IDU(Interdisciplinary Learning Unit) Reflection

I think this project was quite interesting because we could choose people and class that we wanted to do. Therefore, we could have more successful product. I also think there are mainly three things that I learned during this project. I could actually use the things that I learned from the last art classes and also from the design class because we used the laser-cutter to create our artwork. I think this is also some kind of interdisciplinary learning because we tried to combine our knowledge from different classes and use them as a collaborative artwork.

I think there are a lot of benefits of interdisciplinary learning because you can combine your knowledge to make a better quality project that has lots of creativity. Therefore, interdisciplinary learning can improve your creativity by letting you to use variety of knowledge that you have learned so far. For instance, our group got the idea from the art class to make the layers that represent the Hong Kong identity. However, we were not really sure how we were going to create it. After some discussions, we got the idea of using the laser-cutter to make it because we wanted a quality work that looks kind of professional. In addition, we knew how to use the laser-cutter because we learned from the design class.

I think there are also some limitations of interdisciplinary learning because the product can be kind of confusing as you are mixing your knowledge. For instance, we actually finished creating our artwork at the day before the due date which was very early. Therefore, we asked some people to get some feedback on our product. Some people were saying that, “Why didn’t you use the laser-cutter to make your box as well?”, because we actually made the box by using the actual box that you use for packaging something. The reason that we used it is that we got that idea of making the box from the art class. However, we could just use the laser-cutter to make it easier and look more professional. Therefore, I can say that this is some sort of disadvantage of interdisciplinary learning.

Arty McArtface Proposal

          For this project, our goal is to create an artwork that will portray our poems on Hong Kong. To create this final product, we will first go through our poems and then decide what our main focus is based on our daily lives/observations in Hong Kong such as taxi, bus, buildings, etc. After that, we will take some pictures of these objects and “image trace” them, or draw them out with the “lines tool” in Adobe Illustrator. Finally, we will use the laser cutter to cut out the pieces and make it into a 3D collage of objects that we see every day in Hong Kong.

          We have decided to use this idea as this was the simplest way to complete this design process. In addition, this simple plan could be altered and added on easily as it doesn’t have many steps; it also has all the required creative thinking process. We also wanted to create this as it is a very creative idea to portray our definition of Hong Kong. Using these tools are also a hobby that we all like to use, as it is a very new tool to us.

          This artistic intention was chosen as a group because we thought that the objects in our daily-life is a very powerful image to remember Hong Kong; and to portray our artistic intention into an art form that can emphasize the picture and make it actually visual as a picture, unlike music or drama.

          If this plan fails due to some technology issues or not being able to use the tools required, we will contact Mr. Bede Chan (@OneDoor). Other issues like how to design, we could ask Mr. Chan to supply us with the materials needed or ideas of how to show what we want. The purpose of this project is to enhance the meaning of Hong Kong to us with several laser-cutted objects in a 3D collage form.

Sabah Experience Trip Reflection

This was my first time to be away from my parents for long time. It was also my first time to go to Malaysia and the only thing I knew was that it’s very hot and humid so there are tons of bugs and insects. I felt quite nervous and scary before I went there. However, I was also pretty excited and happy to go there because this was the time that I could be free from studying. I also heard that there was a lot of fun activities in the programme schedule. Therefore, I thought that it would need lots of collaborative works with friends and teammates because there was no one to help us except for the teachers and staffs at there. On the first three days, we did service works for the villagers at the

Project Genesis Final Submission

Project Genesis

Music Unit – Session 2

         I decided to create a beatbox cover of Despacito. For this whole project, I will use the GarageBand because it’s easy and simple to edit the recordings that I’m going to make. Firstly, I am going to use my cello to create the melody of Despacito and record it. Then, I’ll combine them and put my recording of beatboxing on it. I’ll also record myself beatboxing while I’m listening to the song so that it can match with other recordings that I will create. The reason why I chose to do beatboxing is that I like and I know how to do it. I also chose to cover a song because I thought doing beatboxing only would be boring. For the song, I chose Despacito because it has appropriate beat to cover with beatboxing and it is a very famous song that lots of people know. It also has a pretty good melody for the cello to cover it. At the end of this project, I hope to learn lots of techniques by creating the cello/beatbox cover of Despacito.


Inspiration and Research Info

         I used this source to know what beatboxing exactly is and how it works. I thought beatboxing is very interesting because it is the musical expression of the body through the innovation of sounds and the crafting of music by only using the mouth, throat, and nose. Therefore, it gave me the inspiration of doing beatbox because it’s not that hard to make sounds and it doesn’t need lots of things like instruments and etc.

         This source was important to me because it helped me to learn about the history of the beatboxing. I thought it was very good to know the history of it because I can know why beatboxing is very popular now and understand how it was created and formed. I think knowing history can help me to know and understand more about the beatboxing. Therefore, I can be inspired to create the beatboxing music piece.

         This source is telling about the first basic technique of the beatboxing which is “Kick Drum (B)”. It also had some tutorial videos so that I could practice some beatboxing skills as well. The tutorial video was very effective to learn and practice kick drum (B) because the explanations and instructions were very clear and easy to follow. There was also some beat pattern examples that I could practice by following them.

