First few weeks of CDNISUS (Design)

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I have made a post so it’s pretty nice to be back. It’s been a busy first few days settling into Upper School with all the changes, everyone is very nervous. But I am very jolly because the first week of school also was the week of my birthday. I just turned 12 a few days ago! There has not been much to write about the start of school because in fact,  the settling was actually pretty smooth and easy.

Today, instead of going off on other subjects, I will be talking about the project I recently did during Design class, making a paper cup. So, I had two lessons to create a paper cup and it was pretty interesting seeing how everything came out in the end. This how my cup looked at the end.

Photo on 22-8-2018 at 14.12.jpg

This challenge was inspired by Starbucks’ challenge to create a reusable paper cup. The winner would win 10 million us dollars! Alright, I have to confess that my cup was copied from a youtube origami cup tutorial. This the link to that video if you want to make a paper cup.

I think that I should have been more creative by making a cup myself without any help from other sources.  I believe that there are still many opportunities to show my creativity.

So that’s all for today and I look forward to my next and upcoming blog post. Thanks for coming by and see you in the next post!

Where We Are In Place and Time Chinese Reflection

在這個单元 裏,我學了很多的新詞語和新的句子結構。我跟老師學了很多相關經濟活动的內容。 我發現中國以前不會跟另的國家做貿易,但是因為中國現在需要很多來自其他國家的材料,所以貿易對中國非常重要。

This unit, I have been learning vocabulary and phrases related to our previous central idea unit. I reviewed many vocabulary and phrases learned before and some new things too. I learned a lot about the economy in the world but mostly in Hong Kong and China. For example, in China, around 50 years ago, the economy was totally different as China was not as transparent as it is now. I also learned about where economic activities can happen at home. A simple example of an economic activity can be when you buy something from Amazon online. I believe during this unit, I believe that my knowledge in the economy has grown through many activities.


May 21-25 weekly blog post + all the other blog posts that I forgot to publish and save from after the PYPX

Ok. Just a quick word before I start. I have to say that I am sorry to have not published my previous blog posts and not even saving them.

So ok I’ll just compile everything into this blog post. And just one gentle reminder, I am writing in the past.

Exhibition Week

(This is what I think I wrote on the post that I forgot to publish and forgot to save) This week, I completed my  PYPX! I had a tough grill from parents on Thursday night and was pretty annoyed by the little prep kids’ questions on how tall a unicorn was! For me, I believe that the hardest part of the presentation was when I had to present my findings and Creative Solution to the Victoria Shanghai Academy Students who were one year smaller that me. Right after the end of the PYPX, I stripped of the board for our display and went on the Pitch to shrug off the Exhibition from my shoulders.

Week after Exhibition a.k.a. three weeks ago.

This week, I just shrugged off the PYPX labour from my shoulders and started our new unit. How We Express Ourselves.  ON Monday, it was a week for reflection on the Exhibition. On Tuesday, I had a double period with my PYPX group for the final time in a session to reflect on the Exhibition for one last time. We then, on Wednesday started to settle back into our old routines and had math and began to start a new U.O.I. How We express Ourselves by looking at different art forms that we will inquire into in the future.

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago,  my teacher started to talk to us about the elements of design and also shared with us the many powerpoints on art that was amazing! I then, started a personal inquiry on an art form. The art form that  I chose was interior design. Interior design, I found out was another branch of architecture. In this inquiry, I decided that I will be making a design of a home with rooms made out of different interior designs. I did research and I found out a lot about different types of interior design.


Last Week

Last week was mostly contributed to my art form. I completed my research and also started sketching designs of my interior design rooms. I also, most importantly, completed my MAP test. I had tests on English, reading and Math    on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

This Week

This week, I sang twice for my peers. In the Friday Fun in the Forum and in the Student Showcase. It was really fun! I also kept on doing my art form inquiry. I am almost. done and my project is due on Wednesday.


So there you have it! 4 weeks’ blog posts in 1 post! Sorry for not being able to post previously but now I am back. See you all in the next post! Bye!






March 9 2018 Blog Post

This week,  I had my concepts part of the exhibition finished. Next week, I do my lines of inquiry and I start my research.

So, on Monday I continued working on the PYPX and I got a foundation work done. I also did swimming which was a blast.

On Tuesday, we had a Guest Speaker from Room To Read but we were just beginning when we had a fire drill. Then, we had a nice lesson about concepts from Mr. Mark.

On Wednesday, we had Alan Dick Community Blast where we did the ‘Hokey-Pokey’ and the House Dance.

Yesterday, my PYP group finalised a few questions and we also did a Math Pre Assessment.

