Robotics 20/9/17

“I am a Robot! Is my name C-3P0, R2-D2 or Dancing Cookie Robot?”


Today we had robotics class during the third and fourth period. We further developed our codes to help our robot follow a line and avoid an obstacle.

This the code I first came up with. I had high hopes for but it failed. The problem about it was that it was short and that I was trying to find the easy way out.


This is the code that I came up after some time in my ‘thinking tank’. I took my bot to the track and tested but yet after some good hard work I had failed. I here consulted Ms. Fung ( the robotics teacher) and she told me that I had the right idea but I had to combine the two codes into one code.



Not even did Ms. Fung tell me that I had to combine the 2 codes she even taught me how to combine the two codes. Here is my final code.

Try my code out and I wish you luck!!!


I have a special ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Hello, all! It’s me over here and I am super stoked to tell you that I have an announcement!

I will be starting a scheme on my blog which includes strategies to be happier, how to be mindful,  positive ideas and much more! I will be posting a blog post like that once every week!

You might be asking yourselves why would I start this scheme. I believe that by starting this scheme I can make a lot of people happier and that I can attract more people to my blog. I will be posting my blog post later and I really hope that you will enjoy it.

I am very excited to be starting this new scheme and I hope that you will all enjoy this new scheme.

Self-Awareness Video

Today, we watched video posted by a former student studying Political Science in UCLA. Her name was Alexandra Wallace. In her video she talked about how rude asians were in the library. That video sure left me very angry after watching it. By posting the video she not only showed that she was RACIST, and ruining her universities’ reputation.

We then saw a video or a reply to her video posted by another youtuber. It was a song trying to make fun of her and also say he did not like the video in a very nice way. 

If you want to see the video of Alexandra Wallace here is the link:

If you would like to see the response to the video by Jimmy Wong then here is the link :



Digital Storytelling

 Today, we had our first Digi-Time lesson with Mr.Larson in the library pit. We learned about how to search for a good picture that we can use legally. We were assigned to describe an example when we were developing self-awareness. My example was when I was in grade three in my old school I made a lot of friends and made new relationships by showing empathy. I showed empathy by sharing snacks with my friends. I actually chose specific kinds of food for everyone and the food that was prepared was the food they enjoyed eating the most. I believe it made me self-aware as I understanded that I could make people jovial by doing simple things.

Mr, Larson also told me to put a picture but the picture is coming. Sorry for the delay!!! The picture will be coming up soon.

The end of assembly!

After 2 weeks of grueling hard work, we have finally passed a big hurdle in the year: the assembly! We had our assembly in the LLAC which is different from normal assemblies as assemblies are normally in the forum. We had a medieval fair which I found tiring but fun.  I feel overall happy about my performance although if I could re-do this assembly I would have my group mates exchange jobs.

The Ceasar Cipher Code

On Monday, we learned something very interesting. A kind of code called the Caesar Cipher. The Caesar Cipher, as you may have guessed was invented by Julius Caesar the most famous Roman Emperor. Julius Caesar used this cipher to make his codes safer and more secure.  We made some codes following the Caesar Cipher. We invented some patterns and I really enjoyed doing it. During class we also made a code wheel that helped us to invent a code. We also did a real life code. The Code wheel is down below.

I have been learning about codes since Wednesday. We learned about morse codes and patterns which was fun. I leaned something new and I am very proud of it.

My codes were too easy I believe as the other team cracked it in 10 minutes! I believe next time my codes could be harder. Overall I believe I am doing well so far in this unit.

The first week of school!

Today was the last day of the first week of school! I have familiarised myself in this school as a new student here. I am happy at this school so far. And I at least survived the first few of school.

So on Monday, the first day of school, we did an introduction of ourselves to the whole class and that was pretty much it. I explored the school and changed my way of thinking back to the way I thought about things 5 years ago when I was studying in Canada.  At the end of the day I had Physical Education (PE) which was fun.

On Tuesday I did a  Chinese test while other people had their first Chinese class. We we did a Math activity with our homeroom teacher: Ms Sandul. We also did some planning on our assembly that would happen in two weeks. We also came up with a name for our class and decided to call ourselves the 6D Dragons!

On Wednesday we drew avatars of dragons to put on the tree of learning and the door. We also played Woosh and I got my Macbook pro and we did another Math activity.

On Thursday we had our first Performing Arts (PA) class and we did again another Math activity. We had to all make our final decisions on our assembly topic.

Today we created our assembly booth groups and we had Chinese class. We had an  assembly where the teachers introduced themselves and I also introduced myself as I am a new student. We finally had an activity about birds and we went home.

What a week! I have met new friends and people and I am looking forward to the year ahead!

6D (11)  18/8/2017