         This source tells about the second basic technique of the beatboxing which is “Hi-Hat (T)”. It’s telling about which sound part of the drum it can make so I could easily relate to the drum and practice it. It also has some beatboxing videos to help me to practice this skill.

         This source is telling about the last (third) basic technique of the beatboxing which is “Snare (K)”. It has some basic history about the beatboxing and tutorials for the beginners to practice. The tutorial video is showing very specific instructions and explanations so that everyone can follow it. Therefore, I could do my snare even better and it definitely helped me to create the music piece.

         This source was very helpful because it had lots of basic examples with SBN (Standard Beatbox Notation). I could actually use these examples to created my music piece because these were basic so that they all match up with the original songs. I could combine some of them to create the beat. Additionally, these are not very hard because it’s made for the beginners.

         This video gave me lots of inspirations for doing the beatbox cover for Despacito. I’m not going to exactly follow this video because I’m going to use an actual song and put my beatboxing on it. However, I could learn that which beat I can put on that song and how I’m going to cover it naturally.


Design Criteria
Must Haves Desirable Qualities
The melody of Despacito with the cello Vibrato of the cello and other cello techniques
Five beatboxing techniques (kick drum, hi-hat, snare, and two other sounds that I created) More variety and harder beatboxing techniques
At least two minutes for the music product Minimum two minutes / Maximum two minutes thirty seconds
Constant beat between melody of cello and the beatboxing Melody of cello and the beatboxing perfectly match


Response to Completed Product
         After I completed my music project, I was pretty satisfied with it. This was the first time to create this kind of music collaboration because I have never thought about collaborating my cello and beatboxing. Moreover, it was the first time to use GarageBand so it was quite tough for me to edit my music pieces. However, I tried to get used to it by researching some tutorials for GarageBand. Before I learned about GarageBand, I just record everything at the same time so that I could not even edit my music pieces. However, I knew that it would be able to edit if I record my music pieces separately. It was also quite hard for me to find the Despacito sheet music which has an appropriate melody for the cello. Furthermore, I had to edit the copy of the sheet music of Despacito to make it sound more like an actual music. Then, I also had to practice playing the cello because I haven’t really played for about 3 months. While I was making my music pieces, I thought it would be easier to match my music pieces if I make my music piece while I’m listening to another music piece that I created. For example, I did beatboxing while I was listening to the melody with a cello that I made before. I also wasn’t able to have a constant beat while I was playing cello but I tried to listen to the 4/4 beat with my phone. Therefore, I was able to create a constant beat and it made me easier to do the beatboxing on it. Lastly, I’m very happy that I achieved all five must-haves that I made and I achieved some of those desirable qualities. I had some vibratos with my cello to make the melody sounds like an actual singing person. I also think that my music project has pretty constant beat as well by using the tools of GarageBand. I’m glad that I learned lots of techniques and skills during the music project.


MYP Criteria Assessed
Criteria A – Knowing and Understanding

ii. Demonstrate knowledge of the role of the art form in original or displaced contexts
Criteria B – Developing Skills

iii. Demonstrate the application of skills and techniques to create, perform and/or present art.
Criteria C – Thinking Creatively

i. Outline a clear and feasible artistic intention
Criteria D – Responding

i. Outline connections and transfer learning to new settings

Despacito Beatbox Cover & Reflection

I have never used the garage band application before. However, I challenged myself to make the music project with this new app. I searched some videos on youtube that had some tutorials for beginners so that I could easily learn to use garage band. I enjoyed to do the beatboxing over the song and match the beat to have a good collaboration. During the project, I felt that I like more beats than the melody of the music. I also didn’t expect to learn about other beatboxing techniques that I didn’t know so it was also very good experience to learn more beatboxing skills. Overall for this music project, I think I did pretty well on it because I’m satisfied with this product.

Chemistry Unit Reflection

During the chemistry unit, I learned lots of things such as the difference between physical and chemistry property/change, separation techniques, mixtures, compounds, elements, pure substances, and etc. Additionally, the experiments about the chemistry and physical change and the instruments for separating were very interesting. Now, I know that the scientists use separation techniques with using the physical property of the substance. For example, to separate the salt from the water, you boil the water which has the boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the water will evaporate and the salt which has much higher boiling point won’t evaporate.






After I came to phase 2 class from phase 1 class, my Chinese improved a lot. It was quite challenging to come to phase 2 but I improved my writing and reading skills by studying hard. Therefore, I could get pretty good grades for the summative as well.

On the other hand, I think I have to work on listening and speaking skills more than writing and reading. I think this is because I don’t talk very much in class. Therefore, I will try to improve these parts in the new semester. I will speak more Chinese during the class and I will also try to watch some Chinese movies so that I can improve my listening skills as well. My goal is to get higher grades than last semester and make sure that I can go to phase 3 next year.

Wise Old Owl Summative

During the fine arts music rotation, I improved my music skills which I haven’t learned before. I learned about the basic elements of the music such as the rhythms, beats, melody, and so on. Therefore, I could know how to analyze the melody, notes, beats, and etc of the music. Additionally, learning the ukulele made me know how to create the beats and melody because we have learned the basic strumming patterns and the fingerings of the ukulele. By playing the ukulele with the Bruno Mars’s “Just The Way You Are”, my skills of playing ukulele had been improved very much. In conclusion, the rotation of the music class definitely improved my music skills to create the basic songs.