Today, I got my concepts finalised with my questions. I also did some Math to end the day.

This week was another week full of surprises(the House dance) and of course, the Exhibition’s sails for me is going in my favour. Have a nice week guys and piece out!

Weekly blog post Jan 26

Hi everybody! It’s been a long time since I last wrote a post but I am back! This week was a week that was very interesting because I did 2 science experiments.

So on Monday, I started in experiment where we would put a bread with vinegar and observe the bread. I also re-did the borax experiment.

On Tuesday, I had sports day and I got last place everywhere. My class did well in the class events.

On Wednesday, I had the four experiments which I wrote a post on and I also had my 3rd VA and fourth coding lesson.

On Thursday, I observed my crystals after some waiting and once again, crystals formed at the bottom and not on the pencil. I stirred the Borax, what else could I have done?

And today, I observed my bread and I also did a few math questions.

Science Experiments

Today, I had the privilege of having the chance of having the experience to do 4 exciting experiments. he purpose of these 4 experiments was to differentiate the difference between a physical change and a chemical change. The four experiments that I conducted with my group were: mixing liquids(the jar containing the liquid is at the top),observing a candle burn, squishing marshmallows with a syringe and mixing vinegar and milk.

Firstly, I did an experiment where you mixed many liquids together. The few liquids were: water, food colouring ,vegetable oil and honey. My group mixed the 4 liquids together and after 15 minutes of waiting, there were 3 layers of liquid. The first layer at the top consisted of oil. The second consisted of water and food colouring mixed together. And the third layer consisted of the honey. The result if the change was a physical or chemical was very interesting. I decided on both as you could separate the honey and the oil. But you could not separate the water from the food colouring.

Secondly, I observed a candle burn. For some reason, the flame smelled sour for some reason. I found this very interesting as fire burning wax smells very smelly. The answer if the changes were physical or chemical was both again. The reason because the wax can be restored into it’s original form but the wick cannot.

Thirdly, we squished marshmallows to see if after squishing the marshmallows, the marshmallows would become different. The answer was simply a no. The marshmallow just shrank in size and became shrivelled. That’s all. No changes in properties or whatsoever.

The final experiment consisted of mixing milk and vinegar together. Before the experiment it was predicted that the change would be chemical and it turned out right. After mixing the substances together, a very unusual combination occurred. The substance turned out to be white taking on the colour of milk but smelled sour like vinegar. The change was of course a chemical reaction as you cannot reverse the mixture.

Today I learned a lot about physical and chemical changes after these four experiments. I believe that my knowledge in science has broadened thanks to this day. Thanks for staying in touch and once again please leave a comment below if you liked this post or not. I’d love to hear from you! Until next time! Bye!


Borax Experiment

Today, I finished the science experiment of making borax crystals during class. I put some borax washing powder with boiling water and had a pipe cleaner hung to a popsicle stick inside a jar.

I really enjoyed this experiment although I did not get the desired results at the end. I was a bit disappointed that my crystals only formed at the bottom of the jar but not on the pipe cleaner. I should have mixed the borax more thoroughly with the water to have gotten more crystals on the pipe cleaner.

I found that my classmates had more crystals as they had their pipe cleaner twisted into many shapes that would hold all the crystals and that they stirred the borax more thoroughly than I did.

I have already finished the whole experiment and I am planning for my next experiment which will be the same as this one but I will be changing one variable. I would like to add paper to my experiment.

I learned a lot of things from this experiment but I could not draw 100% conclusions as we are doing it again with paper but one thing’s for sure I really enjoyed this activity and I learned new stuff about chemical reactions.

Camp is finally here!

Hello everyone! It’s me again, and today I will be talking about my camp experience at OuImage result for outward bound hong kongtward Bound Hong Kong. I had a wonderful experience at Outward Bound this year. I arrived at camp on Tuesday and I left camp on Friday.

So on Tuesday, I got to know my group members and have a camp brief by my coaches. I then had lunch that was made by Outward Bound’s chefs and it was very delicious!  I then put my clothes in a barrel that will be transported to my campsite as I camped on the first 2 nights of the 4 days and 3 nights program.  After lunch, I did an activity called ‘The Beam’. It was pretty fun and I had to work as a team to be able to overcome the challenges.  I then took the bus to my campsite.

At the campsite, we learned how to pitch our tents and made our dinner. For dinner, we had to cook food ourselves as we were given cooking utensils and food material to cook. I made curry for dinner that was way too spicy and some white rice. After eating dinner, we made a campfire and we roasted marshmallows! I then went to bed in my sleeping bag and fell asleep very quickly.

