?
How did you undertake challenges that developed new skills?
How did you persevere in action?
How did you work collaboratively with others?

I went to Sabah Trip on my experience trip in grade 7,  CDNIS with 4 teachers, some of the people in Grade 7 and 8. For the first 3 days, we did a community service. My group was skimming concrete on the bathroom wall. We worked to had on that past 3 days about 35 degrees on the field mixing concrete using soil and concrete. On a first day, we were not able to skim concrete. When I skim a concrete, half of them are stuck on the wall and half of them fell down. But on the last day, I know that I developed because when I skim it either nothing was falling down or only a bit of concrete was falling down. I learned that skill which I can never experience in Hong Kong or in my country. Next day and the day after the next day we went to the jungle.  We were divided into half and one of the group went near the river with Papa Floyd and the other group went on top of the hill. I was in the group near the river. We took about 4 hours to go up there. I was so tired and I wanted to go to the bathroom so I thought I can’t go up to the campside but 

My laser cutting clock

This is my clock. It has a quote that says “Time Waste it While you Still can”. That is one of my favorite quote. That makes me don’t waste my time and if I am going to use my time, I can use it wisely. Also, the reason why I didn’t fill out the numbers in the space is to make it unique. It could be hard to read the time but it is the only couple of the numbers so I think anyone can recognize the time between that space. There are four butterflies in the space. I put the galaxy washi tape. This actually means time is going away. As we can see in the picture above, the butterfly came in on the right left corner and goes around. In the end, it is facing out which means the time is going away.  The roman numerals support my clock to be more modern and

Reflection for Science Ecology unit

This unit was about Ecology. The Key concept was Systems. I think that relates to ecosystems, biodiversity and human impacts. The Global context is the Human impact on the environment which means all the Global situation caused by a human. 

This is the poster about Ecosystems in British Columbia Forest. For researching, I used different resources like Wikipedia,  Dictionary and so on. I learned about lots of different animals and plants in this forest and all of the forests. Also, I watched lots of videos to make this poster. Because if you look at the video you and visualize what is happening in that place and imagine quickly because it is moving. 



For grade 4 activity our group was about ‘Styrofoam Is The Tombstone Of Sea Life’ First we show them a quick presentation (link at the bottom). Then, we did an experiment which has a plastic bag and makes a hole then draw fish on it. Next brake Styrofoam into pieces collect styrofoam pieces with plastic bag the pretending it is a fish. Finally, if you look in the plastic bag you can see the styrofoam in it.  They can realize that fishes are eating styrofoam and we did a word search, using the words that they learned in presentation and in the experiment now they can know why the styrofoam is unhealthy to the fishes.




Short presentation

Ukulele recording

My song was “There is nothing holding me back” From shawn Mendes. It is one of my favourite song and I wanted to play that song on the different instruments.
Also when I am listening to that sone I felt very happy so when I am playing that song I want the people who are listening to my music could be happy.

Last time I was not able to strum the ukulele so it felt like all the different chords but now it sounds like it is strumming and like a one song. Also I learned how to  put drum track in, even though it was hard. Also now I have a skill that to finish my work on time. Last time I didn’t have enough time to edit, but this time the song was longer and I finished earlier so I was able to finish my work on  time.

Flute recording


I think I developed the skills required to perform on flute. I am able to play some notes and I can read the signs on the books. Also I am still practicing but I can connect the sounds between notes. Also now I know where to put my lips and i knew that the last one needed to be twisted. That I can make my sound more clear and the audience who are listening to my music are able to know my song and the notes.

I tried more than 10 times to make it perfect. Even though I was not able to connect some of the notes, I tried my best. Next time as soon as I am getting my instrument I want to practice more on G. Because when I was recording, the sounds are keep going low. Also now I am able to count the notes and my notes are getting clear.  When I was playing loudly I was trying to make it smaller . If I am playing too loud I can not hear the beat.