The next morning, I woke to the sound of the birds and crickets. I brushed my teeth and did a morning exercise with my coach. I then, as a team cracked a code that involved teamwork and some intelligence. I, unfortunately, got hurt during the activity. I then build a natural shelter with my group by using leaves and twigs. I then had lunch that was a sandwich with cheese and ham on the cob. I found the sandwich that I made very delicious. I then began on a hike. I then had a dinner made of rice with vegetables.  I then roasted marshmallows with my friends and I went to bed.  As I lay in bed, I realized that it was my last my night in the tent. I felt a bit sad as I wasn’t allowed to have more fun at the campsite. As I closed my eyes, I felt that I was satisfied with my work done on the 2 days done on the campsite.

I woke to the sound of the birds and the smell of fresh air. I got changed and I after breakfast that consisted of some bread, walked away from the campsite. Unlucky me, my group was not given the privilege to be able to take the bus to Outward Bound base. When we arrived at the base, we went to try the ‘High Elements challenge’. We donned the helmets and climbed the rope to the top. I then went to have lunch and I went to see my dorms. I then got changed into my swimsuit and went to go kayaking with my group. Before I kayaked, I had to do float test which went well.

I then went into the kayaks and kayaked around the base. We went kayaked to the ‘Jetty Jump’ area where you have to jump from 6 metres above the water. I without really thinking jumped into the water and I found it very fun!

After doing the jump, I went back to my dorm to take my first shower in 3 days. I felt incredibly good when the water touched my skin. I then had my final dinner at Outward Bound. I found the food really good. I also felt a bit sad as everything had to end so quickly. I was sad to go to bed that night as I really enjoyed the program really much and would have wanted to stay longer. I then had a de-brief with my group and my instructors. I went to bed a bit sad as I had to leave.

The next morning, my team sealed off a whole 4 days of hard work by completing the final challenge. I then got to share my feelings on the camp. I also shared I had learned and tried many new things. We went to the assembling place to have a closing ceremony. I received my certificate of participation. I then got my lunch of sandwiches and Outward still delivered quality food even when making the simplest things. I said goodbye to my coaches and to the place.

In a nutshell, I had a wonderful experience at Outward Bound. I would like to go to Outward bound once more and have an experience like this once more. I feel a lot tougher after this experience and I learned how to be independent. One thing I particularly enjoyed was cooking. I believe that cooking was a very meaningful experience as I always have my food cooked for me and I always take things for granted. I believe that by cooking I realize how much work my nannies need to pay to make the food I happily eat every day.

All in all, this has been a life-changing experience where I learned a lot. I will cherish these memories and I am sure I went out of my comfort zone and made into my ‘outward bound’. I will never forget this experience and I will remember this event dearly in my memories. This event will be something I will be able to tell my grandchildren about grade 6. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I hope you will want to visit Outward Bound Hong Kong sometime soon. It is a great place to be.


17 nov weekly reflection

Hello again!!! Once again, sharing what I did this week in this weeks’ weekly reflection with you all. This week marked 2 achievements. I received second place in both a singing competition and the Hong Kong National Blitz Chess Championship.

So back to business! On Monday I did a few Math quizzes on That Quiz which I found fairly simple. Today we also did a class discussion on what is economy and all about economics.

On Tuesday, we watched a slide show sent to Ms. Sandul which I found helpful as the slideshow increased my knowledge on economics and the economy. Today we also started to make a prototype out of a box(there is a full report on my prototype). I also went to Mr. Mark’s classroom to have briefing of my field trip on Friday.

On Wednesday, I finished an end of unit Math test which to me was fairly simple. I also did a presentation of my group’s prototype to the class(full report in another post). We also learned about the 4 ways of reading. We also inquired into how to use quotation marks. I was split into a group which would enquire on on era. I am enquiring on the economy of the Song Dynasty.

On Thursday, sadly I skipped school to have my singing competition where I came as the first runner-up.

Finally on Friday, I had a field trip to Stanley Beach where I found many problems on the beach. For example, I found some dead fish and the life guards were texting messages on their phone. On Friday, I further inquired into my era’s economy.

When do the prototype making stop???

Today, we finished another prototype! Our prototype is called the Fluffy Case! Here is a picture of it.

My group decided to make a case after a lot of people have had there things going missing and that they always break there stationery. Inside our prototype, there is a bit of yarn stuck to it that will help protect the stationery. It can be used to store anything that is small enough to fit it.

Our prototype has been decorated with glitter and is made entirely from recycled materials. It has been mostly made of an old headphone box. Special thanks to Mr. Larson for giving us the boxes!!!

Sorry!!! The photo will be up here soon!